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[Primordial Shop]

The Primordial shop was not only an online platform to purchase and sell items but a neutral Primordial Dimension, everyone could enter without being discriminated against or attacked.

Killing or hurting each other in the Primordial shop was strictly forbidden by the system and would cause the perpetrators to be heavily punished.

One could either enter the Primordial shop through the system to make a fast purchase or sale or enter it via the Dimensional portals to stroll around.

It was possible to rent or purchase a shop, where one could exhibit items and products to all kinds of races.

There was only a small problem. Renting a shop was extremely expensive, as rented shops would be open for all races while purchased shops were much cheaper but could only be owned by the native race.

If one didn't purchase an extension for other races, they wouldn't be able to visit your shop.

This was probably so that the System could either gain more income or reduce the possible gains of other races.

It didn't want races to have an unfair advantage owing to their connections that could help them profit by renting or purchasing a shop.

Everything had its own advantages and disadvantages and each added race would increase the price of the shop.

Increasing the rank of a shop would also cause the price to increase exceptionally.

The cheapest shop was a [Lowest-Basic Shop] without a single race extension and it included 3 vacancies to exhibit items, with a price of 10 gold coins.

But the price was nothing when compared to renting a shop accessible by all races. It would cost at least 10,000 gold coins for the same rank.

One couldn't fathom how vast the universe was or guess the existing number of races. Thus, many humans devoted their time to research and further study the races they had found so far.

There were tens of thousand races that could be found on the forums, and learning about their strength and might, was more than devastating for the prideful human race.

It seemed as if they were at the bottom of the food chain despite their utmost efforts of more than 200 years to soar into higher realms.

From their research, humans found out that the Dimension Portals had appeared millions of years ago on other planets, causing the inhabiting civilizations to either rise or fall and cease to exist.

Shane frowned to think about races going extinct but a minute later he decided to focus on his current situation instead.

As such he entered the [Primordial Shop] from his System instead of the Dimensional Portal and went to the section where he could rent or purchase a shop.

Selecting [Purchase] Shane chose the cheapest Shop [Lowest-Basic Shop].

After a system message appeared, asking permission to purchase the Lowest-Basic shop for 10 gold coins, he gritted his teeth and accepted.

[Host purchased a (Lowest-Basic) shop for 10 Gold coins. Please select a name for your shop.]

The sound of the familiar mechanical voice resounded in his head as an empty shop appeared in front of him on a holographic screen with a wooden sign hanging down.

From the outer appearance, it looked like a commonly seen small, one-story convenience store from earth.

He estimated that its size was probably 40 square meters.

It had a small wooden counter in the corner where a holographic screen could be seen smiling at Shane.

"Hello, Master! How may I help you today?"

It felt as if he was playing a game right now and he was astonished about the graphics, causing him to smile lightly.

Thinking about something was enough to order the system, hence he opened the shop's statistics after selecting a name. He really liked it as it was some sort of motto from his old life on earth that he had carried with him to his current life.



Rank: [Lowest-Basic]


[Empty] [Empty] [Empty]

Entry permission: [Human] (+)

<Locked> Upgrade


Everything was as expected and Shane ordered the system to transfer all his Nightshade flowers to the Shop-AI, which was done within seconds.

Shane had not sold all of his Nightshade flowers because the system scammed him in his opinion. Owing to the large space of 1 cubic meter inside his Spatial ring, he could store quite a lot of Nightshade flowers, as long as no shadow snake corpse wasted any of its space.

[113xNightshade flowers (81xTrash/32xCommon) has been transferred]

This message caused Shane to smile brightly, and he divided both flowers into two of the three shop's vacancies before selecting a price for them.

Shane knew that he could roughly receive 4 silver for Nightshade flowers with (Trash) quality and approximately 7 silver for (Common) ones.

But, this didn't matter to Shane as he selected a different price.

He quoted a price of 9 silver coins each for the trash quality Nightshade flowers and 14 silver coins each for the common quality Nightshade flowers, before turning his attention elsewhere.

Shane never really understood why so few people tried to gain money, the way he was doing right now. Maybe, their knowledge about the races was shallow or they simply didn't mind losing out on a huge fortune.

In the end, he didn't really care about it and clicked on the race extension field.

Before adding a race, Shane reassured himself that he wasn't doing anything wrong as he skimmed through a few dozen threads after adding a few filters to ease his search.

After being confident about his choice, he selected a race, and another name appeared on his [Entry permission] screen. His fortune was now almost completely nil due to the costs of 2 gold coins.

He had only 51 silver coins left from his entire fortune, but Shane was still extremely happy as he opened his store to the public.

The race that Shane had selected was a rather unknown race from humanity's perspective. They had clashed against the [Corvi] race once or twice in a small Primordial Dimension.

With their bipedal body, they resemble humans, elves, and other races but that was where the similarities ended.

The [Corvi] race could be said to be a cross between humans and ravens. They had long claws instead of hands, with blue to black plumage covering their whole body, and large wings on their backs to help them fly through the sky.

Even though they had a powerful innate darkness affinity, they had to rely on the darkness transmuted mana in their surroundings to stay alive and continue getting stronger.

Without the constant support of darkness mana, their combat prowess would decrease by a huge margin.

In the absence of darkness mana, they couldn't produce offspring!

This was why Shane decided to sell his Nightshade flowers for such a high price, compared to what other humans would pay him.

There were many rumors spreading throughout the System´s forum that the Avia race, a winged humanlike race, was repressed on a few planets they inhabited.

Avias didn't like darkness mana, as such their planet didn´t have much darkness transmuted mana on it.

But, why was this so important for Shane?

The Corvi and Avia race had been in a war for hundreds of years and Shane believed that the Corvi race had conquered some of the Avia race's planets.

To stay alive, the Corvi race was dependent on items that could transmute mana into darkness mana, and one of the cheapest ways to do that was using plants, like the Nightshade flower!

It didn't matter if the Corvi race was only besieging Avia's planets or if they wanted to inhabit it completely. In the end, they would need his Nightshade flowers or other items that transmuted mana into darkness mana either way, and there weren't many Primordial Dimensions that had such plants and items to transmute mana.

If there was such a dimension, they were mostly either safeguarded by beasts or other races and the Corvi race had to search for a different way.

The system's price for certain herbs and magical ingredients was horrifyingly expensive. A single Nightshade flower with [Trash] quality was priced at 50 silver coins, while other items were priced more fairly.

His price was neither too expensive nor too cheap. Some other races also decided to sell Nightshade flowers for 20 silver coins to the Corvi race, however, they hadn't made a purchase until now.

As such, Shane was confident in gaining some profit.


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