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Primordial 'Dual Cultivator' Dragon With System


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Shameless author here. Dual cultivation? Big harem? Gentle but cruel? System? Illicit relationships? This novel contains everything, please take a peek, and I hope you all enjoy this story. PS - MC is a male prostitute, so if you guys don't like MC sleeping with married women (Some people consider it as sharing partners, NTR, blah blah), then you guys don't need to read this novel.

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Since many people have asked whether Ling Yun's customers are still having intimate with their husbands or not, I will answer it here, and I hope no one will ask about this matter again. Before the story started, Ling Yun had ten customers, but I didn't write about their relationship with their husbands in detail except for one woman. However, there was no intimate action between them, for her husband was a cripple. Five of his customers were already divorced when they met Ling Yun again, and they had no relationship with other men. Three of his customers are also still married, but there is no intimate scene between them. As for the last customer, I won't say anything now. Up to the latest chapter, Ling Yun hasn't met her again, but I already have a plan for her.


Please maintain the pace well, and don't rush to add more women in short time. It's kinda annoying if you add too many women in short time.


great novel before but even better with the rewrite. the novel has everything you need to keep you entertained and enjoy reading it. the rewrite has added more character growth and communication between him and women over the previous version. keep up the great work brother on this. the original was what turned me on to your works. thanks so much for the hard effort you put in to your writing. looking forward to more.


I made it to chapter 380, but for me I just can't continue. The writing is good, but someone early complained about author using names instead of pronouns, and they obliged. However author should have kept with names as the use of pronouns is wrong about 95% of the time. The MC is ok and is essentially along for the ride as all the girls around him are like that Noob in a MMORPG who accidentally pulls the boss when your trying clear the room every raid/dungeon. The girls bring all the trouble to the MC and so far pretty much the MC is not strong enough to take them on and has to be protected.. But then the women tell him he needs to get stronger (the ones targeting are 3-5 realms!! higher than him). Liang Xi is the worst of the bunch as she always complains about him needing focus on cultivation and getting stronger, but is also the one throwing all these troublesome women at him like she is feeding the birds.. This is on story I actually sympathize with the MC as every one around him just makes his life a CLUSTER $*@)!...He can't cultivate for more than a couple hours as he is either Banging all these women or is in a situation out of his control.. I could continue if the MC would just finally snap at Liang Xi with the cold hard truth from above.. But unfortunately we get "I need to get stronger.", "you need to be serious and get stronger." every other chapter.


i liked your old story alot before this rewrite and was quite confused why but reading this one i like this one alot more than the last one the only reason its a 4.8 is because of the mc's father and all the other retards like them in the story who annoy me that being said the villains and antagonist did their purpose to make the readers dislike them but every one has different opinions so its at 4.8


So far the plot and pace are pretty good, I hope the story isn't rushed like in the old novel. If possible, make the MC's relationship with the current woman deeper first, before bringing up a new harem member.


hmm...His works are really something.[img=update][img=recommend]


I liked the old version but this new version is total banger, author totally improved this new version by several level! Totally craving for more chapter since looking at how the interaction so far plus how much personality the character have now, totally looking forward to some of his harem member changes!


Reveal spoiler


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Another great find. The novel wasn’t like another Chinese trashy novel where mc deliberately hides his identity. This mc knows his place. He didn’t hesitate to get help from his powerful harem members. Also the harem isn’t just getting women then forget. Mc values his harem equally. Thank you author for your effort. [img=update]


I have read the first 45 chapters so far so good mc is nice to his woman but not idiotic or childish he is quite smart and wise enough, writing style is pretty good and easy to understand and what i like the most are his harem members so far they are very interesting especially his mom and wingman sister 😍, I'll be waiting for next month to buy the privillege and continue, good job Author


Do not remember if I leave my review on this novel. well, this is one of my favorite novels and the author is doing a great job with the rewrite, I hope a lot of people support him, because he deserves it. Thank you and keep writing


man of culture here🙋 ...............exp..............






Hello author! I would like to know if there is ntr in the work (I hope not) or yuri (I hope not). I would also like to know if yanderes, and if the protagonist really likes girls, doesn't just use... please answer me


gave it a power stone, I liked it it kill time