3 First Cultivating

After that, Ling Yun tried to look in the Stats tab, and another blue screen appeared.




Attack Power: 100

Magic Power: 100

Vitality: 150

Agility: 50

Critical: 25

Charm: 200



> Next Level Cultivation: -/100

Yang Qi: -/100

Yin Qi: -/100



[Attack Power: Increases brute strength and all attacks using weapons.]

[Magic Power: Increases the destructive power of a magic technique.]

[Vitality: Increase body strength and stamina]

[Agility: Increases speed.]

[Critical: Increases the chance to deal double damage, be it brute-force attacks, weapon attacks, or magic attacks.]

[Charm: Increases attraction of the opposite sex.]

"Hmm? It's like a game, I even have my own stats, and it seems that Yang and Yin Qi are substitutes for EXP. Fortunately, there's no HP, MP, and the like." Ling Yun muttered to himself as he read them one by one. He looked down, and Ling Xi seemed to enjoy sucking his dick. He could only shake his head, then he checked another tab.



[Cultivation Techniques]

> Normal Cultivation Techniques

> Dual Cultivation Techniques

> Sex Techniques



"Cough!" Ling Yun coughed as soon as he saw the very bottom. "Damn! Sex Technique? Isn't this useless?"

Even though he said that, Ling Yun was curious about the contents and opened them all simultaneously.



> Normal Cultivation Techniques :

- Heavenly Senses: To enhance the user's senses, hearing, smell, and others.

- Heavenly Eyes: Increases the user's ability to see, eye visibility, and can also see through other objects.

- Heavenly Transformation: Can change form into whatever the user wants, be it animals, plants, or other people.

- Qi Absorption Method: The user can absorb Qi in nature.

- Scan: The user can view other people's information to find out that person's strengths and weaknesses.

- Map: The user can map an area that will make it easier to find a way out and can also find the location of other people.

> Dual Cultivation Techniques :

- Yin-Yang Chamber: The user can create a sub-space anywhere they want for dual cultivation, giving a distinct advantage if dual cultivation is in it.

- Yin-Yang Art: A dual cultivation technique that can be used with a partner; the benefits can only be known after use.

- Yin-Yang Finger: A finger technique that can increase the stimulation received by the opposite sex.

> Sex Techniques :

- Sex Art: There are hundreds of styles of having sex.

- Sterilization: Can be turned on or off to prevent pregnancy.

- Erection: Increases the size, strength, and length of the user's dick to provide greater pleasure to the opposite sex

- Ejaculation: Users can set when they want to ejaculate.



"Holy cow! Aren't all these techniques too overpowered?" Ling Yun exclaimed in shock after reading them.

"Ugh!" Ling Yun moaned again as he orgasmed inside Ling Xi's mouth. "If you do this continuously, I will run out of Yang Qi soon."

"Tehe-he. That's because your semen is so delicious." Ling Xi replied as she licked the semen dripping from her tiny lips. "Have you read them all?"

Ling Yun shook his head at her. "I just read about my Stats and all those techniques."

"Good!" Ling Xi then instructed him. "Now you sit down cross-legged, and use the Qi Absorption Method to start absorbing the Qi from heaven and earth into your body."

"Alright!" Ling Yun immediately sat cross-legged and closed his eyes as he activated the Qi Absorption Method.

Ling Xi hovered in the air as her eyes focused on observing Ling Yun's body. About fifteen minutes later, she smiled faintly as she could feel that he had started to absorb Qi. Although his absorption speed was still too slow, it was good enough for a novice cultivator like him.

At the same time, a notification appeared in Ling Yun's mind, almost disrupting his concentration, but he immediately calmed himself down again.


[Quest: Absorbing Qi for the first time]

[Rank: Starter Quest]

[Status: Done]

[Reward: Starter Gift x1 has been sent to the Item Box]

Ling Yun continued to absorb Qi from heaven and earth, and his absorption speed was getting faster and faster; it increased the Yang Qi in his body.

An hour later, Ling Xi nodded in satisfaction. 'It's been an hour since he started absorbing Qi, and the Yang Qi in his body has already reached half its capacity. If he continues to absorb Qi at this speed, in an hour or maybe less, he will break through to the Middle Spiritualist Realm.'

But unexpectedly, Ling Yun's absorption speed became even faster, and half an hour later, another notification appeared in his mind.

[You have already broken through to the Middle Spiritualist Realm.]

"Enough, for now." Ling Xi immediately stopped him because he had to adjust his cultivation first. Otherwise, his cultivation foundation would become unstable.

Hearing Ling Xi's words, Ling Yun immediately stopped his Qi Absorption Method and breathed a sigh of relief as he slowly opened his eyes. "Hey, this is really amazing! I can feel my body becoming even stronger after breaking through."

"En." Ling Xi nodded with a smile. "Since your cultivation is still at the bottom, you can break through quickly. But as your cultivation increases, your cultivation speed will slow unless you find some women dual-cultivated with you."

Ling Yun nodded in understanding. "En, I know what you mean."

Ling Xi then said again. "Anyway, every time you break through, it would be best to stabilize your cultivation first. Because if you break through too quickly, it will burden your body, and your foundation will also become unstable."

"All right." Ling Yun shook his head when he saw his disheveled appearance. He then rose to his feet as he used the Heavenly Transformation to transform his appearance into tidy. "I must go home first, or my mother will worry about me."

"To think that you can directly use the transformation technique." Ling Xi said as she sat on Ling Yun's shoulder.

"Are you going to sit on my shoulder all the way home?"

"You don't have to worry because no one else can see me." Ling Xi replied with a chuckle; Ling Yun nodded and breathed a sigh of relief, then he left the ravine.

- To Be Continued -


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