Primitive Beasts’ Modern Mate Book

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Primitive Beasts’ Modern Mate


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My name is Bai Lu, now I am sending help from an awkward situation — it seems like I was transmigrated to a new world after one ordinary camping. This is a parallel beast universe not only do ancient human species exist, but those enormous animals that can also shift into human-being are living on this continent, and they are all good-looking guys! What makes me more surprised is that I am some beasts’ destined mate: "You are my destined mate, I will try my best to protect you and make you happy. Please accept my love and make a contract with me!" ... Stop trying to seduce me, you hot guys! It is already not easy to survive in the primitive jungle and desert, and I am just an international student who wants to go back to my homeland and become a farmer. Should I consider having a relationship before settling down? As a modern human, can I make some contributions to the historical process in this primitive world? Can I, start a new era of agricultural lifestyle in this wilderness? +++++ Beast wooers: Sincere and enthusiastic thylacine, mature and reliable koala, even aloof and celibate Taipan Snake! Moreover, fashion icon spider, shy fighter kangaroo, Harpagornis Eagle, dolphins... *mature content* *no sexual violence* #reverse harem, female lead +++ The whole story has two parts: Part 1: Bai Lu's adventure, her relationships with beasts Part 2: Bai Lu's settlement and cultivation with her beast mates +++ New chapter's release time: each Mon. Wed. Fri. Keep in touch! +++ Cover art: free commercial use modifiable character from the website: Picrew.me, designed and processed by HuhuBamboo.