Primaeval Failure

Under a sky of madness, on a field of flowers. He had walked a path none knew the end of, not even himself. It was understandable, he'd been there long before humans were a thing. Being 'reborn' in hell as one of it's denizens when the concept he embodied came into being was definitely not good for His mental health. Old, Ancient, Primeval, there was one thing every creature feared and avoided. Failure. The Devil of Failure now treads to a new world, the human one. ====== It's Chainsaw Man.

Dreizehnn · Anime & Comics
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5 Chs

Primaeval Beings


??? ???,

Parallel doors covered the sky, with fields of green lively grass and flowers swaying down below. Natural light seemingly illuminated the landscape even with there being no real source of light there. It seemed as if it was just... there, much like the air in the place as well as everything else.

Perhaps at another time, this place would have been lively, filled with living creatures, not necessarily humans, but living creatures nonetheless.. Not now however, not this day. This day, none would dare intrude upon this serene landscape even if they were promised everything they'd ever wanted in life.

One would be a complete and utter fool to do so after all.

It was apparent by the deathly silence, the stench in the air and if not those two, then the sheer repulsive feeling the land itself seemed to give off. This place wasn't exactly 'alive' and it wasn't Earth either, no, this was a place every man, woman and child knew. It was a place those that believed in God feared, a place for sinners and heathens, a place for vile creatures, a place of evil.

This was.. Hell.

But, it was not the place many thought it to be.

It was a place where vile creatures known as Devils were born of things feared by man. It could be something like falling, a gun, a sword. So long as something was feared, a Devil would be born of it, carrying a name unique to it. The more feared the name, the stronger the Devil that held it.

This brought about an interesting prospect.

What of things like war, pestilence, destruction? Surely these devils would be mighty, forces of nature that could flip order on it's head and throw entire worlds to chaos.

....The answer to this was.

..They were.

They held incredible powers and wherever they went calamity followed. Feared by men and by their own kin, they only grew in strength.

But, as insulting and hard to believe as it was, they were nowhere near the entities responsible for the deathly silence today.

The repulsiveness seemed to increase innumerable folds all of a sudden.

Old entities, ancient entities, powerful entities, feared not only by man but by all that lived. Any who would not fear them was a fool, these... BEINGS had been there since time immemorial. They tread with life and they had taken it as they pleased, none could stand in their way and none could protest against them.

That was just how powerful they are. They were veritable Gods among already Godly entities.

The wind stirred, grass was uprooted, swirling to the skies and then, far off in one corner of the serene yet putrid landscape, a wave of nothing but darkness covered everything. Every nook and cranny of the land up to the door-filled sky, the land became a mass of pitch black and all reason was lost.

It was as if an untimely night had arrived, completely rejecting the light that illuminated the area but a few moments ago.

In this numbing, encroaching dark, there were many figures with their hands raised to the sky as if praising something and at the same time, begging for that very same thing. Their bodies lay disordered and in pieces, limbs scattered here and there.

Amidst this hellish scene, a tall figure slowly walked towards the light, the air around it twisted and turned as if afraid and the land itself seemed to be terrified of the malignant being stepping on it. It had two bodies acting as the legs and four other human bodies acting as the torso, each had a unique face: the one immediately below the neck had no eyes, nose and a vertical mouth, the second head had open eyes and a stitched mouth, the third one had no nose, an open mouth and stitched eyes, and the fourth one had no eyes and a sombre expression. It's head was akin to that of a pterodactyl with curved horns. The first human body had its arms stretching outwards holding what appeared to be a cape of darkness.

A horrifying creature that could strike fear into the heart of man.

Something that every person had to have feared at least once in their lives.


The pitch black of the night.

The one thing that made children hide under their covers and teens run across hallways. The one thing that disturbed even adults at times.

After all,

Who knew what lurked in the dark?

"You really want to do this?"

A disembodied voice rumbled, the land not covered by the dark quaked and fell apart under it. It seemed to halt the crawling Darkness, it's massive pterodactyl-like head moving around to gaze at it's surroundings in what appeared to be wonder and confusion.

The sky cracked and bled red, the land died, grass turned to ash in the wind, the land became nothing but a barren desert soon turning into a charred black.

Then, rock formations rose from the ground, all pointing in one certain direction, even as cracks spread across them. Screams and laughter echoed, the landscape cried, and where the sky bled red, a black miasma now spilled instead, covering the charred ground.

With a firm step forward, Darkness expanded it's domain by force and dark covered the ruined ground. What was more feared than darkness and the unknown? Nothing, the being itself sure seemed to think so.

Only, perhaps it would be one of the few times in it's long long life, Darkness was... wrong.

"You forget that I... am far older."

A Primaeval Fear, a fear that could never be overcome. Children overcome fear of the dark, adults find comfort in it, elderly as well.. But, there is one thing every living being, not only man but also animal, loathes and fears in their very subconscious.

That 'thing' is Failure.

A broad term, one may fail at anything, fail to wake up, fail to walk, fail to work, fail to study, fail to think, fail to love, fail to improve, the opportunities to fail were innumerable and all were just as hated and feared.

A being far larger than one could expect broke out of the charred black ground, throwing debris and stone all around the landscape, blowing apart mountains in the distance. Even in the dark, one could make out the silhouette, a massive humanoid with a rift in place of a face and four massive arms held out to the side as it lowered it's head, curiously observing the 'tiny' being that sought to harm 'it'.

Darkness moved up to it's head, and then moved past it, just as it did; however, uncountable slashes and cut marks appeared on Failure's face. The mighty being appeared barely fazed however.

Rising back to it's full height, it roared in laughter as the surroundings shook under the force.


Failure held out two arms, the other two holding up it's massive body.

Darkness stared up at it, not the slightest bit bothered by how it was just brushed off.

And then, much of what was in the pitch black was laid bare by a bloody red.

Thousands of glowing red eyes appeared all around Failure, pushing away the dark, far back.

It rubbed it's chin in thought,

"How about we both just leave?"