5 Boom Bi-

Tokyo, Japan,

Six (Failure) POV,



"Nice reaction." Six smiled widely, giving the girl a thumbs up, the very same girl that had pretty much shrieked and fallen to the ground thanks to his rather random appearance. The Devil found this to be rather amusing... though, he understood he wasn't exactly the best judge for such things. Even seeing the water in this world was an amusing thing to do.

He raised a hand to his chin, and looking down at the sweating and trembling girl, his smile turned into a genuinely confused, "I understand my kin being afraid because they recognise me but, why are you scared?" The Devil leaned down, eyes brimming in curiosity, he was holding back his presence entirely after the prior interaction with 'Yu'.

Well.... Not that he could actually let go right here. As Darkness brought with it absence of light, unknown, uncertainty and a number of other associated phenomena, so did Failure bring along what he represented and his, was a rather broad term.

"I-I... Don't hurt me!"

"....." Six deadpanned at her behaviour, what the hell did he even do?

"Wait a second...." He looked at the people around, many of whom were now looking his way, no, their way in a mixture of suspicion and curiosity. Six noticed that this was becoming a commotion, something he didn't want at the moment, "Say, would you be equally afraid if someone pulled a knife?"

"....." The girl looked up at him startled, she'd been afraid because he popped out of thin air, not because he 'looked' scary. Red eyes with bags under them? Not nearly enough, she'd seen and been through much worse, "I-I think that would be more..... scary." Her shoulders drooped down, this cowardice wasn't something she was really proud of.

"Eh really? You sure?" Six's smile turned into a pleased one, he was going to follow her around for a bit! Not like he had anything better to do.


"Neat! Now then, why did you come here in the first place?" Six leaned down, uncomfortably close, though, only for a human.

"Uhmm..." She looked behind him, or rather, the reception, indicating that she was there to eat, "C-Coffee." It wasn't fear anymore, now it was just nervousness. That and her instincts told her to run the fuck away first chance she got.

"I totally get it. This cafe has nice stuff." Six nodded sagely, standing up straight again, he hadn't been to any except this one so it definitely had the nicest stuff he'd ever had, period. Last time it was cavemen humping rocks.

"I'm Fai- Six." Correcting himself mid-sentence, the Devil held out a hand for the girl, he was far different as compared to the rest of his kin. Not interested in asserting his superiority, not interested in feeding but instead, only interested in that which amused him... As such, it was rather easy for the Devil to get sidetracked.

"K-Kobeni Higashiyama." The girl, or rather, Kobeni gave a forced smile, grabbing the stranger's hand. It would be a lie if she said she wasn't weirded out by him, who wouldn't be? He was being way too enthusiastic and fishy, Kobeni made the decision to avoid this cafe from now on.

Six felt he'd failed at something but couldn't get just what it was.

Shaking his head out of strange thoughts, the Devil pulled the girl to her feet. Well on his way to making a friend for the first time, or so he told himself.

"Kobeni... Kobeni hmmm, unique name." Sharply contrasting with the concept he embodied, the Devil of Failure was a rather upbeat individual.

"Yours is unique too..." Kobeni spoke slowly, not quite understanding how she was supposed to think about the name 'six'.

"Right? I'm proud of my symbolism." Six nodded with closed eyes, even though he didn't need to think much when coming up with it.


The sun had slowly begun to set and many were on their ways home, done with their busy and dreadful days. No one could genuinely say they liked working a corporate job and most teenagers disliked studying so it was understandable that many seemed to be dead inside as they walked.

A few suicides here and there, a few murders and a lot of incidents related to Devils.

The existence of these creatures wasn't much of a secret and people called Devil Hunters worked both private and government sponsored active jobs to 'hunt' these creatures down. Ironically enough, the 'weapons' they used for such tasks happened to be the same things they hunted albeit, bound by strict contracts with not much left to personal interpretation. Not all Devils sought death and destruction after all.

All of this wasn't important right now however.

A young girl, the very same girl that had unknowingly encountered one of the strongest beings (And one of the most harmful due to a complete ego) to exist, ran down an alley, sweat running down her back and forehead as her frightened and terrified gaze quickly ran over everything.

Not far behind her, a grotesque creature dragged itself across the ground at a pace far faster than it's body should have allowed it to. A fleshy humanoid upper body and numerous intestine-like appendages down below, the ground below it seemed to be dyed a rotten red when it passed over, "I... I won't hurt you!!" The creature screeched, reaching for it's prey even as it's brains threatened to spill out it's own open skull.

"As if I'll believe that!" Kobeni shouted back with closed eyes, attempting to pick up the pace even further. That thing was definitely going to rip her to shreds.

"Man, I got distracted with that old lady shouting about how the Devil was coming..... In hindsight, I feel retarded about that."

The speaker was clearly male, the tone carried a hint of ridicule and self pity. More importantly though, it was a voice Kobeni instantly recognised.... Not that it much helped her as she soon crashed into the speaker, falling back with a pained groan, it felt as if she'd hit a wall or something.

"Aww, you came running to me." Six sounded happy, the only person happy in this situation even, "I knew I was right, you're not afraid of just me. You're afraid of everything! Which, in this case, loops right back around to me being treated normally."

The Devil that had been chasing Kobeni too stopped in place, shocked that someone could be so nonchalant and uncaring towards it in it's presence, "You there, human!"

"R-Run!" Kobeni tried to push against Six, only it seemed to be for naught as the 'man' didn't even seem to budge under her strength.

Six himself only looked around in search of whatever human the Devil was addressing, "You mean her? Yo Kobeni, wanna make a contract?" He shooed away the Devil with a sneer on his face, this human was too interesting to be given to such a low being.... Actually, every human was too interesting but Failure understood some things were unavoidable.... Well, he could make it avoidable but that sounded like a pain in the ass.

"Not her, you!" The grotesque creature raised a finger towards Six himself prompting the latter to do the same, "Me? No way...." The Devil of Failure found it hard to believe something this stupid existed... That or he was too good at camouflaging himself... A plausible explanation.

"Gimme a moment." Placing the girl to a side, Six walked up to the Devil and leaned down close to it's eyes, "Do you see a human?"

"...." The Devil froze, no longer seeing the human it had pointed at, in his place, it saw a being that made it feel unworthy of even remaining alive, "M-My Lo-....?!"

"Boom bi-" Six managed to stop himself from swearing and closed his eyes just in time to avoid the splatter of blood and guts that remained after the Devil exploded. Ancient Beings weren't quite lenient towards creatures that sought to trample over their desires and rights, unknowing or not.... Except when they were, Six found this to be a contradictory topic.

"Sheesh." The Devil of Failure wiped the blood off his face, "Note to self, don't blow shit up at point blank." He turned towards the frozen girl he'd protected.


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I'll confirm it for you.

He's far far older than Makima and outranks her so much it can't be defined.

In case you didn't notice, the above two lines were sarcasm.

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