Priest, Pray For Us

In a world tainted by supernatural evil, Anton Shadowbane, one of the last young heirs of the ancient Shadowbane family, is sent to a city plagued by supernatural occurrences. Midway to that city, he recalls his entire past life and discovers that he had been reincarnated after dying in terrible circumstances. On this second chance, he knows that he is here to cleanse the sins of his previous life, so he is on a mission to eradicate all evil in the world. Confronting dark secrets and unimaginable dangers, he embarks on an uncertain path, unsure if he will return alive. While everyone pleads, "Priest, pray for us," Anton battles not only supernatural forces like werewolves but also the shadows of his own destiny. Patreon: SrCuervo

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The Story of the Gate

There are many theories and stories when it comes to the gateway to hell. Many say that a ritual with many sacrifices must be performed, but no one understands that the true gate is humans themselves.

Every living being can be possessed, which means that as long as a human is in need of something, a demon can tempt them to obtain their body.

What was happening in this town was not good news for Anton, who knew perfectly well that evil had been unleashed without apparent control.

Similar to an infection, people with weak minds or those killed by a dark entity will be possessed by a specific demon. That means anyone will be an enemy and, therefore, must be eliminated.

Anton couldn't stop it, but he could contain everything in this place so as not to spread the infection to larger cities where there could be hundreds of thousands of victims.

"First, we must contain the dark entity, but we must not cause panic, so the first thing is to cut off the signals from this place to the outside," said Anton as he drove at full speed.

Alexander nodded. What they needed to do was prevent the dark entity from advancing and this from becoming a hell, so the ideal thing is that nothing comes to light in this place.

To do that, they just needed to contain the signals coming from this place. Any message that people are attacking others or that armed people are massacring the town would generate panic, and it only takes one post on a news site for panic to unleash.

"Here's a hotel." Anton took advantage of this place to rest, so he parked directly at the first place he found.

At night, evil wouldn't spread much, so Anton would take the opportunity to rest because there was little they could do in a place like this at night.

Walking towards the hotel, Anton requested a room for two people, made sure to close the door well, and after explaining the plan for tomorrow, he went to rest.

Alexander didn't know how Anton could sleep in this situation, but knowing that tomorrow would be a big day, he laid down and tried to sleep as soon as possible.

Early the next morning, Anton sent his location to Rafael's group, who were ready to arrive.

"A few minutes away."

At this moment, there were thirty Light soldiers covered with special equipment; all of them were well-equipped, and each one held a suitcase with equipment for both first aid and reloading their ammunition.

It was known that several vehicles were currently being taken to strategic points where they would land, and they would take them themselves once they arrived at the vehicles left by planes.

Anton watched from the ground as two helicopters approached. From what he had discovered, there were few people in this hotel, and apparently the infection hadn't reached this place, so there wouldn't be a problem.

Taking advantage of the time, he walked towards the van, strapping several belts with magazine pouches and modified grenades onto his body. "From now on, you will kill anyone you face. If I order it, you obey, understood?"

"Orders received, sir!" Alexander said, having put on a bulletproof vest with many magazines full of ammunition.

Everyone had been trained to be lethal, so this moment was crucial because if they didn't obey orders, many would die.

When the helicopters landed, several people got out; Rafael led them all, and upon seeing Anton, he introduced himself. "Sir, we are the best of the best; we are here to carry out the orders of the Archbishop Guardian, and we will not rest until we rid this town of evil."

"We are the armed forces of light; we will not rest until we eliminate all the evil in the world! Those who die will be remembered, and those who live will have the obligation to surely eliminate evil."

Anton looked at everyone seriously; today was not a day full of tragedies but a day where they would respond as they always do. "The goal today is a series of dark entities; a possessor has exceeded the tolerance time limit, and now evil is free in this town."

"To eliminate it, we must search for all the possessed and eliminate them; find the area where the demon is hiding to stop all this madness. You may wonder how you will survive; don't worry, everyone will receive a special blessing that will protect you from the evil lurking in this place."

Anton took the first silver cross and approached a soldier. He placed a blood cross on his forehead, and after placing the blessed silver cross, he moved on to the next.

After giving everyone active protection from the 50,000 guardians to give them an additional layer of protection, not forgetting about the people in the hotel.

"Sir, the cleaners will be here with drones." Rafael approached Anton, who was about to get into one of the armored vehicles.

Anton nodded and said, "First, we're going to search the area where the dark entity possessed that person."

"You heard the Archbishop Guardian, move!" Rafael shouted, getting into an armored vehicle that had been brought.


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