Pretending To Be Gilead's Prince and Master Wizard Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Pretending To Be Gilead's Prince and Master Wizard


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GOLD TIER WINNER in the last WPC 141: "Royal Romance" The whole country of Gilead is now facing a crisis upon the sudden disappearance of its prince and master wizard Prince Arthur Spellman. Without him, a possible chance of a sudden attack by the country's long-term enemies would immediately take place. Only a 14 year old girl named Krisella, who happens to look exactly like the missing prince, could stop this from happening by assuming his role for the meantime. Join Krisella as she struggles to fulfill her 'impostor duties' while also slowly discovering her full potential as a wizard, her true identity, and unraveling the mysteries behind the prince's sudden disappearance. --- Author's Notes: Book cover art is not mine. All credits to its rightful owner. Any questions for me? I'm more active in my discord account: @AteJanz0657


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