Pretending to be a Cat in RWBY [Up for Adoption]

Velvet Crowe our beloved Lord of Calamity has found herself in the RWBY universe and uses a Magic Spell to make her take on the form of a Cat and thus pretends to be a Cat but she is no simple cat! She is a Cat with her Aura unlocked with the intelligence of a Human... But even though she will make it known she understands everything the characters are saying she still is very much a Cat in their eyes! Watch how Velvet shows the world she is the mightiest Cat!

Crimson1997 · Anime & Comics
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2 Chs

New addition to the family

Velvet jumps through the window, sneaks into the kitchen, opens the fridge with her paws, slashes the milk bottle open, starts drinking it all, and licks the rest off the ground. The lights are turned on and she looks up to find a drunk Tai.

Velvet walks up and rubs her face on his leg.

"I'm more of a dog person... But I can definitely get used to having a cat... Wait... Do you have your Aura unlocked? Where is your partner then?" Tai asks since he knows pets that have their Aura unlocked are almost as intelligent as a human and have their own unique semblance.

And in extremely rare cases some pets have enough intelligence to know what their partner is saying 100% of the time making them just as intelligent as a real human.

Velvet plays dead and makes a croaking sound before getting back up.

"Your partner died huh... I'm sorry to hear that... Well, welcome to my humble abode... Let us see... Ah, your collar says, Velvet Crowe... Welcome to the family Velvet, Hic..." Tai smiles.

Velvet runs in a circle and points her paw to the door of Yang and Ruby's room and Tai freaks out that they aren't here and reads the note and pales.

"Velvet! Can you lead me to them!?" He puts a dirty shirt of Yang's toward Velvet making Velvet sniff it and nod.

"Well lead the way velvet!" Velvet nods and runs to where the two little girls are and Tai sees that they were about to be attacked by the Werewolf of Patch making Tai throw Velvet like a football straight at it.

Velvet bites down hard on the Alpha Beowolf's neck and starts absorbing its strength making the living legend of Patch collapse on the ground. velvet jumps away and lets Tai give the final blow.

Tai is huffing out of breath since he is out of shape and has been drinking himself away without paying attention to his daughters so it took the fat man more than a few strikes to take down the Alpha when he used to be able to do so with one.

"I could have lost both of them Velvet... I'm a terrible father... I just lost my wife and now I could have lost my daughters if it weren't for you... Thank you so much! I will give you all the tuna in the world from now on!" Tai hugs Velvet making her Purr like a cat but she rolls her eyes lazily.

'Being a cat sure is tough...' Velvet motions her paw at the two girls hiding place.

"Tai... you better shape up from now on... I was already here and was ready to help them both... But I'm glad your finally set straight... and all it took was a cat with her Aura Unlocked for you to learn... I was going to put them up for adoption if you didn't shape up within a week... Now I see that it's unnecessary..." Qrow drinks from his flask as he walks out of the shadows.

Velvet hisses at Qrow and swipes her claw downward sending blades of red flying straight at the poor drunk and he dodges rather easily since Velvet isn't actually taking things seriously. If the Lord of Calamity took this seriously he would be dead already.

"Easy there kitten you almost damaged the goods!" Velvet narrows her eyes at Qrow and bites down on his leg making him collapse and his aura shatters.

"Cheap move cat... Cheap move..." Qrow struggles to get back on his feet but his Stamina and Aura were absorbed by Velvet who hisses again. Qrow motions with his chin at Tai who was crying while holding Yang saying don't do that ever again.

"Gotcha!" Qrow gets Velvet by the scruff of her neck while she was distracted and gives a triumphant smirk at the cat who is pretending to be powerless in his hands since cats normally can't move when held by the back of their neck.

The walk back was very uncomfortable for Velvet since she had to pretend to be powerless since the back of her neck was being pinched by Qrow the whole way. Qrow throws Velvet on the couch and she nimbly lands on all fours before giving the stink eye to Qrow making the bad luck charm chuckle.

The next morning Ruby and Yang are at the breakfast table looking at a cat that is silently staring at them both when Ruby tried to go for a cookie Velvet slapped the little girl's hand away with her paw her claws retracted and whenever Yang goes for a pancake she gets the same treatment and this has been going back and forth for over ten minutes now.

"Hehe, You can relax now Velvet... I'm done cooking now here's your Tuna" Tai sets the plate of shredded Tuna on the table. They all dig in and eat.

"Mr hobo... Why are you at the table?" Ruby's innocent question makes Tai nearly have a heart attack since he looks fat and has a scraggly beard.

Velvet's jaw dropped and looks between Tai and Ruby multiple times but goes back to eating the Tuna while giving a few cookies to Ruby for being funny making Tai give Velvet the stink eye.

Tai gave the stink eye to Velvet since he knows full well that the Cat knows exactly what they are saying. And the action of giving some cookies to Ruby tells him that Velvet was probably laughing at him.

To be Continued...