38 Space Battle Part 1

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The two fleets that came from each side face each other with a deadly force, Thousands of star ships began that battle that rages all around the current system. The most noticeable battle was between the dreadnoughts of humanity and the dreadnought of the Techno race.

The Five dreadnoughts that was 100 kilometers in length each had many designs and all of them were fighting a battle cruiser that reaches 500 kilometers in length. This type of big ships were made from a different material than normal ships so that it won't break itself apart by the stress.

Cruisers, Frigates, Carriers, And Battleships was in this battle. And their enemy was the droid army that contains a lot of droids, This army was very bulky and had many armors. Almost all the weakness was destroyed and the army has many divisions that had their own purpose on each battle.

The Current war was currently happening on a planet that was slowly getting destroyed by its Own moon. And with the destruction of the moon, Debris scattered all around the system which made the battle more harder for the humans. Although this was very different on the droids since they have the Droid mind which supervises the whole battle.

Droids won't be taken surprise since all of them has a connection so you could say that the droids has different eyes from the opposite map of the battlefield. This is why they are so powerful although their numbers were small than the human fleets.


"Sister, 15% of our droids is currently destroyed. Most of them are scrapped and was automatically self destruct." Exmachina said towards her sister who was sitting on something that look like a throne.

This was currently in the bridge of the battle cruiser that look very dark and had many neon lights, Most of the girls such as Nirvana, Aqua, Kara, and Sarah were inside the control room controlling the droids as much as they want.

Rose who was looking at the windows with an Apathetic eyes was very bored, The whole bridge was too silent for her. When she heard Exmachina talking to her she quickly woke herself up and looked around the bridge.

"Oh, I understand. Anyway Let's attack the dreadnoughts of the humans since this would destroy their military and leaders." Rose said towards Exmachina, Hearing her. Exmachina nodded at the command and began making the battle cruiser head towards the 5 dreadnoughts.

'Is this the price of power?' She was pretty bored by this battle, Although it was a large battle in a grand scale. It was mostly boring for her, She was curious if this was what the beings felt when they are very powerful.

While thinking about this she thought of a new idea, This was a good idea for a new experience after this battle. Although this needs a lot of confirmation, This planned would be a great fun thing to do after this battle.

'Fighting the titans in the Core region would be a fun fight.' Rose thought about her new plan, She knew that this will be very fun since fighting a planet size monsters was good for her. With her World serpent which makers her a very huge snake that could destroy a monster, she was curious at what the Titans would give her.

The Whole battle cruiser which was 500 kilometers long began pointing itself towards the 5 dreadnoughts of the Empires. And this movement was caught by everyone and anyone in this battlefield due to its size, Most of them were very nervous and serious at the same time due to the factors that would happen if all the current leaders dies.


"Admiral!" A soldier that came from Odin's ship said in a nervous voice, Hearing him all the soldier or officers in the ship looked at him with a curious look since he just shouted for no reason. For someone to shout like that, The news must be very terrible and not good especially during the war.

"What is it?" Admiral Odin asked, He was brought by many grave news today. And a way that cause humanities whole fleet to appear in a system is a really not good war, The System is deep in the humanities territory so this problem or war would cause a lot of damage for the whole humanity.

"The Large Battlecruiser dreadnought is heading towards the 5 dreadnoughts that came from the empires." The Officer said with a grave tone. Hearing him, The officers in the bridge finally understood why the Officer was panicking. This would be that battle that would end the war that only started in a day, And this battle would be devastating.

"How may of our forces are left, Tell me the forces of each empires." Admiral Odin ordered his officers to tell him the current casualties of each empire forces. He needed to know what the current numbers are in order to win the war.

When the Officers heard him they began searching and looking for information, They were very skilled at their job and after a minute of waiting the casualties was finally heard by Odin. All of them spoke of the each specific forces in the empires that participated the battle.

"United Federation 25% casualties." The Officer spoke about the casualties of the United Federation, Admiral Odin nodded at the information.

"The Inquisition 10% casualties." Another Officer spoke about the casualties of The Inquisition. The Inquisition was very nationalistic and was a not good empire. But inside the inquisition was different beautiful worlds.

Although the army had a bad reputation is the galaxy for burning enemy planets to the ground, The irony is that the crime values of the Planets that are under the Inquisition is almost zero which is like a slap for the other empires.

"Cold Union 24% percent casualties."

"IronBlood Empire 31% Casualties." The Last report was concluded and Admiral Odin was preparing his plan, After a minute of waiting. Admiral Odin finally issued another orders towards his officers who was waiting for him.

"Contact the other Admirals, I have a plan on taking down the enemy." Admiral Odin spoke with a serious voice.