Prehistoric Wizard

A man is given 5 random epic boons from a mysterious vending machine before he is in the prehistoric world of Harry Potter. This is a time before mankind, a time before wizards and Hogwarts, a time before the founders and even Merlin himself. Raw magic power first poured into the world during this age, and this man was here when it happened.

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Arrival in the Early Era of Civilization

In the prehistoric magic era (Around 4,500 BC)

Melor appeared from a crack in the void, staggering onto the dusty ground. His 6'10 figure cast a tall shadow along the ground due to the sun's position. The surrounding atmosphere was aired and dry, while the sun's heat beat down on his open skin. His movements were slow and purposeful, despite his obvious confusing situation. He scanned his surroundings.

The area around him was dry, but there were occasional patches of grass and plants throughout the area. Behind him looked to be a deserted area that stretched into the horizon endlessly, while in front of him, he could see an outline of some kind of distant city. He paused his thinking as a loud bird cried over his head, drawing away his thoughts to it.

A thunderbird tumbled in the air over his head, twisting and turning playfully, while heading in the direction of the city. Occasional thunder rumbled in the background as it flew, clearly showing signs of it being a magical creature. The thunderbird grew smaller and smaller as it flew away from Melor.

Melor decided to follow it toward the city. Since it was the first magical creature he had come across, along with it being the first creature he got to see in this world, it was an undeniable good sign to follow after it. Without a moment of hesitation, he set off toward the city. That and he was one piece of clothing away from being naked, so a city would be a good place to buy clothes.

Since he had arrived here, he didn't have anything to wear other than what he had worn to bed previously. So he had to make do with only his boxer briefs at the moment, even in the heat. As he grew close enough to see the city's entrance, the sky overhead grew overcast and dark. The rumbling of thunder and lightning flashed in the sky, while drops of rain occasionally fell, a precursor to a coming downpour.

But this didn't seem to be unexpected by those in the city ahead of him. He heard loud cheers of joy from there as the rain drizzled occasionally. The thunderbird flew in loops above the city, occasionally diving down into the city and coming back up with different foods in its mouth. Melor figured that the people here had a good relationship with the thunderbird, or even completely depended on it in order to survive this arid environment.

The people he passed by gave him odd locks for lacking a few common clothing but ultimately didn't say anything considering his size. The people here wore fur and skin coats, with some turban-like rags on their heads to keep the sun from burning them. The era looked to be before even the bronze age, as some men, who he assumed to be city guards, had only hunting spears with sharpened rocks tied to the ends for weapons.


One of the men motioned aggressively for Melor to stop, while the other came and surrounded him from the back with his hunting spear.


The man motioned to Melor to turn around and leave, threatening him by standing with his spear poised to strike. The two men looked frightened by him, and from what Melor had read about frightened people in positions of authority, it would usually lead to hasty and poor decision-making. His eyes moved slowly from the two hunters, to their spears, and back to the thunderbird above the city.

Ultimately, he realized that entering this city at this time would not be as great as he first imagined. Judging from the fear in the eyes of the two hunters in front of him, they have perhaps met giant men like him before and they didn't have a good relationship. Not only that, but he didn't understand the language they had just spoken. It seemed to be a completely different dialect from the languages he knew.

Regardless of the reason, the fear of himself was a great cause of concern for Melor and it would cause him much trouble if he settled in this early civilization's city. With one last look at the thunderbird above, he turned around. The hunter behind him tensed his nerves as Melor turned to him and gripped his spear anxiously.

"YEUM OM LI-MEW!" He said nervously.

Melor stopped and glanced at the man in front of him, looking down at him. He moved his hand slowly and pressed his finger on the tip of the hunting spear, pushing it down without much effort. The man struggled but was too distracted by the calmness of Melor's eyes. Melor gazed directly at him while pushing the spear down with his finger. The man gulped nervously, and just as he felt the giant man in front of him would attack him. Melor broke eye contact with him and walk past.

The hunter staggered back to his partner in a daze, feeling like he had faced off with a creature as powerful as their God bird, the Rainbringer.


Melor continued to take the long way around the city over the next few days. He walked around it and towards the mountainous region behind it. The area between the mountain and the city was filled with rich farmland and fertile soil. There were many farms here owned and worked by small families or groups. He found a place for himself to settle, a natural cave in the mountainous region. The area was damp and filled with different kinds of fungi at the entrance, but none of them were poisonous.

2 weeks passed for him, hunting the occasional desert hares for food and meat. He adapted well to his situation, which he guessed was an effect of the Immortal Title's grace in his soul. He would spend time thinking while carving out arrowheads from jagged rocks, sometimes lamenting the convenience of his old modern life. He didn't expect to be thrown into a world without any technology whatsoever.

He could feel a magical energy within his body, but he didn't know how to access it. So he would spend each day, meditating before sleep to attempt to control it. In this way, he continued his routine of hunting, thinking, and meditating. Until he was interrupted by a teenager who ran into his cave looking for his family's lost goat.

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