13 Su Qian Is Back?

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The two children couldn't tell whether Su Qian was happy or angry, so they held her hands and said, "Mother, don't be angry. The two of us are well prepared before we go. It's just a mere Su Residence, so there's nothing to fear."

"Tell me the truth. What have you all done?" After understanding the strength of her children, Su Qian's eyes rippled slightly. In addition to feeling helpless, she also felt a little sweet.

She knew that the two children had gone to the Su Residence for her.

The two children obediently told her what had happened.

However, the two children did not mention their "douchebag father", in case their mother took offense.

"Mother, are you angry?" Su Qingqing asked, blinking her big eyes uneasily.

"Of course I'm angry. You two little things are getting bolder and bolder. You actually dared to act on your own without telling me." Su Qian pinched the two children's little noses and deliberately put on a stern face as she lectured them. "In the future, you're not allowed to act on your own without consulting me. Otherwise, I'm going to spank your little buttocks."

"I understand," Su Qingqing and Su Ye said in unison.

"It's getting late. Let's rest." Su Qian picked up the children in each hand and walked towards the bed.

Tomorrow, she was going to bring her child back to the Su family openly.

The next day, after breakfast, Su Qian asked Su Qingqing to stay in the inn to rest while she brought Su Ye to the Su family.

Very quickly, the news of Su Qian's return spread throughout the Su family like a spring breeze.

Naturally, Su Yue had heard the news.

"You guys said that Su Qian's back?" Su Yue, who was looking at herself in the mirror, asked the maidservant in surprise.

"Yes. I heard that not only did Seventh Miss return, she even brought back a little boy. They're currently waiting for the master in the main hall." The maidservant gloated, "Now that Su Qian is back, Master Pei's elixir will be secured. Miss, I have to congratulate you in advance."

"Finally, something good has happened that can make me happy." Su Yue had been attacked last night, and she had to use extremely precious healing medicine to restore her appearance. She was in a bad mood at this time. "It's been six years. I have to go and see my good sister, in case she forgets the rules in the Su Residence."

"Yes, I will help you to change your clothes." The maidservant revealed an evil smile.

In the main hall of the Su Residence, Su Qian was leisurely drinking tea with her son.

She's already been waiting for more than an hour, and the messenger has already informed the Su family head of her arrival, but her biological father has no intention of coming to see her.

Su Qian knew very well that Su Chenghua was trying to intimidate her, but she remained calm. After drinking two cups of tea with her son, she finally saw a square-faced man in a long robe arrive.

Before Su Chenghua entered the room, he saw Su Qian waiting obediently, and a cold smile appeared in his eyes.

Six years had passed, and his daughter had not improved at all. She was not angry even after being ignored for so long. She was really weak and incompetent.

However, looking at Su Qian's face, Su Chenghua felt that she seemed even more beautiful than six years ago. He put away his disgust and strode towards her, completely unaware of Su Qian's proud gaze.

However, as soon as he walked over, he realized that there was a little one sitting beside Su Qian.

Su Ye sat elegantly beside his mother, holding a teacup and drinking tea. He had an extraordinary bearing even at a young age. When he saw Su Chenghua, he was not intimidated by the cold aura around him at all. However, he gave him a faint glance and looked away as if he had not seen him.

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