Predator Through The Multiverse

[This fic will have very very dark themes.] A man gets reborn as the King of predators with a Predator system. #Rape #EvilMc #Gore #fml Slaves #very Op mc #multiverse #Army Building #main Character deaths from different universes Nobody is safe Worlds [Predator] [Star wars.] [Marvel.] [Brightburn.] [Dc.] [Alien vrs Predator.] [Star trek.] [Multiple horror movies.] [maybe: Game of thrones.] Give me more ideas in the poll chp.

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Chapter 3

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It doesn't take long for my guards to return with girls in nets dragging behind them.

"Lock them in the ship." I say and the girls start to scream.

"Please, I'll do anything." One of the younger looking ones yell.

"Oh you will." If I could smirk I would be right now.

I look to my right and say.

"Bring this child and the traitors body to the ship." I say turning around and following the guards dragging the girls onto the ship that landed behind us not to long ago.

"Once everything I have said to do is done takes us back to Yautja Prime." I say walking away to my privet chambers.

"It will be done your Majesty." One of them says.

I walk into my chambers and start to contemplate what to do in the future.


I hear a sound in my head guessing it's the system, I open the system to see what it was.

[Host has ended one timeline before it had the chance to be completed. {Reward} 20,000 SP]

If that's the case I can start my journey when I return.

I will go to the star wars universe for two reasons.

1. Padme has been my crush since I first saw her, she will be my main wife and possibly the only girl I will treat fairly everyone else will receive just punishment at all times. I will have to find a way to make her accept the way I am.

2. I want to take over the galaxy with Predators, something about that sounds amazing.

Now that I have the necessary [SP] to make my own Yautja I won't have to bring other Yautja clans with me.

They are needed in this universe to progress the story.

I soon feel the ship start to move and I close my eyes trying to sleep knowing I won't be able to sleep for awile.


On Yautja Prime.

I don't waste anytime and start my plans immediately.

"Grab all the girls and follow me." I say walking out of the ship that just landed.

I walk to the temple and go to the lower levels where normally an alien queen would be kept locked up but now it's just eggs that are laying dormant until I decide otherwise.

I open the system and build 5 Breeding chambers bringing my total [SP] from 20,000 to 12,500 .

I look at my new breeding chambers in front of me and can't help but laugh.

I see 10 Yautja with giant rock hard cocks at each breeding station.

My guards walk in behind me dragging all the girls in a net behind them.

"Let the games begin." I say walking out of the breeding room.

I start to walk toward my room and in the distance I can hear feint screams among other sounds.

So if my math is correct we should be able to produce 250 every day, and if we produce 250 every day then we will end up producing 91,250 every year.

I can't help but smirk at those numbers and that's only with 5 of them imagine a 100.

I make it to my room and I buy an evolution chamber bringing my total to 11,500.

One of the guards walks in dragging the child and the yautja bodies behind him.

"Place them in the machine." I say to him.

I open up the system and look at the universal travel and click on it.

[Note it will take one year to bring the whole planet and everything on it to [Star wars] do you wish to proceed?]



I of course hit yes and I start to feel a dizzy feeling.

I ignore it for now guessing it is the planet moving universes.

"I will be undergoing a evolution I don't know how long it will take but until then you are in charge." I say look g at the one guard in my room.

"Your Majesty the planet will remain in stable condition until your return." he says making me nod as I step into the chamber.

I close my eyes as a blue liquid starts to fill the tube I am in.

"Here we go!"


One year later.

My eyes shoot open and I jump up from where I was.

I hit the ceiling and fall back down on my back.

I raise up rubbing my head, what the fuck.

I look around and look in front of me seeing the chamber I was in now turned off.

I look back at the bed I was just in guessing someone laid me in bed.

I stand up and start to walk out of my room but when I do I notice I am much stronger feeling that every step I take could crush the floor under me.

I walk out of the room and I am soon met with my guards kneeling in front of me.

"We greet your Majesty." they say in unison.

I nod then say.

"Inform me what happened while I was evolving and how long was I out." I ask.

"You have been undergoing your evolution for a year, we entered orbit of an unknown sun about 3 days ago." one of them say while standing up and following behind me.

"Your army has grown to 92,000."


We walk outside and I am met with thousands of Yautja walking around doing different things.

One of the guards to my right steps forward and starts to yell.

"KNEEL BEFORE YOUR KING!" he yells making them all look our way before falling to one knee.

I would smirk if that was possible.


[As you are now in the star wars universe I will now answer three questions about said universe.]

To be continued.


As I mentioned in this chp padme will be the main love interest and will not be treated badly, let me clarify during his human life his only escape was padme? So he has a soft spot. Everyone else can suck is big meaty... Anyways.

Plus if I'm not mistaken Padme is like 14 or sum so I'm going say she is 18 along with every other female that is used in sexual ways.

That is one thing I won't do. If you got problems with that then bye.

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