7 Hunting for the Force

The Twi'lek Leku were very interesting organs. Their ability to subtly use minute amounts of the force to communicate is arcane. I was able to detect the midi-chlorians within the leku. They were isolated there though, there were no abnormal midi-chlorian count throughout the rest of the body. Only in the leku and brain. Not enough midi-chlorians to be fully force sensitive.

I was able to extract the midi-chlorians. I attempted to scan them and discover their genetic code to have for myself. My machines were incapable of unraveling the full genetic code to my surprise. The only way this could happen is if the creature is too highly evolved that it has touched outside the realm of mortality. Such a thing was impossible in my previous galaxy, as there were no immortals or non-mortal beings within. Now in the face of such a creature, I find myself a little helpless. I used every single midi-chlorian I could extract intact for experimentation. At the end, I only unlocked 1 percent of the genome. I growled a little in frustration.

Experimentation yielded results unlike the plain scanning. It would take hundreds of thousands of experiments to unlock the rest of the genome though. I must also research the Force energy itself.

I think, "I must hunt force sensitive beings in great numbers." If I wish to use the force directly without a medium of midi-chlorians, I must unravel their genetic code. Until then, I will need to research midi-chlorian transplants. Force sensitives are needed.

I have knowledge of some beasts that are sensitive to the force. Akk dog, Jakobeast, Maalraas, Storm Beast, Taozin, Vornskr and Krayt Dragon. These creatures can provide me with the materials I need. Some of them are even immune to lightsabers.

As for the Weequay specimens. I will incorporate their hardiness into myself during travel. Their genome was easily unraveled. For now, the Twi'lek genome will be put aside.

My next destination is the home of the Akk dog, Haruun Kai.

I initiated the QTE and went to my lab for biological modifications. By the the time of arrival, my skin and bones had become more durable. I had still retained my same looks though. I wouldn't want to get any uglier now, would I?

The planet was covered in a toxic cloud sea. Life was only supported on the plateaus that made it above the clouds. I ran a surface scan to see which plateau had some Akk dogs on them. All of them apparently had some population of them. There were also plenty of settlements. It is a mid-rim world after all.

I take a scout ship to a plateau with a low population of inhabitants so it'll be easier to avoid them. They were just humans anyways. I was looking for a lone Akk dog, an outcast. Trying to get one away from the pack would be difficult. Their hides are lightsaber immune. They are not small creatures either. They are large predators, tall, and very strong bodies full of strength. I do not have confidence in killing it with my plasma weapons. So I must trap it, then kill it.

I was lucky to find a lone Akk dog soon. I approached cloaked, but as a force-sensitive creature, it sensed I was coming. It went on alert, as expected. There were trees around, strong trees. I had made a trap where a wire lasso was hanging. I will run the beast into that thin wire and tap its neck. Then I set up a pitfall trap beneath that would activate. The beast would then be hanging by the neck. Finally, I will bind its tail and legs. That's the plan.

I uncloaked, and started running after I threw some throwing discs to anger it. I went through the trees, just out of its reach. It was fast, but so was I in my techno armor. The lasso tightened and the pitfall activated. I then fired more wires with hooks from my gauntlets and pulled hard to get the limbs under control and tied down to more trees.

Now, the Akk dog was sprawled out in the air. It would die by hanging, hide too tough. It will be immobile though. Now to figure out how to kill it. I wish to keep the brain intact, so I am left with one option.

I say out loud in my guttural language, "Plasma cannon down the throat should do." I jumped on the held up Akk dog, pried its jaw open with great difficulty and shot plasma down its throat. Two shots were enough to kill it.

I got the Akk dog down and called my scout ship for pickup. I dragged the thing inside. Once I brought it back to the mothership, I used a special high-powered laser powered by the ship power source to cut the hide. I took a cell count and found that the Akk dog had 6,571 midi-chlorians. To be deemed force sensitive enough for training, the minimum is 7,000 per cell. This beast was only good enough to have force enhances senses. It was still a good haul of midi-chlorians. I sent half of them off for experimentation. The other half will be used in transplant research.

As for the hide, I will analyze it and try to replicate the material.

"A good hunt, all according to plan..."

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