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A human from Origin Earth is reincarnated as a Yautja. His new name now is Bido of the Dark Blade Clan. An elite member of the clan. He then finds himself being transmigrated into the star wars universe after a navigation error sent him through a super-massive black hole. ------------------------------ [Also, if you can spare a moment to check out my other novel "Book of Dreams and Nightmares", I'll appreciate it. Hopefully you'll like that novel too. :) ] Hey readers! I started a discord server for my readers. I made it in hopes of eventually having some fan art and community building. Join by copying on the link below! https://discord.gg/kYJwW6AB3C My support page on ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/golddragonmachina Patreon Page https://patreon.com/GoldDragonMachina?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink

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Game World

I went on some other minor bounties after I killed the Wyrd. Then I finally got wind of a world I've been wondering about.


A world long lost to the galaxy until much later. When Grogu happens upon it with the Mandalorian. A planet I've learned a possible location of through my androids. I could send one of them to verify, but I want to go myself. Have a little adventure.

I take my mothership and leave Myrkr. I punch in the possible coordinates and wait.

While waiting, I feel a familiar presence. I grunt, "So you've decided to show yourself once more Kaljaren."

Kaljaren smile lightly, "Yes, I felt your anger has subsided enough to where you won't try to strangle my spirit. I thought it would take longer than a few months, but I guess your species' mentality played a role in it."

I shrug, "It indeed had a role to play. Yautja know how to keep cool. We can also see logic and are pragmatic. Especially me being raised in the Dark Blade Clan."

I then sense Marka making his appearance, "It is good you have moved on. What done is done, and happened because it was needed. The Force uses people to further its own machinations. To contend with it, so must you Bido."

I can't deny that, "Indeed Marka, it had to be done. Since the force wants to be more than an arcane energy field that binds the galaxy, I'll treat it as such. Can I assume that since you're both here, I am truly going to Typhon?"

The two keep quiet and only smirk. I sigh, "So no spoilers, fine."

Soon enough, my mothership exits quantum space and we reach our destination. I gaze out of the window and look upon the planet I've arrived at. I can feel the planet now. It has been said that Typhon itself is a powerful vergence in the Force. Feeling it now, it is indeed strong. It makes me wonder how the Jedi could never find it with how much presence it has in the Force. The Jedi are truly meant to be forsaken. As the it is now obvious to me that the Force is hiding the planet from them.

It only makes sense though. It has been planning this since the ancient Force Ships first brought people to Typhon. All in order to make champions to fight the Yuuzong Vong and kill the Force gods. Its been increasing power and then consolidating it. It is very diabolical for a mostly automatic entity.

Enough of that though, time to land. I bring in the whole mothership to land this time. We find a valley and land upon the world. I then do a life scan for my surrounding. Animals are detected, but so are bipedal beings. The only bipedal beings on Typhon should be the flesh raiders. It seems they're not extinct. What a pain.

On my first step on Typhon, I felt a jolt of power low through me. It is an odd feeling, but I feel more powerful now. Such a sudden increase in power is only possible by an increase in midi-chlorian count. I'll have to check later.

I then go a quick tour of the planet, running around, jumping around, climbing mountains and all that. I eventually stumble upon a village of flesh raiders. I debate with myself how to get rid of them. Then I remember that I haven't really used my motherships other weapon systems besides the big laser. I'll use a compressed plasma electro missile. A nasty weapon that explodes the compressed plasma along with running electricity through it. It creates a super heated electrical plasma storm that lasts 10 seconds before dispersing. Never used it before, should be cool.

I mark the coordinates and command the missile to be fired. I watch from a fair distance away as the missile impacts. What follows a bright blue light mixed with white lightning that envelops the village for 10 seconds. The sound can only be described as a thunder storm meant to be the wrath of God. Once it is all dispersed, the ground is glassed and broken.

"I should use that more..."

The world is devoid of civilization and off-world communication. It'll be perfect to turn into a private game/hunting world. I just want to make sure there are no leftover Twi'leks on the planet. There used to be a small settlement in the past after all.

I return to my mothership and go into orbit for a planetary life scan. It detects some life signatures that match Twi'lek. They're isolated in a small part of the planet, but I still send a probe to check it out.

My probe sends back images of small city in a valley. No spacefaring technology. Their weapons are basically blaster bolt rifles. A simple and easy to make blaster ammunition are plasma bolts. Similar to tusken raider rifles, they're bolt action or semi-auto and use blaster bolt rounds. They're pretty much bullet charges you have to load in.

I can ignore them for now. I have some androids infiltrate there city and quietly take it over. I'll leave a beacon here and some drones so I can mark the coordinates and get data transmitted. I'll return to Mrykr for now and make plans for making it into a game world.

On the way back to Myrkr, I check my midi-chlorian count. It is at 39,000, just short of 40k. Which would put me at Force god level.

I gain more than I expected from this trip.

thanks for reading

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