Predator of Star Wars: Hunt

A human from Origin Earth is reincarnated as a Yautja. His new name now is Bido of the Dark Blade Clan. An elite member of the clan. He then finds himself being transmigrated into the star wars universe after a navigation error sent him through a super-massive black hole. ------------------------------ [Also, if you can spare a moment to check out my other novel "Book of Dreams and Nightmares", I'll appreciate it. Hopefully you'll like that novel too. :) ] Hey readers! I started a discord server for my readers. I made it in hopes of eventually having some fan art and community building. Join by copying on the link below! https://discord.gg/kYJwW6AB3C My support page on ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/golddragonmachina Patreon Page https://patreon.com/GoldDragonMachina?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink

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First Move Against Space Corpo

Princess Fanry should know I have accepted her request by now. Going to meet her for the first thing is unnecessary. There is a Czerka space station near Pijal that is still being built. Its purpose is to coordinate hyperspace traffic and control the hyperspace gate. As the lane into the system is unstable and often times closed. A huge reason that Czerka is making a power grab.

Rather than outright destroying the station, it is better to take control of it. The gate system has already been built. It is only the station that is still a few days from completion. The Czerka representative in charge of this whole debacle is Inhedron Kalos. Young for his position and ambitious. Achieving shadow control over the government of Pijal would be a massive success for him. Which is why his head will fly first. He is also on the station overseeing construction. The talks on the surface are essentially done. Fanry had no say and Aveross is making all the big decisions for her. No wonder she wants to rebel against this situation.

"Furia, Arla, we are taking a space station once we enter the Pijal system. Security should be mostly droids with officers to control them. Easy pickings. One High Value Target is onboard, Inhedron Kalos. Take his head. It'll be a meeting gift for Fanry. No eyes.", I say to them.

They acknowledge the plan and we come out of the space jump. I fly the Moth over to where the space station is. Like any Yautja ship, it can cloak. Therefore, we were undetected. We had no need to dock, as we just exited the Moth in our armor. The armors have propulsion jets, so we fly to a maintenance access door. Arla gets the door open and makes sure that the security system doesn't pick up the activity. We enter the station silently and split up. No comms.

Furia and Arla will be clearing two-thirds of the station. I'll clear the other third while getting to the command center.

Non-combatants were spared, but put to deep sleep; Force-induced. 10 minutes into the takeover, I sense fear from my target location. It seems that those in the command center have figured out something is terribly wrong. Arla and Furia can work fast. Force Speed does wonders for setting great times. I reach the command center main entrance. Blast doors are closed and there are multiple layers of them. Destined Death is not long enough to go through the door in one go. It would take a bit to burn through it all. 

While I was pondering, Arla and Furia arrived.

"Easy work Bido.", Furia said through short range comms.

"Yes, the droids were not even current gens. Officers were not worth mentioning neither.", Arla complained.

"Well, the combat battalion is on the planet for 'security reasons'. The rep never imagined that the station would be attacked and thought droid security was good enough. Now, we need to get through this door. It is the only entrance into the control center. The walls are just as thick too, and stronger.", I say.

Furia steps up, "I'll take care of this then. A little hex of corrosion will do the trick."

Furia whispers something and brings her hand to her mouth. Then she makes a circle with her thumb and index finger. She blows and a green mist comes from the circle, hitting the door and sticking to it. The door then begins to corrode and crumble at a terrifying rate.

"Well done Furia, a scary hex. Looks like it'll only take a few dozen seconds to get through.", I praise.

"No problem, I got better ones I'm eager to put to use.", Furia says.

The door does crumble in a few dozen seconds. Kalos' personal guard and some droids are inside and aiming at the destroyed door. they become bewildered as nothing is seen. Then they panic when we three begin an invisible slaughter. Inhedron starts shaking in panic as his guard die around him to ghosts.

When he is the last one standing, I rip his head of his shoulders.

"The station is ours and the target is executed.", I declare.

"Arla, get the androids on the station. Keep the workers working, close communications and make it look like the station is normal. Come to Pijal once you are done securing this place. Furia and I will go ahead.", I say.

"Sure thing Bido, I take care of it.", Arla says confidently.

I then leave the station with Furia and Inhedron's head. I leave a fighter behind for Arla and take the Moth to the capital city of Pijal where Fanry resides.


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