Predator of Star Wars: Hunt

A human from Origin Earth is reincarnated as a Yautja. His new name now is Bido of the Dark Blade Clan. An elite member of the clan. He then finds himself being transmigrated into the star wars universe after a navigation error sent him through a super-massive black hole. ------------------------------ [Also, if you can spare a moment to check out my other novel "Book of Dreams and Nightmares", I'll appreciate it. Hopefully you'll like that novel too. :) ] Hey readers! I started a discord server for my readers. I made it in hopes of eventually having some fan art and community building. Join by copying on the link below! https://discord.gg/kYJwW6AB3C My support page on ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/golddragonmachina Patreon Page https://patreon.com/GoldDragonMachina?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink

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Duel of Unkindled Fates

Dooku moves first...

I moved to intercept his Makashi strikes with flowing spins of my glaive. Qui-Gon came at me second with his Ataru form. They worked well together. Dooku kept me focused on my front, while Qui-Gon moved around me attacking from different directions. The young Qui-Gon Jinn may not be as strong now, but his talent speaks for itself.

They were both using Force enhancement at certain timings in their attacks. Unlike with the last Jedi Knight I defeated, these two will not tire with their smart use of the ability. Therefore, I must use pure combat skill or superior force abilities to win. Using the Force to win this duel would be no fun though.

Ataru makes use of kicks and punches along with its acrobatics too. Qui-Gon, being young, made the mistake of hitting me with a Force reinforced punch at my back. I quickly spared a moment to catch it in my palm, then pull Qui-Gon around and throw him at his master.

I then start my own offensive. I begin by throwing to shuriken, then doing a short leap attack to get close. I start attacking fast, so fast even future General Grievous would be hard pressed to match my speed. Dooku keeps up elegantly, but Qui-Gon is beginning to struggle.

They are pushed to retreat for a while before they both jump up to one of the rooftops. Before I can follow them, Dooku throws some wooden crates and barrels that were around at me. Such a simple attack, I counter by waving my hand, Force crushing all the projectiles in a moment. I leap onto the building next.

Dooku rushes me at the same time I rush him, we both had the idea to take the initiative it seems. We clash and start to push against each other, neither of us wanting to give an inch. The winds blow around us as if they're being spurred by our our conflict.

Qui-Gon comes in the strikes the roof beneath my feet, wanting to make me fall. I make his little plan backfire. I backflip over his head and kick him forward to the hole in the roof he made for me. Before he can fall in though, Dooku give him a little Force push to help him regain balance.

Dooku then does something fun, he raised a hand and makes a crushing fist. It took me a moment to find out what he was doing. He had crushed the support beams on my side of the house. This time, I actually did fall down. I had bits of broken wood on me after I had fell.

It only made me more excited, this is a duel, "(Predator roar)".

I in turn crushed the other side of the house, making them return to the street below. I tease a little, "Dooku, I must say you are a formidable duelist. However, I do sense frustration in you. You are not as calm as your nervous, but steady padawan. Are you angry that I killed that senator instead of you? I could see how disgusted you were by him."

Dooku responds coldly, "None of the sort you vile beast. I will give you one last chance to surrender before I disregard taking you in alive."

I laugh, "I have nothing to fear from an Order that has long lost its way and strength. Why should I fear you, as a member of that Order? Despite all your wisdom Dooku, you are still a foolish Jedi."

Dooku scowls, "So be it then scoundrel. Prepare yourself."

Both of them rushed me this time. However, I didn't attack back. I will defend. I didn't move from my spot and didn't make any moves to attack either. I used my glaive to create an impenetrable defense around myself. Dooku and Qui-Gon with all their skills couldn't break my defense. This method of combat is honestly inspired from Obi-Wan Kenobi a master at defense.

Finally, it was Qui-Gon was showed me an opportunity for a counter-attack. Qui-Gon was doing an overhead attack. I did a back thrust targeting his lightsaber which was on its way down. I missed Qui-Gon's fingers, but his blade hilt was hit by my glaive blade. It sputtered then was rendered non-operational.

I give Dooku a little Force pish to put some distance between us. Then I turn to Qui-Gon and grab him by the throat. I throw him on the ground and stomp on his gut, making him cough out spit. I finally give him a hard punt kick and make him fly into nearby wooden house.

Dooku turns to me with an angry look. I chuckle, "Looks like your padawan is out of the fight. Now you and I can dance Dooku. Let us see how well Master Yoda taught you."

Dooku says lowly, "My master taught me well enough to put an end to vagrants like you."

This time Dooku attack using constant Force enhancement on himself. He was no weakling in the Force either. Dooku is a formidable opponent as I've said before. This fight is actually very challenging for me. I have been focused, steady, and strong throughout. Now my speed is being matched, and even exceeded. Dooku's strikes are short, sweet, crisp, and to the point. He has no useless movements and leaves nearly no good openings for me.

To offset his speed, I put more strength into my actions. To induce him to take time to properly recover. As a result, I'm doing more dodging than blocking now. I decide to take a risk and move into one of his thrusts. I use my glaive to slide on the side of his lightsaber. I then try to bring down an overhead strike on Dooku. He parries it, and thrusts at my chest. I tilt my chest, but the attack still hits my armor. No damage to me though.

Dooku's parry thrust was slightly over-extended as a result of me moving in close. This gave me an excellent opportunity to grab his weapon hand. I then squeezed hard, making him let go of his lightsaber. Dooku grunted in pain from it. Then I swung him up and slammed him on the ground a few times.

Dooku was bruised when I was done with him. He coughs, "You beast, why haven't you finished me?"

I laugh, "Your time is not now Dooku. I just wanted to have a worthy fight. I have learned much from fighting you and your padawan. You should go check on him, I did punt that boy pretty hard after all."

Dooku is a little unbelieving, "That's it? You beat us just to let us go?"

I scoff, "Ever heard of catch and release fishing Dooku? That's what this is. I'm just waiting until the fish get bigger and the young fish become adult fish. Anyways, I'm leaving. Have a nice day Dooku."

I then back away and cloak my body. No need to be too flashy. While Dooku is staggering back up to move, I'm going back to my ship. The show is over.

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