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A human from Origin Earth is reincarnated as a Yautja. His new name now is Bido of the Dark Blade Clan. An elite member of the clan. He then finds himself being transmigrated into the star wars universe after a navigation error sent him through a super-massive black hole. ------------------------------ [Also, if you can spare a moment to check out my other novel "Book of Dreams and Nightmares", I'll appreciate it. Hopefully you'll like that novel too. :) ] Hey readers! I started a discord server for my readers. I made it in hopes of eventually having some fan art and community building. Join by copying on the link below! https://discord.gg/kYJwW6AB3C My support page on ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/golddragonmachina Patreon Page https://patreon.com/GoldDragonMachina?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink

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Arla Reborn

I'm going to keep using the narrator method I used in the last chapter to deliver the thoughts and feelings of other characters when I feel it would add to the story. As it turned out to b well received enough. I'll just do better with its implementation.


All I did for these 9 days is go through my training and look at all I had built.

Typhon's first game area has been completed. All androids are fully cemented in various systems throughout the galaxy. Jabba's Palace, Republic Senate, Banking Clan, Trade Federation, Mandalore, and even the Chiss Ascendancy. My androids have spread and infiltrated them all. One of them even has direct contact with Darth Plagueis as an assistant. I have another android that tails the Darth Venamis too.

Darth Venamis is an interesting character. Darth Tenebrous trained this Bith Sith as another apprentice. Plageis was of course unaware until Venamis would later confront him. It is recorded that Venamis met his demise in 42 BBY.

Plagueis has already taken Sidious under his tutelage at this time too. I have a separate android shadowing him.

Back to Venamis, I've decided to hunt him down. Doing so will not affect the flow of events I want to transpire. Venamis should only be a little worse then Plaguies too. It should be fun to fight a Sith at the master level.

I'll go after him after I get Arla up to speed with her new body and capabilities.

The timer was just about over now. Her rebirth is nigh.

The timer reaches zero and I begin the process to get her out of the chamber. The liquid drains and the chamber door is opened. I walk over and say, "Wake up sleeping beauty, your long sleep has come to an end."

I see Arla's flutter as they open. Arla speaks, "Wow, I feel refreshed but odd at the same time."

I laugh, "That's because you've been completely vitalized. The oddness is from not being familiar with your body. Take a moment to move your limbs, your fingers, your toes. You're larger and stronger now. It'll take some getting used to."

Arla then attempts with moving her smaller body parts first, toes and fingers. Then she starts to move her arms and legs. Arla then sits herself up slowly as to not get dizzy. She raises her hand up to her face and makes a fist, "I've gotten stronger, I can feel it."

Then takes a good look at her body, "My muscles have become even better than they were. My physique is awesome now. Also, it seems my breasts have grown bigger too. As in the growth ratio wouldn't match my previous size if it was reversed. Was that planned?"

I chuckle, "No, it was just a byproduct of the modifications. Also, you've gained some new abilities too."

Arla asks with interest, "Like what? Wait...I have a weird feeling I know what you gave me. Is it the...Force, as you've called it?"

I confirm, "Yes, you're right on the mark Arla. I gave you the Force. So that means you'll be trained in it by me."

"And by us..."

"And by us..."

I groan, "Arla, meet my dusty masters Kaljaren and Marka Ragnos. They taught me the Force and when I'm not around to guide you, you can seek them out."

Kaljaren greets Arla, "What a promising young woman. Good to see Bido getting out of the loner lifestyle. I hope you'll take good care of him."

Marka Ragnos greets next, "Welcome to the crazy train girl. Do your best not to die."

Arla stutters out, "Gh..gho...ghost!?" She asks me in slight distress, "You talk to ghosts!"

I laugh at this, "Get used to it dear Arla. These old cogs aren't going anywhere. They're harmless though, for the most part. The Force is a conduit to many abilities, consider talking to the dead one of them. Also, Kaljaren is an Old Republic Jedi Master, and Marka Ragnos is an ancient Sith Emperor."

{Many thoughts are going through Arla's mind right now. Shock, curiosity, excitement, and confusion. However, she quickly gets past it and just chooses to accept it as she can't understand it.}

Arla lets out a breathe, "Okay, whatever then. Now be a good husband and help me out."

Kaljaren and Marka give a me a look and fade out.

I go over and take her arm to help her out of the chamber. I then assist her in standing, and getting used to walking. Once she gets a good hang of it, I let her move on her own. She remains stable and is able to do regular movements.

I then get some clothes I had prepared. Simple robes, that are a mix between roman and Japanese clothing. Male Yautja typically leave their chest uncovered unless wearing armor, only covering the groin area and wearing shoes. Female Yautja actually have mammary glands, "breasts", so they cover their chest.

I gave the robes to Arla, "I guessed that your old clothes wouldn't fit. So I prepared some robes. Also, if you're wondering about your current height. You're 8 ft tall(2.44 m), one foot(0.30 m) shorter than me."

Arla takes the clothes, "Great, I was just wondering about what I would wear. It is also nice to not have to look up 90 degrees. I like this height."

Bido nods in agreement, "I like your new height too. Get dressed, and then we'll get some food. I'm sure you'll have a good appetite. Tomorrow, we'll begin your training. Get your body trained as well as your new Force ability."

Arla then asks offhandedly as she gets dressed, " Oh, that's fun. When will get started with the baby making then?"

Despite all my experience, having a tall blonde with a literally killer body ask you about baby-making made me flushed. Luckily such a thing doesn't show on my face. I answer as stoically as I can, "We'll begin that after you have some time to to adjust. Which I imagine shouldn't be long."

She finishes getting dressed and I say, "Now that you're dressed, come along. Myrkr has some delicacies that taste quite good."


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