137 Mystic Abilities of the Far South

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Chapter 137 Mystic abilities of the Far South


The eldest son of Southern Emperor Da Gama.

At the same time, one with the highest talent in cultivation among all his sons!

How high was his talent?

So high that, although Magellan was already 528 years old today, he had been sleeping for the past 500 years.

He had only been awake for 28 years.

And during these 28 years, he had cultivated to become a first rank High Magus!

This extraordinary talent made the entire southern tribe gasp in amazement.

The Southern Emperor Da Gama once proudly said, "My son Magellan has the bearing of a great emperor!"

He even said proudly in front of the entire tribe.

"If my son didn't have this problem of lethargy, he would have surpassed Gandalf hundreds of years ago!"


The Southern Emperor Da Gama, was that confident in his son.


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