1 If You Cultivate Basic Magics, You Will Become Stronger!

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The Li Fire Sect.

Lin Lei was thrown into the solitary confinement room by the guards.

"Lin Lei, you actually dared to insult the Holy Maiden!

"In any other situation, this would be a capital offense!

"Considering that Lord Xiu'er chose you, you won't die but you can't get away with it! You will spend the rest of your life in the solitary confinement room!"

A dignified voice rang out from not too far away.

Lin Lei slowly opened his eyes.

Upon opening his eyes, he was stunned.

Stone walls surrounded him in all directions. Only a small window let 

 in a little bit of sunlight.

He was actually inside the prison?

No, based on what the voice had just said, he was inside a solitary confinement room.

The room was completely bare. There was only a low stone bed and a ball of grass.

He had actually transmigrated! ?

Lin Lei was shocked. He hurriedly closed his eyes to sort out the memories before transmigrating.

So he had transmigrated into a magical world. This place was filled with powerhouses, and Lin Lei's Li Fire Sect was a second-class force on the east coast.

As for Lin Lei, he was sent to the isolation room because he had offended the Li Fire Holy Maiden as he defended his junior sister a month ago.

What the heck... 

Lin Lei was speechless. When others transmigrated, they would meet beautiful girls or bathing young mistresses. They would get Frostmourne or Flamejoy divine artifacts right away; they'd have all the full-grade deity-level equipment they wanted and all powerful people would bow to them. How cool was that!

Boy, look at me. I went straight to jail. What's more tragic than that?

And what did they just say?

I'm going to spend the rest of my life in this old, broken-down cell?

Then he would be finished. Lin Lei's heart sank.

Although he had transmigrated here, he didn't have any cheats. Right now, he was just an ordinary person. If he had to spend his entire life in this place, there was no way he could escape.

Beep! Beep!

"Congratulations to the host for successfully transmigrating!"

And then, a screen appeared in front of him.

[ Name: Linley ]

[ Force: The Li Fire Sect ]

[ Strength: Level 3 magic apprentice ]

[ Weapon: low-quality staff ]

[ Profound divine ability: none ]

[ Note: host, please begin studying basic magics as soon as possible. Each time you do it, you will be able to increase your own strength. After training for a certain number of times, you will be able to receive all sorts of bountiful rewards! ]

Suddenly, a voice rang out in his mind.

He was stunned for a moment, then he was wild with joy.

The system! The system had finally arrived.

Having transmigrated here, he knew exactly what this was!

His luck was finally about to turn!

And he recalled something about the basic magics.

Fireball, Icicle, Flowing Water, Spinel, Sand, Forest.

These skills were all evolved from basic magics. The basic magic of Fireball was nothing more than a fireball.

As an apprentice sorcerer of the third rank in the Li Fire Sect, Lin Lei naturally knew how to do this.

Fortunately, when he was locked up in the isolation room, they hadn't taken away his staff. Otherwise, even if he had the system, he wouldn't be able to grow stronger.

After all, it was hard to cook without rice.

Taking out his own low-quality staff, Lin Lei slowly drew an arc in the air with his right hand.

And then, a faint red magic force began to slowly flow from the magic force arc in his right hand towards the staff. Finally, at the tip of the staff, a small fireball the size of a fingernail appeared.

The fingernail-sized fireball was like a small sun, and the surrounding air rippled slightly under the heat of the fireball.

Beep! Beep!

"Congratulations to the host for obtaining a basic skill for the first time. You are rewarded with a large newcomer gift bag!"

"Would you like to open it?"

Linley nodded without hesitation.

"Beep! Congratulations to the host for acquiring ten years of training value!"

"Beep! Congratulations to the host for acquiring the spell: Judgement of Darkness!"

"Beep! Congratulations to the host for acquiring the divine blessing level of Magic Affinity!"

Seeing the three items appear on the system interface, Lin Lei was pleased.

These three items were all top-grade items! All products of the system were top-grade items!

The first was the ten years worth of training value which could increase his strength by ten years.

In addition, the ten years worth of training value was won by his hard working. It wasn't something gained through treasures. His foundation was absolutely solid!

Linley was only a sorcerer apprentice of the third rank now. After he absorbed the ten-year training value, his strength would immediately skyrocket!

And then there was this god-blessed level of Magic Affinity.

After sorting through the memories of the original owner of this body, Lin Lei knew what it was.

In the field of sorcery training, one needed to use magic force all the time.

It could be said that magic power was the root of sorcery. As long as one's understanding of magic power reached a certain level, they would be able to have Magic Affinity!

Magic Affinity was divided into five levels, which were sensing, decreasing, guiding, resonance, and God's blessing.

Most sorcerers could barely absorb the magic power from the nature earth into their bodies, and then release it through magic.

With the Magic Affinity, one could launch their spells with great power.

The lowest level of sensing mana could help one easily identify the distribution of mana in the space, allowing them to condense mana faster.

The second level of decreasing mana was more powerful. Every sorcerer had a limited amount of mana stored in their body. If they could reduce the consumption of mana, they would be able to launch more spells. In a battle with sorcerers of the same level, they were basically invincible!

Above that was the guiding mana, which could draw upon the endless magic force from the heavens and earth for their own use! And every time they launch a spell, the heavens and earth would tremble, causing even more terrifying damage.

The Holy Maiden of the Li Fire Sect possessed third-level Magic Affinity. This was why she had such a high status in the sect.

Having offended the Holy Maiden, Linley was locked up in a solitary cell for the rest of his life.

As for the fourth level of resonance, it was capable of drawing upon the magic force from the heavens and the earth to obstruct the spell launching!

In the Beilageluoya Empire, where the Fire Worship Sect was located, there were only a few sorcerers who possessed this skill.

And all of them were, without exception, best of the best.

As for Linley's God-blessing level of Magic Affinity would make him a legendary figure in the entire continent. In front of a sorcerer who had God-blessing Magic Affinity, every detail of a spell was visible.

In other words, no matter how powerful or perfect a spell was, Lin Lei could find a loophole in it.

It meant that Lin Lei had instantly become a genius sorcerer!

In comparison, the final one of the three rewards, the Judgement of Darkness, wasn't as powerful.

Linley immediately opened his system backpack and clicked on ten years worth of training value.

Ten years of training value.


Endless incomparably powerful magic force rushed into Lin Lei's magical circuit!

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