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This is written By Overlord Venus. That alone is enough to prove that this novel is of high tier quality. But even so, I'll give my review so you will have better understanding of the novel with no spoilers. Writing Quality: As I said before, its high tier. The author described the scenes of the novel vividly to increase the immersion while keeping it not too much to prevent info dump. Story Development: From what I have read, it's one of the best post apocalypse novel out there with huge potential of becoming a top novel. The novel revolves around mc regressing back to the past with the help of a leader of a Post Apocalypse Dispatch Society. Character Design: The Author didn't let me down on this. All of the characters felt real. As if you are interacting with a real person. Their actions doesn't feel one dimensional. Updating Stability: Although there are only two chapters at the time I gave this review, the author updates frequently from his other novels so he will likely do the same to this novel. World Background: Not much is known from what I read except for it being in the same universe and timeline as the author's other novel titled I Hate Systems. Overall: A must read, a masterpiece! The author has lots of writing experience so this novel would be one of his best! I suggest you read and give it a try!

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I have been on Webnovel a decent while. I've seen many novels. Even wrote a few in drafts I refuse to release. But all in all I doubt at this current point I've ever, ever made more than ten reviews, this included. I'm posting this early because I don't want to wait too long and because I feel confident in explaining the intricacies of this as it is apart of a series by this author. Post Apocalyptic Dispatch Service is about salvation. The way it is presented is rather unique in how it tackles tropes and likes brought to life. Much like its Sibling books, it follows the path of heroes struggling to resist the systems, but this one focuses on the main casts journey to resist if not destroy the Grade 3 system apocalypse. This will be an adventure of bringing hope and salvation to others. A journey of redemption and self forgiveness. A battle of impossible odds as Rhizen, the main character, rises to his place as the God King of luck. Now for the boring stats Pros: Well designed Plot Awesome Battle scenes and abilities Deep Lore and foreshadowing Excellent planning and subtle measures to make you question everything Interesting characters and realistic occurrences. Smart and devious opponents who knlw what they're about, what they're gonna do, and unashamedly act with cunning you expect from thousands of year old, deity like figures. Reliable teammates, equally smart and capable Protagonist Excellent world building, character development etc. Con Paranoia. I am by nature a philosopher and theorist. The author can Confirm this. As a senior fan I have guess the truth of many plot points and abilities. These will make you question everything and may or may not develop paranoia or madness....... neither I or the author will claim responsibility for you. Withdrawal systems. I, can confirm these books are drugs. I have several books I should've released ages ago, but couldn't be bothered to because i was reading master pieces like this and didn't want to have to spend time updating and planning etc. The author, Overlord is know to leave cliffhangers and likes to sadistaclly edge us. Withdrawal systems make include : Outright cursing the author, inability inability sleep, constant checking of your webnovel library for updates, visiting the the discord our of boredom... and so forth. more serious withdrawals may include spending lots of money on this book to force him to release more chapters. Different people different results. All in all, Highly recommend this books has alot of potential.


Reveal spoiler


Another novel from one of my favourite authors~!! If you're afraid of spoilers just go read the book before continuing, not my problem. I've read IHS and I'm loving it, and sensei said PADS gonna be in same timeline and universe, so I'm hoping for some great mystery revelations, and even moar mind boggling mysteries (I'm not dat smart so I'll just try to keep my theories to myself). I've read first chapter and loved it, it has mixed elements of past and future. If you haven't read it yet, Go read rn!!


amazing story, amazing author, details yet no over detailing. Clear progression and change. ..............................................,, Just read it. Its one of the best out there.


Warning: If you are going to treat this book as another munchkin novel, stop right there. It is a book to be enjoyed in leisure, when you can carefully read every word and enjoy the poetic sentences. The story moves at a steady pace. So far in the six chapters, MC's personality has been determined. A new side character is introduced and there are a few callbacks to his other novels. This book is interlinked with the other books of our Overlord. They have significant influence so if you want to understand the nuances give other books a read. That does not mean this book can't be read as a stand alone. I hope you give this book a try. Also if you liked this review (check out my book as well😉).


Hello Well the author finally did it .He has finally made the story Pretty good written till now and fore shadowing is nice. Well we just need to wait for an editor now to jumpstart things


i am disappointed. the author lied to me saying that the duplicated chapters were a platform error. I had my suspicions and after all this time without updates I am sure. the author allowed the purchase of privileged chapters without any content purposely duplicating chapters to generate volume.


It has been written by venus bro And story has a good start If u want to understand how he reached that lvl U have to read the novel: i hate system written by same author


An interesting history the star doesn't tell you much but you can foresaw what it's going to happen but what happens isn't a cliche .


One of the best writers on webnovel decides to make a novel about apocalypse and includes the same new concept of system from his previous novel ,I Hate Systems. There's no way it will be bad ! Read all the chapters already and can't wait for moreeeee


Good bookGood bookGood bookGood bookGood bookGood bookGood bookGood bookGood bookGood bookGood bookGood bookGood bookGood bookGood bookGood book


Based on past books of author, there will no be any grammatical mistakes, plot loopholes..etc Beleive me the novel would be wonderful journey for our ever-growing addiction towards novels.


This is a spin off from his other current novel revolving around a side character of one of its arcs. Very talented author and very engrossing novel full if suspense and adventure. That being said, when you approch the latest chapters you are going to be extremely disappointed when you discover the last 10 chapters are just repeat chapters and chapters from his other novel. One can only speculate the author has no intention of fixing this error or continuing the novel, as more than two months have past since the last update.


Amazing find... one of THE best apocalyptic novels out here. There is nothing to pick fault with. Special shout out for the world building and vivid expo of the world and build up. Forced me to write this review after a long long time after the Lord of Mysteries. Couldn't stop binge reading .


I love it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannananananananamamamamamamamamaammamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamqmqmqmqmqmqmqmqmqmqmmqmqmqmqmqmqmqmqmqmqmqmqmqmqqmqmqmq


Great a new novel as rizen as the main mc cant wait to read it hope it will be great because it is written by overlord venus bro............... 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂




this story is good and have a good background for my understanding it the society against the apocalypse system grade 3 Who is absorbing world after world but i Will not spoil just that IT is not the original world of the society😁😁😁😋😋😋😋