Chapter 1: Our Devil Sect Needs Talents Like You

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"Sword Pavilion's Treasures are frequently being stolen, Pill Room's Elixirs are repeatedly plundered, Beast Shop's Ewes are crying all night, and the Medicine Garden's Immortal Herbs are scattered all over the place – just what kind of thief is this brazen?"


The young man slammed his hand onto the long table, attracting the attention of the disciples all around, who were dressed in uniform blue robes. One by one, their eyes were filled with curiosity.

They were all disciples of the Great River Sword Sect, which was established on the left bank of the Panlong River. Along with many other sects of various sizes established along the river, they formed the Hezuo Alliance.

Recently, frequent incidents have been occurring in the Hezuo Alliance, yet not a single clue about the thief has been found. The disciples of the Sword Sect gathered to gossip, using it as a little distraction from their monotonous cultivation lives.

At that moment, a green streak of light shot through the sky, heading straight for the Sword Sect's main hall.

Is this an enemy attack?

Someone with sharp eyes recognized it and shouted, "That's the Valley Master of Spirit Medicine Valley! Why is he in such a hurry? What could have happened?"

The gossiping souls of the onlooking disciples caught fire, as they all went out to find more information. Soon, they brought back shocking news.

Valley Master of Spirit Medicine Valley's daughter, Tang Ruoling, has been kidnapped by the thief!

Upon hearing this news, everyone in the Sword Sect was outraged.

Tang Ruoling was sweet and lovely, gentle and obedient, and she was skilled in healing people.

Many Sword Sect disciples liked to get slightly injured during their duels just for an excuse to visit Tang Ruoling in Spirit Medicine Valley for treatment.

Now that such a favorite has been taken away by the thief, they couldn't dare to imagine what would happen next!

"Darn thief, it was bad enough stealing medicine and sheep, but now they've started stealing people too?"

"Ruoling, my Ruoling!"

"I'm so full of hatred – this thief must die!"

"Is there any way to save Ruoling? Please."


Amidst the wailing crowd, someone suddenly shouted, "Why not ask Senior Brother to come out of seclusion?"

These words immediately invigorated the atmosphere.

Yes, we have the Evil Vanquisher, Senior Brother!

At this very moment, in a secluded little house, Zhang Chi stared at the young girl who suddenly appeared on his bed, dumbfounded.

The girl's eyes were tightly closed, as she was in a comatose state, bound by a rough rope.

One must admit, the way the rope was tied had a certain artistic quality to it, accentuating the girl's advantages...

Ah, nevermind! Is now the time to appreciate art?

Zhang Chi took a deep breath, calming himself down and began to think about how to handle the situation.

Recently, many good things have been appearing around him: Supreme Replenishing Qi Pills, Cultivating Origin Pills, Fine Spirit Swords, and even Fresh Spirit Sheep Milk.

At first, Zhang Chi thought that his gold-finger had awakened.

As a transmigrator, his initial circumstances were not favorable – he was born an orphan and was adopted by the Sword Sect.

With the experience of two lifetimes, Zhang Chi established a reputation for himself as being intelligent, brave, and morally upright since his childhood. Coupled with his impressive aptitude, he ultimately outshined his peers and became the Senior Brother of his cohort.

However, there were limitations to what a person could achieve. Cultivation wasn't all about fighting and killing; it also involved working.

The sect didn't provide for idlers – he had to earn resources for his cultivation by doing tasks for the sect. He spent so much time and energy on chores that he did not have enough time left for cultivation.

Many second-generation cultivators had the support of their elders, allowing them to progress by consuming all manner of pills. As their realms improved, Zhang Chi would certainly be outpaced by others in the future.

Fortunately, at that time, his gold-finger had awakened and he took it as a gift from nature.

But when he consumed a pill and broke through a minor realm, he overheard the news about the nearby sects being robbed during his seclusion.

Everything they had lost matched his "gifts from nature" exactly.

What gold-finger? More like a black-finger!

Zhang Chi had considered turning himself in for leniency, but doing so would cost him the Senior Brother title he had worked so hard for and might even lead to more severe consequences.

Zhang Chi hardened his heart, after all, one cannot get rich without taking risks.

How can a man between Heaven and Earth dwell beneath others forever?

Even though he didn't know how he ended up with these things, he decided to accept them as gifts from nature.

Every day since, different items would continue to appear on his bed – what he could eat, he ate. What he couldn't eat, he buried under his bed.

It wasn't until today that something on his bed turned into a living person.

It's getting more and more intense.

He knew this young girl too, Tang Ruoling, the precious daughter of the Valley Master of Spirit Medicine Valley. Spirit Medicine Valley was one of the richest powers in the Hezuo Alliance, and it was run by a family inheritance system. The current Valley Master had just this one precious daughter.

If she's missing, there would be chaos outside.

Since things had reached this point, there was no use running away. So, might as well bury her!

Zhang Chi skillfully moved the bed, took out a shovel, and began to dig!

"Miss Tang, don't blame me, I'm just trying to avoid danger here."

Zhang Chi muttered under his breath, hugged Tang Ruoling and prepared to throw her into the pit. Looking at her proud figure, he couldn't help feeling a little reluctant.

But Zhang Chi had a moral bottom line.

Killing her was already too much, so how could he rape her and then kill her?

Just bury her directly!

"This girl has the Innate Wood Spirit Body; after cultivating, her spiritual root can be restored."

Suddenly, a crisp voice sounded in Zhang Chi's mind, and then there was no more movement.

Zhang Chi couldn't help but gasp.

The black finger actually talked to me!

Seeing the rope that bound Tang Ruoling, Zhang Chi had already noticed something.

It was fine for other things to fall from the sky, but for such a big living person to be tied up so artistically, it took an intelligent person to have such a high level of artistic skill!

So the question was, what was that voice just now?

Was it an old man who was always with him, or a second personality?

Logically, it shouldn't be the former one since he had checked all of his belongings and found nothing strange.

Then it shouldn't be the latter either. How could he, a smart and witty, unparalleled righteous, moral role model who surpassed 90% of the cultivators in the world of cultivation, have such an evil second personality?


Hearing Zhang Chi's thoughts, Gu Youyou almost couldn't hold back her laughter. You, talking about righteousness?

With a head full of evil thoughts, even she, a witch, was overshadowed.

As the Holy Woman of the Nine Netherworlds, Gu Youyou fought and killed, set fires, and committed all sorts of atrocities, but she felt that she was still quite open and upright.

But being a genius, she was too proud, too dazzling, and easily became the target of jealousy.

During an exploration in a secret realm, she was jointly calculated upon by people from the Devil Domain and the Righteous Path and had to use the art of hibernation. She sealed herself in the secret realm, waiting for someone destined to come by and perhaps save her.

Unexpectedly, after hibernating, the next time she opened her eyes, she was inside Zhang Chi's body.

This also gave her hope.

So, she worked hard to increase her strength, waiting for the day she could save herself.

However, she didn't completely occupy this man's body. After a certain time, she would automatically lose control of the body.

This was outrageous. Her spirit soul was far stronger than Zhang Chi's, yet she couldn't erase his spirit soul. At most, she could see some of his simple thoughts.

She also found that after satisfying some of Zhang Chi's wishes, her time controlling the body would increase.

So, when Zhang Chi wanted to take medicine, she went to steal it; when he wanted magical treasures, she went to steal those. The Holy Woman of the Nine Netherworlds had become Zhang Chi's nanny.

During the time outside of fulfilling his wishes, she also helped him diligently practice cultivation.

Otherwise, how could this kid break through so quickly?

But yesterday, this kid started thinking about his master, a woman!

It must be said that in the Devil Domain, such a rebellious disciple was quite rare.

She really wanted to go out and catch someone, but Zhang Chi's master was very strong. She wasn't powerful enough yet to kidnap someone without making a sound, so she had to settle for kidnapping this girl with the Innate Wood Spirit Body first.

Would she be doing these petty thefts if it weren't for hoping that this kid would go to the secret realm to save her in the future?

Zhang Chi didn't appreciate her efforts, which infuriated Gu Youyou. She really wanted to give him a big smack, but she still held back and just noted it down in her heart.

When this Holy Woman gets out, she will definitely take you into the Devil Sect.

The Devil Sect needs talents like you!