1 First mission, become mayor of Gotham

I was driving my taxi for another day of work, I'm 25 years old and I spend 12 hours a day taking clients to their destinations, it's an interesting job, I've taken all kinds of people from prostitutes to heads of companies, my most interesting client was a politician, he always called me to take him to city hall.

He is a modern politician, he supported humanitarian causes, he banned civilians from having firearms, he also advocated that criminals should be resocialized and not punished severely, he always gave me a $40 bonus, so I ignored him when he took a woman 22 year old to the motel, honestly for a powerful 60 year old man cheating on his wife is no big deal.

I wanted to be him, he had money, power and status, his words could change the fate of an entire city, but I was just a taxi driver, no one would vote for me, I also like firearms but I was too poor to buy a gun so i didn't care when this politician banned civilians from having firearms.

But who could imagine, I was robbed and ended up killed by a firearm, apparently bandits did not respect the disarmament laws, I feel like an idiot in the next life I will vote for some extremist politician or better maybe I can be that politician.


# Congratulations, you have been chosen to live again, choice made at random ... Dc world, please fill in the information for your character ;

Choose your name for the new world =

Choose your starting age =

Choose your new profession =

Choose a note for your appearance =

Choose the starting place = #

In front of me a screen appeared, I was lucky I could become a politician hahaha, I started writing everything.

Choose your name for the new world = Julius Caesar

Choose your starting age = 25

Choose your new profession = political

Choose a note for your appearance = 7/10

Choose the starting place = Gotham

My name will be in honor of the great Roman conqueror, unfortunately I can't choose a political office, I think I should start at the bottom, my appearance will be a 7 if I'm very handsome it will be difficult to get men votes, after all, I doubt men vote for one handsome man, as for choosing to start in Gotham it's easier, there's a lot of crime there and I can win votes defending extreme laws to punish criminals.

#You choose your basic information, like this one, please choose a system to help you in your new life, your options are;

Culinary system = can summon cooks from all over the world

scooby doo system = can summon scooby doo characters

shemale system = you know what this system is for

Incubus System = you earn rewards by being a sex pervert

Random Summoning System = 1 time a month you can spin a wheel and summon 3 things from any random world, items or characters everything is summoned, remembering that this system is mediocre and unreliable so you can summon toilet paper or literally summon the goku, the better the item, the less chance it will be summoned #

What terrible options, only the last one is good for something and it all depends on my luck, whatever I choose Random Summoning System....

# Congratulations on choosing an unreliable system, now you will go to your new life, remember, your new body is yours, you didn't steal anyone's body, all your memories of the last 25 years of your new body will come into yours. head, goodbye#


In a poor house in Gotham

I finally finished receiving the memories, the story of my new body is sad, my family was murdered when I was 12 years old, since then I was adopted by a war veteran named Bob Castle, when I was 19 years old my adoptive father Bob died, thanks to my adoptive father I know a lot of ex-military people, I started working in a help center for war veterans, in the last 6 years I do a lot of charity and help a lot of children in the city of Gotham.

Now I am 25 years old and I am running in the primaries for Mayor of Gotham, it is simply impossible for me to beat my competitors and become the candidate of the Republican party, my votes are only a few neighborhoods in Gotham, I have votes from ex veterans and communities orphan support....

If I want to win these primaries I must get more votes, it's time to become a crazy anti-crime politician...

"System open interface" Julius Caesar

#Congratulations host for opening the summon system, as your new world is dangerous the system will give you a bodyguard, these options were generated randomly, please choose one of the following options ;

Two muscular men in panties with strength level (-F)

Neymar football player with strength level (-F)

Special dementor, same abilities and weaknesses as the original, but this one is invisible while following it and only attacks those the host wants, with strength level (B)

5 hot female dancers with strength level (-F) #

"Fuck the only good option is the dementor, anyway it's a strong creature from harry potter's world, plus this one is even better because it stays invisible while following me and will only attack with my orders, a great bodyguard, I choose the dementor" Julius Caesar

#Congratulations on winning a special Dementor#

Suddenly a sinister creature appeared in Caesar's room, his appearance is the same as a dementor.

"This guy is really scary, I'm glad he's loyal to me" Caesar ....

"My first mission is to win votes, win the Republican Party primaries and then run for the Gotham mayoral election, vote prices and votes, in the future I will be state governor and then I will become president, I will create the death penalty and kill everyone these crazy villains, batman and their morals, fuck it" Caesar talks excitedly

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