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Pokemon World: Evolution


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“The world of Pokemon! A spinning globe of wonderment. Home to an infinite array of creatures to varied to fully comprehend. Hundred, perhaps thousand. Meticulously fashioned by the forces of nature in all its glory as only nature can. And no matter what corner of the world you find yourself rest assured you'll find Pokemon there as well. Soaring overhead, skimming the clouds And riding the currents undersea Sharing the mountain’s majesty And... animating are many lush green forests Happily making their home in fields of grass Well... even our sprawling cities are teeming with them People and Pokemon find common ground sharing the goal of victory in the Pokemon Battle. Trying to become friends, comrades, and Pokemon Master,” Red with his partner, Charizard, and his friends, go on adventures to all corners of the world. Unravel the mysteries of nature, history, and legends about this magical creature. Adventures, solving mysteries, fighting against people who are on the side of darkness to protect those creatures, that's all just little pieces of their goals.


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