96 The Power Center!

Gan walked through the streets of Pewter City, a quiet and peaceful city. He didn't even see any kids playing in the streets. There were a small number of people going into stores shopping and whatnot.

"The Power Center is pretty far according to the map." Gan looked at his Pokedex map and saw this place near the city's edge.

At some point, Gan needed to contact Warren today to meet up. Gan wanted to meet up with Warren to confirm their plan, rather than on the day itself.

He continued down the streets, minding his own business. However, Gan was being followed and he was unaware of it.

The trip was long for a city, but Gan had walked far and wide in his day in this world. Soon, he arrived at this so-called Power Center.

The roof of a Pokemon Center was red, while the Pokemart's roofs were usually blue. However, for this Power Center, the roo of this place was purple instead.

The place was large with several windows that display unknown equipment inside. Gan didn't hesitate and walked into the building. This wasn't merely a shop, the size reminded him of a Planet Fitness back in his world.

"Hello, customer, would you like a walkthrough of every machine here? Or, if you want, you could take one of the guide booklets to read for yourself."

The second Gan walked inside, the man at the counter spoke to him with a friendly tone.

"Oh, thanks, but I'll take the booklet for now. If I have any questions I need answers to I'll come and ask you." Gan nodded with a smile, returning the man's gesture.

The man handed Gan a booklet of every machine in the place.

Gan was stunned, there were all sorts of machines. Ones that checked your Pokemon's friendliness toward you, ones that check a Pokemon's weight, height, talent, IV max stat, nature, tier level, etc.

There were, of course, more than just those named.

Gan sat down and quickly went through the booklet to find the machine he was looking for. After searching for about two minutes, Gan found what he was looking for.

"Perfect! There really is a machine here that can tutor Pokemon's moves from the past!" Gan was so excited, the currency was also heart scales as he hoped.

Gan searched around but couldn't find the machine, so he asked the counter clerk. He told Gan that the Tutor Machine was upstairs.

Gan thanked him and quickly went on his way.

Once he was upstairs, that's when he saw a few trainers. He spotted them near a machine that checked a Pokemon's talent. Next to this machine was a machine that helped boost a Pokemon's talent.

Gan went straight to the Tutor machine that wasn't occupied. Heart scales weren't easy to find, they were not so hard to find in Hoenn. However, elsewhere, they weren't so easy to acquire.

Milotic and Luvdisc produced and dropped heart scales.

Gan scanned the machines closely, he was able to see where he was supposed to deposit the heart scale.

Gan saw one Pokeball slot on top of the machine—sort of like the healing machine in Pokemon Centers. After reading the instruction on how to use the machine, he pulled out the Pokemon he wanted to Tutor.

"Alright, we'll do Nidoking first and then, Nidoqueen." Gan placed Nidoking's Pokeball into the slot before inserting his heart scale like a coin.

Gan pressed the activation button. Afterward, the machine began to scan Nidoking's Pokeball before a full picture of Nidoking appeared on the machine screen.

Green lights illuminated from the machine and continued to scan Nidoking for sixty seconds. After the sixty-second scan, a list of moves appeared on the touch screen.


-One Heart scale deposited.

-Choose 1 move to tutor [Nidoking].

[Megahorn] 🐞

[Toxic Spikes] ☠️

[Poison Jab] ☠️

[Toxic] ☠️

[Sludge Wave] ☠️

[Earth Power] ⛰️


"Oh, nice, they even have little emoji next to them to represent their typing. Both Earth Power and Sludge Wave were such good moves."

Gan was going to need more Heart scales but ultimately chose to teach Nidoking Earth Power. He did the same thing to Nidoqueen and taught her Earth Power as well.

"Moves such as Earth Power, Sludge Wave, Thunderbolt, and the other Elemental moves are too important to the Nidos."

In order for both Nidoking and Nidoqueen to bring out their maximum strength—was through their ability and nature. Gan needed to change their ability to [Sheer Force] for absolute power against other foes.

After teaching both Nidoqueen and Nidoking their moves, he checked for other Pokemon.

"Growlithe also needs a move upgrade." Gan wanted to check his options, so he checked his Pokedex again.

Gan confirmed that it was best to evolve Growlithe to get the moves he wanted.

"Haha, thank the good lord I have a Fire Stone!" Gan has had this Fire Stone for while, it was one of the first things he bought when he came to this world.

"Growlithe, let's go!" Gan summoned Growlithe to inspect her one last time before evolution.


|Name: Growlithe♀

|Type: Fire

|Level: 39

|Ability: Flash Fire

|Potential: ★★★★

|Nature: Bashful

|Moves: FlameWheel| Bite| Ember| FireFang| TakeDown| Leer| CloseCombat[S]| Flame Burst| Agility| Crunch| Flamethrower|


"Hey, cuteness, it's time for me to evolve you." Gan patted and massaged Growlithe's neck and head.


Growlithe her eyes in elation from Gan's massage and rubs, but she understood. She had witnessed Eevee evolving back then, so she knew she was going to change.

"Huh?" There were some people watching and listening to Gan.

They turned and saw that he going to evolve Growlithe into an Arcanine!

"What? He's going to evolve it now? It's about to become an Arcanine!" A boy said with wide eyes.

"I wish I had a Growlithe or Vulpix, but they're so hard to find and catch!" A teen girl felt jealous of Gan's fortune.

"Here we go." Gan didn't hesitate and pulled out the Fire Stone before placing it on Growlithe's head.

Growlithe lowered her head and accepted the Fire Stone's touch. The Fire Stone seemed to seep and disappear into her body, and with a flash of light—change occurred.

Growlithe's silhouette enlarged greatly. Her once cute self had been burned away and replaced with strength and power.

Soon, Arcanine was born!


Arcanine howled after feeling the energy flowing through her body.

"Jeez, girl, you're so big!" Gan had to look up at Arcanine now. He himself had grown over the course of two weeks, Gan was now 5'9.

Arcanine started licking Gan's face with love and joy. He had to quickly back off or he was going to be drenched in saliva.

'Let's check your move set.' Gan analyzed Arcanine's moves.


|Moves: FlameWheel| Bite| Ember| FireFang| TakeDown| Leer| CloseCombat[S]| Flame Burst| Agility| Crunch| Flamethrower| Extreme Speed|


'Nice! Extreme Speed is such a good move!' Gan smiled. This was a move Arcanine would learn upon evolving.

"Alright, Arcanine, you'll need to enter your Pokeball. I will have to teach you another move or maybe two."

Gan quickly placed Arcanine on the machine, but this time it was different. This time, he checked to see the move options first before depositing his heart scale.


[Burn Up] 🔥

[Play Rough] 🧚

[Morning Sun] 🤍

[Flare Blitz] 🔥

[Howl] 🤍

[Reversal] 👊


"Decisions, decisions!" [Play Rough] wasn't needed now for reasons.

Dark Pokemon were extremely rare in Kanto, Fighting Pokemon wouldn't be a Gym Leader challenge yet, and Dragon trainers were rare in Kanto as well.

"My best option here is [Burn Up] and [Morning Sun]." It didn't take Gan much time to think about it.

He chose [Burn Up].

Gan inserted the heart scale and finally taught Arcanine the powerful move—[Burn Up].

'I may as well teach one of my Nidos Sludge Wave.' Gan opted to teach Nidoking Sludge Wave.

Gan was satisfied with his dealings at this Power Center. Once he was done teaching his Pokemon their moves, Gan wanted to check out other machines.

"Affection machine?" The closest machine to Gan was the affection machine. This machine allowed one to check the affection a Pokemon had for you.

"I guess this is the machine that decided how much damage Frustration and Return would do."

Gan turned to the [Talent Elevation Machine] and proceeded to walk to it.

The machine was smaller than the [Move Tutor Machine]. This machine had 51 slots on top of it.

There were 50 slots shaped like Star pieces, while the slot in the center was fitted for a Pokeball.

Gan looked at the machine and displayed the three different ways to upgrade Pokemon. Gan saw that Stardust, Star piece, and the rarest of them—Super Star piece.

"Oh, there are two different Star pieces. One is the regular Star piece, while the Super Star piece looks like the Star piece from Pokemon Go."

The Super Star piece gave more Proficiency than the rest, obviously.

Gan checked the list and understood what it took to level up talent.


Bronze --> Silver: Stardust 6 ounces 10% Proficiency.

Bronze --> Silver: 1 Star piece 15% Proficiency.

Bronze --> Silver: 1 Super Star piece 25% Proficiency


Silver --> Gold: Stardust 18 ounces 10% Proficiency.

Silver --> Gold: 3 Star pieces 15% Proficiency.

Silver --> Gold: 1 Super Star piece 25% Proficiency


Gold --> Platinum: Stardust 54 ounces 10% Proficiency.

Gold --> Platinum: 6 Star pieces 15% Proficiency.

Gold --> Platinum: 3 Super Star pieces 25% Proficiency

Gold --> Platinum: Must have 3 Hearts of affection or hate.

Gold --> Platinum: 1 Iron Bottle Cap.


Platinum --> Diamond: Stardust 162 ounces 10% Proficiency.

Platinum --> Diamond: 12 StarPiece 15% Proficiency.

Platinum --> Diamond: 6 Super Star pieces 25% Proficiency

Platinum --> Diamond: Must have 5 Hearts of affection or hate.

Platinum --> Diamond: 2 Bronze Bottle Cap.


Once Gan put a Pokemon into the machine, it would show the requirement to level up its talent. This also meant the proficiency required to elevate it to the next level.

With each piece value he added, it would get closer to elevating to the next level. Of course, there was the option to complete half of these. This would in term—allow the Pokemon to earn half a star instead.

"So complicated, but I understand it." Gan really needed Star pieces.

"Iron and Bronze Bottle Cap? Those aren't even Items, are they?" Such a thing shouldn't exist, right? Why was it here?

Gan didn't even bother thinking about it.

"Anything is bound to occur with the strange world I'm in." Gan shook his head and made a strong mental note to find this Bronze Bottle Cap.

He could just use the Silver Bottle Cap to get an Insta 5-star pokemon. However, he wanted to wait and see if he encountered some sort of fortune on his way.

'I need to collect more Star pieces for now, but I heard that the Daycare had many of them.' Gan rubbed his chin with a strange grin.

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