99 Storage Gains!

Gan was a little stunned, this was the first time he had heard about the existence of Guilds. This was actually an old international Guild. It was present in most know regions, even in places such as Kalos and Unova.

'The Sacred 5 Elements Guild?' Gan nodded. So the concept of guilds did exist in the world.

The Sacred 5 Elements Guild specialized in using Pokemon of the five elements. This meant Water, Fire, Grass, Ground, and Steel types.

The trio seemed to love the attention as they continued onward to Pewter City. Gan didn't interact with them, but he was certain that they were more arrogant than that orange-headed boy from back then.

Gan was done here, so he went back to Pewter City as well.

"I wonder what those Team Rocket members had on these cards. Or what they may have in storage."

Gan didn't believe that they had anything of value, they were the lowest. He didn't want to assume though, they may have collected some good stuff.

Fortunately, their storage was located in Pewter City. Gan could just head over to the storage department store.

Once Gan entered Pewter, he spotted that trio from before. He could also hear the gossip around them, they were planning on challenging the gym leader Brock.

Many people followed after hearing this, they wanted to witness these battles. Gan also wanted to spectate, but he would rather check the storage of these Team Rocket members.

Gan arrived at the storage department, but he forgot one crucial thing. He had forgotten to get the password from the three.

Gan sighed with regret, how could he forget something like this? Thinking about it, he left the department store and summoned Alakazam.

He asked Alakazam if it might know, and surprisingly, it did. Turns out, once those cards were taken from them, this thought came to their minds.

The trio had instinctively thought of the passwords back then, but only for a brief moment. They didn't believe Gan would be able to steal their stuff because he didn't have their passcodes.

"Haha, I don't know what I'd do without you!" Gan was elated to hear this.

Alakazam was good at searching for targets and recognizing danger close by.

The only downside—was that if someone used special equipment; they could conceal themselves from Psychic Pokemon. However, most people didn't have such equipment since it was so expensive.

Most people couldn't capture Abra or other Psychic type Pokemon because they could sense you a mile or more away.

Psychics also couldn't sense Dark-type Pokemon, as their sense and telekinetic waves couldn't pick them up.

Dark types were completely immune to such things—along with some dark Pokemon's sneaky and trickster-like natures. This posed a problem for the wise Psychic Pokemon when faced with these shameless Dark-types.

Gan showed the man the cards before he was asked for the passcode for all three cards. The old man at the counter looked tired or probably lazy, Gan wasn't sure.

Looking at the level of these cards, the old man had a few suspicions. However, anyone who usually used such low-security storage cards—was suspicious by default in most people's eyes.

The old man could care less really, so he guided Gan to the back where there were several storage rooms.

This building was probably one of the largest buildings if not the biggest one in Pewter City. The old man didn't show him around, he simply told him to head to the assigned storage chamber.

Gan knew what to do, so he nodded and went on his way. The cards had numbers on them for the assigned storage room.

Gan had to put the card into a card reader and enter the pin number before gaining access. He checked all of the rooms and found that these guys actually had some really rare items.

Gan was shocked, they were even better than some of the items at the auction.

Though there wasn't much in their storage, he found some interesting items.


-Philip's storage contained: ₱40,000, TM-Heal Bell, and a Moon Stone

-Ron's storage contained: ₱50,000, Ice Stone, Leaf Stone, and a Thunder Stone

-Marko's storage contained: ₱75,000, TM-Rain Dance, Sun Dust, and a Bronze Bottle Cap


'How many people did they rob and kill over the years?!' What shocked Gan the most was the Sun Dust and the Bronze Bottle Cap.

Sun Dust made its first appearance in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. It was something you would use at the beginning of the game to evolve Eevee into an Espeon.

It had only ever made an appearance in this game. The three men were middle-aged, so they were robbing goods like this for a while.

The Bronze Bottle Cap alone was worth a fortune. Of course, Gan had no intention of selling this; this item was too rare from what he discovered at the Power Center.

"What is up with this Ron guy, why is he collecting so many Stones?" Gan smiled and shook his head. Nonetheless, this was helpful to him.

"Technically, I don't need to go to Celedon City to get a Thunder Stone now. However, I need to turn these Pokemon in to get Merit Points."

Gan needed to change some natures and abilities, urgently. Especially after figuring out what his Pokemon specialized in stat-wise.

"This Ice Stone could be good for evolving an Eevee into a Glaceon." This was Gan's favorite Eeveelution, so he was sure to get one in the future.

Hopefully soon, after all, the bicycling route was an area where Eevee roamed often. Gan stored everything before leaving. He made sure to cancel the cards, which effectively cancel his ability to store things here.

Gan didn't need such things.

Afterward, he went to grab some takeout for his three helpers Alakazam, Gengar, and Arbok.

He didn't want to take them out and feed them in public. Gan was too cautious as his Pokemon also stood out.

Gengar and Alakazam weren't common Pokemon, while Arbok was large and intimidating.

'Hmm, Koffing needs one more level to evolve into a Weezing.' Gan saw that Koffing was at level 34, and was one step away from its final form.

"I guess I'll use it during the operation tomorrow. Besides, it could use smokescreen, which is useful.'

Smokescreen and Sandstorm. These were perfect for confusing foes, giving him leeway for an escape.

Gan's Team Rocket uniform could also guard against the powerful sand that a sandstorm induced. He even had flash bangs and a net gun just in case things got personal.

Gan decided to summon Pikachu as he wanted to evolve it. The only Pokemon left in Kanto that required a Thunder Stone to evolve with was Magneton.

Gan sat on a bench, which was close to the Gym. He could hear loud cheers coming from the Gym.

"Wasn't those Elemental guys going to the gym to challenge Brock? I wonder how that would turn out?"

Judging by their clothes, Gan assumed that the color of their clothing represented the type they were using.

Gan waited on the bench for about 40 minutes. He played with Pikachu for a bit with caution, he had seen the show and it wasn't pretty for Ash at the start. Gan was going to evolve it but he wanted to play with it as Pikachu before that.

That's when he saw a crowd of people coming out of the gym. To be exact, they appeared to be around 13 to 16 in age.

In from of them, it was the same trio as last time. Their expressions didn't look so good, it looked like they had lost a close relative.

"How could I lose? My Weepinbell and Gloom should have had a complete advantage." The youth in the green robe's expression fell.

"Talk about you, I was at a complete disadvantage. My Flareon and Exeggcute almost won it, but the odds are too stacked against me." The youth in the red robes sighed.

"That Brock is such a jerk, he used a completely different team against me! He used a Kabuto and Omanyte—with both of them having Rain Dance and Swift Swim!"

Her Psyduck and Vulpix didn't have a chance against that team. The result was a clean team wipe for Brock. This made the youth lass furious, he was clearly biased against her!

"Yeah, that Brock is too much. Why did he suddenly change his team up when fighting you?"

"This is unfair."

"I agree, we should file a complaint. He's definitely cheating!"

Many of the youths following behind them agreed, but from Gan's perspective, they were bootlicking.

Furthermore, Gan was a little speechless when heard about Brock's Team. He could be considered fortunate that Brock didn't use such a team against him. Gan knew without a doubt that he would have been wiped out.

"Damn, it! Let's go train in Viridian Forest tomorrow. Then, later in the week, we can come back to rematch Brock."

"Yeah! The next time, you guys will definitely be able to defeat Brock."

"Brock only has rock Pokemon. All you have to do is land your attack and he's finished."

'These bootlickers are annoying.' Gan frowned. He was actually starting to get annoyed with those kiss-ups.

Eventually, the trio left for the Pokemon Center.

Gan took out a Thunder Stone and proceeded to evolve Pikachu into a Raichu.


|Name: Raichu♂

|Type: Electric

|Level: 30

|Ability: Lightning Rod

|Potential: ★★★★

|Nature: Timid

|Moves: Thunder Wave| Nuzzle| Tail Whip| Electro Ball| Quick Attack| Spark| Agility| Slam| Thunderbolt| Nasty Plot| Volt Tackle[E]| Electric Terrain[S]|


The Pikachu was something he had stolen from Oak and it was so powerful. Gan knew he wouldn't be able to use every Pokemon.

However, this Pokemon could be used for breeding later down the line. So it wasn't a loss at all, since it was all for the future.

Gan almost thought it was best to use this over Jolteon, but Jolteon was faster. Unless he was able to get off an Agility with Raichu, but would Misty allow that?

Gan recalled Raichu before leaving for the meet-up with Warren. It was the café restaurant from back then before he left Pewter City.

He only called it a café because it was known for its coffee.

Gan arrived in a hurry and sat down. Of course, like last time he chose to eat outside.

"Sir, how many people will be eating today? Is it just you?" The waitress came over and asked politely.

"There will be two for today, thank you. I'll order once my... Oh, speak of the devil, he's here." Gan saw Warren turn the corner before walking in his direction.

Gan could recognize that Magenta hair from anywhere, it was too unique.