72 Escape!

Haunter's body spiked with a raging flame for a moment; this indicated that it had been burned somehow. Gan pointed his Pokeball at Ghastly, who was toying with Pikachu and recalled it.

Afterward, he recalled everyone, except Haunter.

"It was nice meeting you spoiled brats, but I have to run now. Sorry if I was a bit assertive in my means, but it was necessary in my case. See ya!" Gan turned and made a run for it through the forest.

At this time, Saffron was just waking up. He rubbed his bloody nose before checking his back to discover that his backpack had been stolen!

"Ahhh, Team Rocket, I'll never forgive you!!" His dad bought that for him. He may have a rich family, but this bag cost a little too much.

Just thinking about how much time his parent put into buying this bag and the string pulled to get it early—made him feel like his heart was going to burst. Saffron's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fainted again.

With the help of Umbreon, Gray managed to rise up to the occasion despite his injury. Gray quickly checked his wound and found that he wasn't poisoned. He sighed in relief that it wasn't a Poison Point Nidorino, or he surely wouldn't have been able to get up.

"Wait! Do you think you can just run away just like that? Get back here, you Ghastly bastard!" Pink recalled her Clefairy and actually started to chase Gan.

"P-Pink, stop!" Gray called out in alarm. Unfortunately, his calls to her fell on deaf tones as she raced off for Gan.

"Damn it!" Gray huffed before turning to Yellow, who was being tended to by Pikachu. He ordered Umbreon to check on Yellow to see if she was alright. Gray didn't want to touch Umbreon because its sweat was actually poisonous.

'Be careful, Aria, be careful!' Gray silently prayed.

Which, four minutes later a group of trainers arrived on the scene! Gray looked on in shock, they were the trainers he saw throughout Pallet who usually visited Prof. Oak's lab.

"Gray, what happened?!" It was Blue, he was riding on Pidgeot who was owned by some Silver medal trainer.

Prof. Oak was stunned, what was going on?!

"Help them, get them to the Medical Center ASAP!" Prof. Oak hurriedly ordered, he was currently riding on a Charizard's back. The Aura from this Charizard was gruesomely frightening, you'd have to think thrice before offending it.

A man riding a Dodrio came over and picked up Saffron and Yellow before rushing back to Pallet.

"Will and I will continue onward, we'll question them later on what happened. Make sure to tell the others coming over to help him and to quickly join up with me! Blue, you stay here with Gray until the others arrive to help him back to Pallet." Prof. Oak said sternly.

"Alright. I'm eager to hear what happened here." Blue smiled and turned to Gray, he had many questions.

"Careful! It was Team Rocket!" Gray quickly said.

"Team Rocket?" Oak's eyes dilated, it all made sense now!

"Come on, let's go!" Prof. Oak hurriedly flew off. The other man that was following him had a Xatu, which had locked onto Haunter's location. This man also owned the Pidgoet that Blue was on, they were both riding on it recently until Blue was ordered to stay behind.


Meanwhile, Gan paused in the forest because Haunter was flaring up with fire every 10 seconds or so.

"Give me the items you've taken from the lab, and I'll store them away," Gan said. Haunter proceeded to spit out all of the items it had taken. Gan glimpsed at some of them with utter shock, as joy welled up inside of him.

One was a red orb, which Gan discovered to be a Flame orb. He used the suitcase he got from that rich family back then to place it in before storing it away.

Haunter didn't disappoint him, she had stolen some Mega stones, there were a total of 6 of them! It seemed she couldn't take them all before being attacked or disturbed in some way.

'That Pink head is pursuing us,' Kadabra spoke bluntly.

Gan sprayed Haunter with a burn heal before instructing her on what to do. Haunter laughed before descending into the ground.

'Master, we can't waste any time on her, there are bigger threats coming!' Kadabra spoke gravely, its mustache shivering.

"I gotcha." Right then, Pink appeared.

"Team Rocket, turn yourself in. Don't make things difficult for yourself or me." Pink arrived on the scene and said.

"You're brave coming after me like this. What if I kidnapped you and sold you off to slavery or something?" Gan chuckled and said.

"You dare!" Pink's expression fell, as her body shivered. Gan recognized that she was still some naive little girl to actually follow him like this.

"And why wouldn't I dare?" At that moment, Haunter appeared behind her and pants her, well, skirted her!

"Kyaaa~!" Gan's eyes widen, she was actually wearing black laced underwear! How old was she again?!

"Unbelievable, what an overbearing girl, you're actually wearing things like this? I need to spread the story about the tales of the Pink-headed girl of Pallet!" Gan's voice was filled with mockery.

"Ahh! A**hole... perverted sicko!!" Pink's heart tightened, and her mind was suddenly filled with a deep vengeance.

Haunter had actually ripped her skirt, so she was forced to hold it up or else!

Pink's complexion paled from shame and anger, he wanted to spread this?! If she was a middle-aged woman, she probably would have had a panic attack by now.

"We have got to go!" Kadabra said with a panic-stricken tone. Gan quickly recalled Haunter before turning to run.

"We need you to work on those teleporting skills now, we have to get out of here." Gan turned and glance at Pink one last time before disappearing into the forest.

However, Gan saw multiple silhouettes when he entered the forest upon turning back. One guy was on a Pidgeot, while another was on a Charizard. Gan also saw what appeared to be a... Xatu?

He quickly scanned the Charizard and it felt like his soul was going to escape his body.


|Name: Charizard♂

|Type: Fire + Flying

|Level: 85

|Ability: Solar Power (Hidden Ability)

|Potential: ★★★★★★

|Nature: Timid

|Moves: Flamethrower| Fire Blast[TM]| Dragon Rage| Flame Burst| Fire Fang| Slash| Ember| Air Slash| Smokescreen| Wing Attack| Inferno| Flare Blitz| Heat Wave| Focus Blast[TM]| Solar Beam[TM]| Hyper Beam[TM]| Sunny Day[TM]| [TM]Dragon Claw| [TM]Dragon Pulse| Blast Burn[TT]| Fire Pledge[TT]| Ancient Power[E]|


Gan's jaw almost dropped to the ground like some cartoon character when he saw its stats.

He quickly grabbed Kadabra and ordered it to teleport out of here ASAP! He couldn't stay here any longer, this was too frightening.

Xatu's eyes flashed with radiant blue light as it gazed in his direction, it had discovered them immediately!

Gan could see the trainer on the Charizard's mouth move as he pointed in their direction. Charizard was already glaring in that direction, there was no telling what he said but an attack started to form in Charizard's mouth before being shot off toward them.

Suddenly a torrent of blue chaotic energy raged in Gan's direction. However, Kadabra had teleported away at that moment.


A pillar of blue energy imploded and exploded, kicking up a series of winds. The earth shook and let out multiple shockwaves. Trees collapsed in all directions; making it seem as if a great battle was and had occurred here.

"Ah!" Pink's shirt was near blown to the wind if she didn't hold it tight enough. She wouldn't have the face to look Oak or anyone in the eye anymore if they saw her 'wardrobe'.

"P-Professor!" Pink could barely speak due to the wild series of winds, so she was forced to cover her eyes.

In seconds, the wind stopped and what was left was a large crater and torn-down trees. Was Prof. Oak trying to kill someone?!

"Xatu has spoken, someone was indeed over there but they teleported away. Xatu said that it had just lost its lock on Haunter a bit ago and that it couldn't lock onto the trainer in time." The purple-headed man sighed.

"Dang, it! Send everyone, and have them lockdown Viridian City for a period. We have to get to the bottom of this." This group of thieves couldn't be allowed to escape, they had robbed his lab. Prof Oak thought it was more than one individual involved as of now.

"Right on it!" Anyone who saw this purple-haired man would instantly recognize who he was. This was Will from the Elite four of Johto, however, he had yet to join the Elite four as of yet.

Will wasn't wearing what he wore during his time as an Elite four member from the games. As of now, he was here to merely learn. He had been participating in tournaments and fighting gym leaders to earn his badges.

So far, he had seven of them from the Johto Region, with Claire as the last one he had yet to obtain. He hadn't challenged the Kanto gyms since he was someone born in Johto, and thus, he had only fought those gym leaders. Will also had a Silver Medal attached to his shirt, displaying his prestige as a ranking trainer.

Pink was still looking on in shock, she had seen this Charizard before but it was always lazy and nonchalant about everything. She had no clue that it was this powerful, she fell to the ground because of those terrifying tremors. The forest area was nearly destroyed because of that Dragon Rage it just used!

"Aria, head to the police station. Everyone involved will need to report to the police station now to learn more about the people involved." Prof. Oak was trying to keep his cool but he was clearly frustrated.


Will immediately sent out a message for the rank trainers to lock down Pallet and Viridian. The police were quickly alerted about the situation and joined in.

Suddenly, many of these people began to surge toward Viridian City. This news couldn't and wouldn't be suppressed and was soon to spread far and wide.

Professor Oak wanted to pursue but he couldn't see and Gan had many means of escape. Gan didn't even have to use any of his flashbangs or stun grenades during his heist.

Even though Oak didn't chase, other trainers swarmed the forest to search for him. From the sky, the ground, and even Pokemon that could travel underground with ease—such as Sandslash and Dugtrio.

Dugtrio could feel the movements of living beings for miles through the earth. They were actually fairly good at tracking things in this way.


Kadabra kept teleporting until they both arrived at a river. Gan was certain that Prof. Oak wouldn't just sit by waving his valuables goodbye while doing nothing. He hurriedly and summoned Gyarados before recalling Kadabra.

Gan order Gyarados to dive and travel to route 3 where he caught the Nido duo at. Here, he would camp out for the night and feign that he had been here the whole time.

Gyarados dove but not before Gan adjusted his helmet to water compatibility.

AN: Just so you know. TM=Technical Machine. S=Special Move. E=Egg Move. TT= Tutored Moves.

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