94 Beedrill Shakedown!

Pidgeotto moved quickly through the skies, but it began to descend and slow down. It was getting close and had to act in a stealthy manner.

Once Pidgeotto was close enough to this Beedrill hive, he opened his mouth and released the mini drone safely.

Gan got a better look at his surroundings, and that's when he spotted the active Beedrill hive. He saw many Beedrill leaving and going from the hive.

Some carried back killed-off Pokemon such as Caterpie and Oddish. It was quite a brutal sight that Gan didn't want to describe.

"This is the place where that Houndour egg was found." Gan knew right then that this was probably the hive that was robbed by those three rich boys.

Gan naturally wanted to deal a serious blow to this hive. The number of fatalities from Beedrill attacks in Viridian Forest was high. With those trainers from Pallet Town and Viridian City leaving soon, they may encounter some trouble.

Of course, Gan was doing this for their benefit. This was for EXP for the Pokemon that he wanted to use in the future. If he became the champion, he wanted to be able to exercise his options with different Pokemon.

"Let's get closer, I'm sure they won't detect the drone." Gan got closer while Pidgeotto remained on standby.

Gan wished he could detect how many Beedrill were inside this hive. He used the drone to better understand the surroundings.

"Oh, there appears to be a river close by. I can see Magikarp jumping out of it here and there." This river was probably their water source.

Gan's postulation was correct when he spotted a couple of Beedrill drinking from the river steam. He couldn't but wish he had bought more gadgets and essentials from the Team Rocket base.

Things such as drugs or knock-out gases, etc. Gan even thought of getting his hands on some explosives.

After understanding the terrain, he pulled back. Gan told Pidgeotto to come back because he wanted Gengar and Alakazam on the job.

Alakazam was good at detecting the number of hostiles in the nest. Gengar on the other hand—was capable of sneaking around the nest undetected.

Gan had to be present on the scene the under the guidance of Alakazam. With its help, Gan was able to sit in a decently safe location, for now.

Alakazam also told him that there were a total of 81 Beedrill in the hive. It also told him that there were a total of 31 eggs in the hive being guarded.

Gan's eyes widened, wasn't there a little too many of them? Would they leave the forest and attack a city or something?

Beedrill didn't have a long lifespan and evolved quickly. Their eggs also hatched fairly fast as well.

"If something bad does happen, they have those Rangers and Gym Leaders on stand-by for that." This wasn't Gan's job, but it was his job to get EXP.

Gengar snuck into the hive unnoticed. The hive was dark, but Beedrill had night vision and so did Gengar.

Gengar surveyed the nest under the guidance of Alakazam. Once Gan heard that there were eggs in the nest, he planned to take them all.

There was no doubt this would cause the Beedrill to rage madly. While Gengar and Alakazam were doing that, Gan had some of his Pokemon silently pick off some Beedrill.

Alakazam's estimate about the Beedrill number wasn't accurate because some were out venturing the forest.

Any Beedrill that came back, if they could—would be attacked and caught by Gan and company. Gan had purchased a good amount of Pokeballs, he had 70 of them left.

Gan had them in teams of two around the area, so if a Beedrill was alone he was fair game for them. Of course, these teams weren't too close to the nest or each other—in order to avoid a commotion.

The funny part was Gan gave his Pokemon Pokeballs to capture the defeated Pokemon. Each team had to have humanoid Pokemon, well, at least one that could throw Pokeballs.

Of course, there were some that were leaving and they wouldn't come back because they were attacked.

Meanwhile, Gengar had come into contact with the eggs in the nest. Eggs were worth so much more to Team Rocket than the actual Pokemon.

"I could get some serious Merit Points for these. I don't think they would be worth as much as they would be in Celedon." Gan planned to head straight to Celedon after his heist in Pewter—via helicopter.

Gan told Alakazam to have Gengar wait and to not touch the eggs yet. He continued to monitor the Beedrill hive for about an hour.

Any Beedrill that left within a certain range of the nest, or had managed to come back without confronting Gan's hidden Pokemon was attacked by Alakazam.

After doing this for an hour or so, Gan had Alakazam call his Pokemon over. While they coming to his location, Gan took out a few items he didn't get to use before.

"Ah, yes. I didn't get to use these Flash bangs and Stun grenades for the last heist. They should be good for this moment." Gan smiled and laid them all out on the ground for inspection.

The stun grenades were blue and silver, while the flash bangs were yellow and silver. Gan pulled out some tinted goggles, ear-muffled headphones, and a gas mask.

He was going to need these if he wanted to use these items. None of these items were marked with the R for Team Rocket, so it wouldn't be a problem anyway.

"Their numbers should have dwindled a bit, but nothing too significant. If I can decapacitate them for a while, this will make things easier on my Pokemon"

Gan had 10 stun and flash grenades each. Of course, he had 10 smoke bombs as well but he didn't believe that would be useful here.

Right then, Gan's Pokemon started to show up. They handed him the Pokeballs they used to capture the Beedrill they ambushed.

They had caught 12 Beedrill in total, which wasn't so big but good enough. He could also see that a few of them had leveled up by 1 to 2 levels.

Gligar was different, it leveled up by 4 levels.

"Nice! You guys might be able to become Pokemon trainers in the future." Gan said jokingly.

A few of his Pokemon blushed from the flattering words while some actually nodded seriously at the thought it.

Gan turned his attention to Dratini, who had been watching silently the whole time.

"Huh? How about you return to your Pokeball, you're just sitting around looking goofy." Gan gave Dratini a contemptuous gaze.

Dratini scrunched its face, it looked furious hearing Gan's words before shaking its head. It didn't want to be put in its Pokeball and wanted to be a part of this plan. At least, this was what Gan was told by Alakazam.

"Whatever, do whatcha want but don't get in our way, or else," Gan warned Dratini.

Dratini scoffed but silently agreed.

The Beedrill nest was underground and they would come out of a single large hole. This was very wasp and hornet-like in nature for them to do.

Gan explained the plan to his Pokemon before he made his move.

"Alright, Alakazam, give Gengar the order to snatch all of the eggs." It was time to get this over with and earn some EXP.


-Beedrill Hive

Alakazam waited for the Beedrill queen to go away for a bit before telling Gengar.

Gengar's mouth extended into a horrifying sight. This sight resembled Gigantamax Gengar but it was worse due to its size not being so large.

Gengar proceeded to put all of these eggs into its mouth at lightning speeds. Alakazam told her to hurry because the 'Queen Beedrill' only left the eggs unattended for a short while.

Soon Gengar was done, but right as she was leaving Gengar was discovered.


The 'Beedrill Queen' completely lost it and went to attack Gengar, but she quickly escaped. Alakazam told Gan what had happened, but Gan wasn't worried since this is what he wanted.


-Outside The Hive

"Everyone, prepare to attack on my orders." Gan prepared a few stun and flash grenades.

Suddenly, the hive was in motion and a commotion was stirring. Dratini looked on with wide eyes and even seemed worried about what was to come.

Gan gave Dratini a side glance and smirked before reverting his attention back to the Beedrill hole.

"They're here!" Alakazam spoke through the minds of everyone present.

There must have been 40 to 50 of them shooting out of the den-like hole in the ground. Their eyes were red with rage, and some of them were abnormally larger.

Gan wasted no time and quickly unpinned two flash grenades. Afterward, he called out to his Pokemon to close their eyes.

The flash bangs were tossed into the large crowd of Beedrill. They had been in the dark for a while, so they weren't used to the light yet. Even so, this would still cause them temporary blindness.

On top of not getting used to the darkness, their eyes were sharper than ever from anger. The flashbang detonated, which caused every last one of them to stumbled mid-flight.

The flashbang overloaded their light receptors, which caused pain and temporary blindness. This also caused one to lose balance, which was happening in real time.

Most of these Beedrill fell out of the sky, but more kept coming out of the hive! Gan tossed 3 stun grenades at the floored Beedrill. All at once, he tossed another 2 flashbangs at the Beedrill coming out of the hive, the ones who had yet to be affected and floored them.

"Attack as intended, everyone!" Gan hurriedly said while pointing strongly at the abundance of Beedrill littering the ground.

Nidoking and Nidoqueen were among the few who totally resisted Beedrill. Gan had told them that they didn't have to worry about Beedrill since it was walled for days.

Unless it was running Drill Run, then there was no chance.

Despite this, they still attacked using Thunderbolt. Most of his Pokemon used their special attacks if they had one. However, those that didn't have these moves—they just attacked up close and in person.

Gan was surprised, these Beedrill had levels between 24 to 29, which was quite high. He spotted a few 3-stars among them as well.

Alakazam was able to take out multiple targets with ease, they simply couldn't take a hit from it. Gengar appeared and joined the fight as well.

Gan tossed Pokeball after Pokeball. There was no way he could sell these to Pewter City Branch. He basically flooded the Pewter City base market with Beedrill, so they wouldn't go for very high.

Gan summoned Ekans throughout this whole ordeal and had it join the fight. He quickly explained to it what was going on. Gan had summoned it before, so they were familiar with each other.


|Name: Ekans♂

|Type: Poison

|Level: 20

|Ability: Intimidate

|Potential: ★★★★★


|Moves: Wrap| Leer| Poison Sting| Bite| Glare| Screech| Acid| Poison Fang[S]| Bulldoze[S]| Beat Up[S]|


Gan continued to catch the best of the Beedrill he could.

Of course, he didn't want to completely dry up the Beedrill population. That wouldn't be good for the environment, even if the Beedrill were annoying and problematic.

Gan watched as many of his Pokemon leveled up steadily. The higher-in-level Pokemon took time to reach the next level but still pulled through.

Surprisingly, Dratini joined the fight. Gan nodded slowly with a smile across his face, he was hoping for this reaction.

Gan was still constantly throwing Pokeballs. Time passed and no more Beedrill came out, but by this point, Gan was a bit tired.

Right then, a trio of Beedrill came out of the nest.

One of them had a light around its body, which indicated that it was a 4-star!

"The Beedrill queen, huh?" Gan said as his vision focused on the Beedrill in the middle.

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