93 Beedrill Nest!

Seeing Viridian Forest, Gan felt a rush of emotions. It almost seemed like a dream, those tall trees, tall green grass, and the large bushes that may or may not have berries growing on them.

This place almost felt like his backyard, but there were still places here that needed to be explored. Gan set off deeper into the forest, he was already familiar with this place without the use of a map.

Gan summoned his Pokemon because he was going to need them. For Gan, it was best to have his Pokemon out at all times when in dangerous areas.

The Pokemon he summoned were the starter trio and Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto had the overall advantage in this forest, so it was the best choice in Gan's book.

The trio looked around happily, Gan surmised that this was just their natural reaction to being together.

"We're going to train you three in order for you to evolve. Pidgeotto, you'll also receive some training, so keep watch."


Gan began to divide them both into teams for their next fight. Charmander and Squirtle would fight together, while Bulbasaur would fight alongside Pidgeotto.

Gan did this because Charmander had a higher level. He also grouped Charmander and Squirtle because if a Pokemon went up in flames, Squirtle could resolve it.

The same was for Pidgeotto and Bulbasaur to a degree. Pidgeotto had an advantage here like Charmander and it was of a higher level. Bulbasaur didn't fair well here, this was especially so because of the aroma the pod on its back gave off.

This would attract Beedrill, Butterfree, Pinsir, and Heracross if they were around. Heracorss was the worse, it would come running the minute it caught wind of a Bulbasaur.

Gan and his Pokemon crept through the thick tall grass. Eventually, Gan looked up and spotted several Metapod hanging the treetops.

[1-star Metapod LV7]

[2-star Metapod LV8]

[1-star Metapod LV7]

[1-star Metapod LV7]

[2-star Metapod LV9]

The number of Metapod hanging from this particular tree was astounding. Gan wasn't sure if Charmander would be able to get enough EXP.

Squirtle and Charmander went on the attack under Gan's orders. The group of Metapod was already watching them, but their eyes widened when they became targets.

Dragon Rage took them all out in one hit. This move was just too powerful against low Hp targets. Squirtle didn't even get a chance to do much, but it had managed to deal great damage to the Metapod with Water Pulse.

Metapod fell from the tree one after another, they didn't have a chance. Gan didn't even need to use a fire-type move.

Metapod gave decent EXP for Pokemon like Squirtle, and with so many defeated—it leveled up. While he was evolving, they were attacked by a group of angry Butterfree.

[2-star Butterfree LV13]

[1-star Butterfree LV11]

[3-star Butterfree LV15]

[1-star Butterfree LV10]

[2-star Butterfree LV12]

Gan could tell they were angry due to their radiant red eyes. This was his best opportunity, so Gan had Bulbasaur join the fight hurriedly.

Vine Whip!

Dragon Rage!

By this point, Squirtle had turned into a Wartortle. Gan ordered Wartortle to back away, so the glory could be given to Bulbasaur.

The battle continued for a bit because the group of Butterfree dodged many attacks. However, in the end, they were ultimately defeated by Charmander.

Butterfree gave a lot of EXP for Pokemon like Bulbasaur, who was at LV15. Charmander was no different, after defeating so many Pokemon, it manage to level up.


|Name: Wartortle♂

|Type: Water

|Level: 16

|Ability: Torrent

|Potential: ★★★★

|Nature: Modest

|Moves: Tackle| Tail Whip| Water Gun| Rapid Spin| Withdraw| Bite| Water Pulse| Aura Sphere[E]| Shell Smash[S]| Icy Wind[TM]|


|Name: Ivysaur♂

|Type: Grass + Poison

|Level: 16

|Ability: Overgrown

|Potential: ★★★

|Nature: Modest

|Moves: Tackle| Growl| Vine Whip| Poison Powder| Sleep Powder| Take Down| Leech Seed|


|Name: Charmeleon♂

|Type: Fire

|Level: 23

|Ability: Blaze

|Potential: ★★★

|Nature: Timid

|Moves: Growl| Scratch| Ember| Smoke Screen| Dragon Rage| Dragon Breath| Fire Fang|


"Hahaha, one battle caused everyone to level up! Wasn't it a little too easy?" Gan thought about his past battle with an army of Beedrill.

"Butterfree and Beedrill give good EXP!" Gan made sure to capture the Metapod and Butterfree.

Even though they probably won't be worth many Merit Points, they were worth something. It was still early in the morning, so Gan ventured off into Zone One.

On his way, he caught many Weedle since he wanted to get Merit for them at the Celedon Branch. Weedle was a poison pokemon and would make a good starter for some Team Rocket members.

The Celedon Branch was desperately in need of more starter Pokemon. This was part of why certain branches such as the Celedon Branch won't recruit.

Gan got fortunate and happened to be a part of the last batch of recruits.

"Here we are, this is Zone one." Gan had the newly evolved trio out following him—along with Pidgeotto.

"Pidgeotto, go search around and see what you can find. If you run into anything or any trouble, come back immediately." Gan wanted to approach this situation differently, instead of investigating himself.


Pidgeotto flew off into the distance as Gan and company remained on standby. Gan couldn't help but analyze the trio closely. His gaze landed on Wartortle because among the starters of Kanto; this evolutionary line was his favorite.

Gan suddenly made a decision, he was going to add Blastoise to his Main team. Thinking of this, he summoned another Pokemon.


Drowzee's fingers moved strangely, it was actually a really good but short Pokemon. This Pokemon evolved early and it was also a Pokemon close to its next stage.


|Name: Drowzee♀

|Type: Psychic

|Level: 23

|Ability: Insomnia

|Potential: ★★★

|Nature: Bashful

|Moves: Pound| Hypnosis| Disable| Confusion| Headbutt| Poison Gas| Meditate| Nightmare[TT]|


Gan nodded, Drowzee evolved at 25 or 26 from what he could remember. He told Drowzee about the situation since Gan's face and the environment around it were something new.

Gan stated that he was his new trainer and that he was here to train with him. Drowzee looked around before turning to Gan and nodding expressionlessly.

Suddenly, Gan heard a rustle in a bush close by and was alarmed by it. Everyone turned to the bush preparing for a possible fight until the Pokemon appeared.

It was a Weedle.


Gan shook his head and quickly analyzed the little guy, expecting nothing.


|Name: Weedle♂

|Type: Bug + Poison

|Level: 3

|Ability: Shield Dust

|Potential: ★★⭑

|Nature: Jolly

|Moves: Poison Sting| String Shot|


"Wait a minute!" Gan looked closely, why was the last star smaller than the first two?

"Could it be a star that hasn't fully formed? Like a half star possibly?" He had never seen this before since he arrived in this world.

Gan had Drowzee deal with it by putting it to sleep before capturing it.

"I'll find out what it means when I visit the Team Rocket base in Pewter City." This was an interesting discovery for Gan.

Gan gazed at Drowzee and nodded before summoning Dratini. Dratini called out its name before gazing around the forest.

Of course, it had already sensed Gan and the rest here, but this environment was to its liking.

"Dratini, from today onward, I'm your new trainer. We're here in this forest to train, so things may get a little intense soon."

Gan was blunt and upfront. He knew very that Dratini absolutely understood everything he was saying and feeling.

Dratini looked Gan right in the eye and blinked in quick succession. It was almost as if it was giving him a 'who the hell do you think you are to order me around' look!

'This guy!' Gan frowned. Dratini was clearly indifferent to what Gan was saying—even being nonchalant about his words.

'So you wanna play hardball, huh?' Gan smiled in his heart. Of course, it was to be expected for this Dratini to have some arrogance to it.

I mean, just look at it! This thing was broken and it seemed aware of its value.


Dratini harrumphed in a somewhat haughty manner before turning around with eyes closed arrogantly.

Veins appeared on Gan foreheard, but he held in his anger.

"I advise you not to act so arrogantly and train diligently or you will be left behind by everyone else. After that, you'd be nothing more than a snake thing who could only be beaten black and dark blue."

Gan scoffed. If Dratini didn't listen to him, then he would have to resort to drastic measures.

Dratini didn't listen and still kept its head turned and held high with confidence. Gan didn't give Dratini any more attention, this guy might even be feeding on it.

He waited for about five more minutes when Pidgeotto returned. Gan had summoned Alakazam to understand what Pidgeotto was saying.

Apparently, there was a huge Beedrill colony deep in Zone one. Pidgeotto stated that there was a 'quote on quote' [Beedrill Queen] running the large colony.

Every now and then, a Beedrill drone worker would leave while some were in the midst of returning. Pidgeotto had to be careful since it was nearly discovered, but it notice the hive before that could happen.

"There's actually a Beedrill Queen?" This wasn't a surprise to Gan, but if it established itself as a Queen—then it must be a 4-star, right?

The only reason Pidgeotto knew there was a queen—was because he heard a group of Beedrill speaking highly of the queen and her talent.

"This is like a real-life scenario. This is going to be dangerous, should I plot and fight against the Beedrill?"

The amount of EXP he could gain should be really high. And if Gan's speculation was right about the Beedrill Queen being a 4-star, it should be worth it.

Gan thought about it and even asked Alakazam, who thought it was a good idea. With a nod, Gan decided to hit up one final assault on Beedrill.

With the fact that he'd be facing so many Beedrill, Gan was going to need some help. Gan thought for a moment and decided who he was going to use in this battle.

Growlithe, Gengar, Alakazam, Koffing, Graveler, Rhyhorn, Pidgeotto, Charmeleon, Ivysaur, Wartortle, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Both Nidos, and surprisingly, Gligar.

Gan didn't plan to use Gligar like that, at least not as a main. He wanted to use Gligar for this situation since it was immune to poison and all of Beedrill's stabbed moves.

Gan also wanted to use Gligar to fight Lt. Surge later down the line.

Though Gan had a rule against this, this Pokemon was already in his hands and it was perfect for Surge. There was no way Gan could let it sit there when he could take full control over Surge with it.

This wasn't some sort of Nuzlocke playthrough.

It was likely that Surge had some hidden trump card to deal with those pesky Ground types.

Say, for example, a Grass Knot Raichu, maybe?

Once they were summoned Gan explained what he wanted to do. Most of them were confused about sudden events, while some who had experienced the battle of the past, understood.

Gan didn't have a plan, he needed to scout first. He wasn't confident in his stealth ability, so he could only use his Team Rocket Spy Fly Drone.

"Hmm, what about that guy, he seems full of himself." Alakazam turned to Dratini, who was watching all along. It looked surprised when it saw all of the Pokemon Gan had summoned.

Gan sneered and said. "Don't worry about him, he insisted on being arrogant and haughty—let him stay weak while everyone else grows."

"....." Alakazam nodded, but he knew Gan was only downplaying his words and didn't mean it.

Gan was Telekinetically lifted into a tree by Alakazam for the high ground. Afterward, he took out his drone and gave it to Pidgeotto to take to the location.

This would speed things up since he wouldn't have to figure out the location himself. This was also because Pidgeotto was faster.

"I have somewhat of an idea of what I want to do." Gan stroked his chin with confidence as stared at Pidgeotto's dissapearing figure.

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