17 Tournament's End 2/4!

Diana sat off to the side and waited for her turn to come again. As time passed on, the match came to a close and it was her turn. Diana's opponent was a girl named Lana, she had long blue hair and eyes. She had a cold expression, but nonetheless, she was a really pretty girl with delicate features.

"Let's rumble!" Lana sent out her duo of pokemon, she had a Tangela and Stantler.

The match started between the two and it was intense right off the bat. After a long and drawn-out battle, Diana finally gained the advantage and defeated Lana, just barely. Lana's Stantler was a challenge to deal with due to its Speed and the move Confuse Ray, which didn't miss.

Diana's heart was racing the whole time during the battle, and her blood pumping like never before. Lana's expression fell when she lost, she was certain she could win with speed and Confuse Ray.

With Pidgeot's Tangled Feet ability, it became troublesome to hit. Not to mention that it was flying type, thus, it was hard to catch.

Lana sighed deeply, with this loss she wouldn't enter the top Ten. However, she could fight for the eleventh placement. Both Diana and Lana shook hands, from Diana's explanation, her hands were just as sweaty as hers.

For Diana's last match, she wanted to pick her own team this time. Her position in the top Ten was secured already, so she was less tense.

Diana's opponent was a boy named Ike. Ike had red spiky hair and blue eyes, he wore casual brown pants and a red long-sleeved shirt.

The referee announced the match to begin, this was Diana's last match.

"Time to shine!" Ike sent out his doubles squad, as did Diana—all at once.

Ike sent out a Hypno and Kingler, while Diana sent out a Ponyta and a Charmeleon. With that, the battle commenced. Unfortunately, Roy had to go to the restroom, so he left to take a quick restroom break.

Roy hurried back as fast as he could but by this point, the battle had escalated to its climax. As one might have guessed, Kingler was a threat. It also had the move Swords Dance, but it didn't have its signature move—Crabhammer.

Though Kingler had the type advantage and was considered a problem, Hypno was worse. It knew Psychic and the move Mind Read, which made it hard to hit, it could even predict the foe's movements to some degree.

The battle ended soon with Diana losing, but she did manage to take down Kingler in the process. However, this didn't matter, a loss was still a loss, no matter how close it was.

Diana was placed in 10th place. With her placement solidified, she was to be sent a special letter through mail containing some instructions. The estimated time she would receive the letter through the mail was within 2-3 days tops.

Diana was not at all sad about her loss, instead, she was fueled by it. She couldn't wait to pick her pokemon, items, and other rewards to start her journey.

Shortly after, Roy and his family left the Colosseum. They didn't bother staying to watch the other placement battles.

"Diana, that was an amazing performance, you did good! You've made it into the top ten, so you'll be able to get that Pokedex you always wanted!" Diane had been nearly on the verge of tears from joy, she had such talented and amazing kids.

"It's all thanks to Roy, he picked out my first 2 teams. Roy, how did you do it?" Diana turned to Roy with a smile and asked curiously.

"I have the hands of fate and fortune, what can I say?" Roy smiled mysteriously and said. He would never say what it really was to them unless he had to or the situation allowed it. However, he would surely never speak of his ability to see statuses for what they were.

"Haha, hands of fate and fortune, yeah right!" Troy and Diana laughed at Roy's sarcastic claim.

Roy's mother went to the Supermarket to buy some groceries, she wanted to celebrate Diana's victory. They all grabbed snacks, beverages, and other tasty treats, they even grabbed a whole packaged Farfetch'd to roast.

"Mom, let's not celebrate. We should wait until the tournament ends to celebrate us making it into the top ten." Diana thought about it and figured that this would be the best option.

"That works just perfectly, this is especially so because your dad gets off work early tomorrow." Diane was just too excited about her daughter making it into the top ten like her sons. She could even gloat about it later to the neighborhood women.

Diane decided to grab something else for everyone to eat and save the Farfetch'd for tomorrow. Once they were home, Diane saw that they had 3 missed calls, which came from Diana's friend—Mira.

While Diane went to the kitchen to cook up something, Diana called her friend back. Roy and Troy went to the front room and started playing video games.

The game was called Ultimate Pokemon Fighters 2!


"Oh, you're using Lucario, well, I'll use Charizard then." Troy had lost to Roy several times in the game, in fact, he had yet to beat him. This game reminded Roy of street fighters and Mortal Kombat, you had to hit combos to really beat someone down.

And Roy was really good in those games back in his world.

Roy kicked and punched but Troy only blocked and usually tried to grab people.

"Haha, gotcha, I'll win this time." Troy celebrated, he kept spamming Air Slash and grabbing when Roy got close.

"It's over!" Troy's eyes lit up.

Suddenly, Roy landed a hit, followed by another hit into a combo, which knocked him up. Roy proceeded to juggle him in the air for a bit before landing Lucario's Ultimate move after the combo!

"Witness the Power of the Aura!" Lucario powered up a large blast of blue Aura and launched it at Charizard. Charizard's eyes widened in shock before being hit; as a large overexaggerated explosion took place—causing Charizard's health bar to pummel and even explode on the screen.

"No!" Troy cried out in grief, he was so close!

"How the heck do you do combos like that?" Troy had practiced in practice mode, but he still found them to put to use during actual battles.

"Practice, it's all about practice." Roy was already adept at these types of games, so he could catch on quickly to the gameplay.

"Ah, rematch but with round this time. I won't lose so easily once I pick my tryhard character Infernape."

"Hehe, okay." Roy continued to play video games with Troy until their dad got home. Of course, they play co-op games as well.

Diana talked to her friend most of the time on the phone. Afterward, she came to join Roy and Troy to play some video games.

"Diana, my girl, you made it into the top ten! Come and give me a hug!" Royce walked into the living with uncontainable joy.

"Haha, oh, dad." Diana got up and hugged her dad while shaking her head with a smile. Her dad was something else, she thought.

Time passed and dinner was ready, so everyone gathered and ate. Troy was pumped for tomorrow's match.

Royce could only wish them the best when they fought in the tournament tomorrow. By this point, the placements had been solidified. The only ones left were the people in the top eight, it was the last day.

Eventually, Roy finished up his food and went to his room. He got ready to take a shower, but started he started working out first; both his arms and legs.

After getting out of the shower, he gazed over the three types of Poke balls sitting on his desk. With a sigh, he cut off the lights and laid down before falling asleep.

Roy slept well, he dreamed often when he went to sleep. The next day arrived quickly, their tournament was to start at 12:00 Pm.

Roy got up at 9:00 Am and went to the kitchen because he could smell breakfast. He hated waking up so early, but today was a special day. Once his journey had begun, he definitely wouldn't wake up so early like this.

Roy ate breakfast immediately, which consisted of eggs, bacon, and toast. Brushing his teeth, he got dressed; that's when his brother got up and did the same thing. Royce told his sons to do their best and to give it their all before leaving to work.

"Guys, I hope you both can make it in the top three—that would be amazing." Diana was hopeful. She was aware that these top eight kids were going to be tough to deal with.

"We'll try, this isn't a guarantee." Troy was going to go all out this time.

"....." Roy nodded. He would try, but getting in the top three wasn't guaranteed.

"Good, good, I can't wait to watch and see." Diana rubbed her handed together with a grin.

"Alright, guys, it's time to go. It's 11:00 Am. They want you guys there by 11:30 so you can ready up beforehand." Diana grabbed her keys and walked outside to the car.

The colosseum was ten minutes away, they walked inside and in typical fashion guided to the back.

Once everyone was gathered, the head staff membered explained. "If you watched in person yesterday or from your television at home, then you know the battles have changed."

The Staff membered relayed what Roy already knew beforehand. There wasn't a single surprised person, they seemed to have expected.

"Alright, there isn't much changed besides that. You're to pick two pokemon and that's all. You confirm your pokemon and check it afterward."

"You guys may choose your pokemon; may fortune shining on you all." After saying this; the head of staff turned and exited the room.

Roy didn't stand on ceremony and walked over to pick his pokemon. Everyone here was looking at each other with unfriendly gazes. Roy couldn't bother with this and hurried to pick his pokemon.

Roy decided and picked his two pokemon for battle. After confirming his pokemon, he went to the room to have a look at them.

Once he summoned them, he found that it was an Arbok and Sneasel. Roy carefully inspected the two, but he was honestly hoping for a Weezing instead of Arbok.


<Species: Arbok♂

<Type: Poison

<Level: 50

<Nature: Jolly

<Aptitude: Shallow Green 🟢

<Ability: Intimidate

<Moves: Crunch, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Leer, Wrap, Bite, Glare, Screech, Acid, Acid Spray, Sludge Bomb, Gastro Acid, Poison Jab[TM], Dig[TM]. Hyper Beam[TM],


<Species: Sneasel♀

<Type: Dark + Ice

<Level: 50

<Nature: Rash

<Aptitude: Shallow Green 🟢

<Ability: Keen Eye

<Moves: Scratch, Leer, Icy Wind, Beat Up, Taunt, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Metal Claw, Hone Claws, Agility, Night Slash, Ice Punch[TM], Mega Punch[TM], Brick Break[TM],


'Nice! This duo looks amazing. I can't wait to put them to work!' Roy smirked and thought.

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