Pokemon: The Cult Leader System

Alex, A Hard-core Pokemon fan who have watched every season, movie and even hent*i of pokemon somehow get reincarnated as Ash ketchup just the day before his journey starts. Oh and, he also got a cult leader system that let him make a harem cult of his own. With such legendary system, what will he do? Of course, he will fulfill his childhood dream— To Make the biggest harem in whatever way possible and be the strongest. ### This will be wishfulfillment! ### Conform Believer's Number: 16 ### This is only for the strong hearted as there will be a lot of fucked up things presented in the story. The Main Character, Ash (alex) will be Chaotic evil from the start and the reason? no reason causes just want to fulfill everything he want to do without any hindrance so, if you don't like such protagonists, then This is not for you and even after this, you spam review saying he's unreasonably evil then I'll delete it. ### ### A/N: Hey there, smut lovers! Want to get your hands on more of my steamy stories and support my dirty habit? For just the price of a coffee, you can unlock a whole new level of erotic entertainment and become a VIP member of my smut empire. Here's what your hard-earned dollars will get you: Advance chapters: Be the first to know what kinky adventures await. Early access means you get to satisfy your cravings before anyone else. Exclusive content: I'll be crafting bonus scenes and alternate endings that only your horny eyes will see. It might even get so hot that I can't post it anywhere else! Special treats: From custom wallpapers to sexy fan art, I'll be throwing in some extra goodies from time to time to keep you coming back for more. So, what are you waiting for? For just the price of a cup of coffee, you can keep my vibrator charged and my fingers typing up a storm. Join now, and let's take this relationship to the next level!! P.S. This is our little secret, so shhh... Now click that support button and let's make things even steamier. A.P.S. There are already 10 people who have joined the empire!! So go and get your seat because your dear author is throwing a lot of 4k NSFW images of your favorite waifus today. Oh, and you can also request any waifu's NSFW images only for you and not for anybody else!! Shh... join now, you horny pricks! Link: buymeacoffee.com/GodlyMadara

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Chapter 11: Second Believer

"It's okay if I put it in right?" I said with a small grin as I look at her horny expression on her face which clearly shows that she want it in right now but I just want to make her even more eager and horny.

"Y-yes," she said, looking at me lustfully.

"What? What do you want?" I said, feigning ignorance a I innocently look at her as she bit her lips.

"I-i want you to put your dick inside me." She muttered in a low voice, barely heardable.

"What?" I said even though i could heard it well.

"I-i want you to put your dick inside me and ravage me!! " She said, shouting with a embarrassed face with her cheeks being hella red.

"Okay!!" I said as I fully entered my whole dick inside her as her eyes rolled back from the pleasure she just got.

"You're really tight huh!" I said, feeling my dick being wrapped inside her dick.

She didn't say anything but just her red face was enough to make her horny as i start to move my dick in and out of her pussy.

*Pat *Pat *Pat *Pat *Pat

Sounds of flesh colliding with eachother could be heard as I pound my dick inside Delia who just moaned with her eyes being rolled back, small tear dropping from her eyes with her tounge outside, making the famous ahegao face which just excite me even more as i move even faster.

"Ah~ ah~ Ah~~~" She moaned as I continue to pound inside her, reaching up to her womb.


After 10 minutes, I felt that I was reaching my limit so, I grabbed her hips and said.

"I'm about to cum! Can I cum inside?" I said, looking at her ahegao face.

"Y-yes, today's mommy's safe day so, you can cum inside as many time as you want" she said while moaning.

"Okay!!" I said as I shoot out my cum inside her pussy for another 40 second, filling up her womb.

As she huff because she was exhausted, i didn't let her rest as I positioned her in cowgirl, having her ass up to my face while her face to the other side.

"Don't think it's finished yet. I'm still hard as fuck, so you gotta help me out." I said as I entered her ass wirh my dick.

"AHH~" She let out a deep moan as I entered her tight ass.

"Woah, you're really tight inside your ass. Is it perhaps your first time being penetrate in your ass??" I said, feeling my dick being swallowed by a black hole.

"Y-yeah, " she said, her whole face being beet red.

"Woah then that means I'm going to be the one to take your anal virginity." I said as start moving in out.

"Ah~~ y-yes" she said, letting out a deep moan.

"Damn!" I said as i started to go faster.


That night, I didn't let her rest even one bit as I keep trying out new positions like missionary, 69, cowgirl, crossed legged etc that we keep doing till it was 1 am in the midnight and only after that did I finally sleep, while Delia snuggled with me on the bed.


As I woke up feeling my chest being quite heavy, I looked at it and noticed Delia resting her head in my chest.

"Damn, It still amaze how people can change after their sexual interaction "I said as I look at the sleeping Delia who had a smile on her face like she was in the arm of her husband.

As I let her rest on my chest while I look at the ceiling, i heard a ding sound in my head.

[Ding, Congratulations host on acquiring another Believer. To reward you, you have been granted the skill "X100 Exp"]

"Wait what?" I said after seeing the skill name as from what I guessed, with it, my pokemons can gain 100% Exp from a battle.

"What can it do?" I said, having the feeling that it had rhe same function as what I guessed.

[Your pokemons will get 100% Exp after defeating another pokemon.]

"But isn't it too overpowered?like I can get a salamance even before my first gym battle by just defeating a lot of noobies?" I said, feeling that the system was being too generous.

[The host of the cult leader system should be overpowered and unmatched.]

"Damn system, you really are the best." I said with a smile as I expressed my feeling to the system. (No system-becoming-lover shit)

[I appreciate it host.]

"Hmm" as finished talking to the system, Delia also woke up at the same time as she rubbed her eyes.

"What time is it? Hubby?" She said, calling me hubby which greatly confused me as well as excite me.

'Just one night and she already forgot about her disappeared husband, damn! Guess i can't do anything about it but deep down, I know I loved it.' I thought with a huge grin.

"It is 6am in the morning, "Dear"" I said, using the same kind of word she used as she cough a little and then she walked out of the bed and head to freshened up while still naked.

"Ah, i should also freshened up and then have a talk with her before heading to my journey " I said as I stretched out my arms and then head to the bathroom where I took a quick shower to clear up the dirt from yesterday's crazy night and then wore my standard clothes that I wore the day before yesterday.


"We need to talk." I said as Delia came quickly to my side and sat on the opposite of the bed.

"What is it?"

"I'll be heading to my journey." I said.

"So early? I thought you'll stay for breakfast." She said, feeling a bit sad.

"Yeah, i just want to ask if you also wanna come with me."

"N-no, I don't think I'll be able to as I have lots of work to do here and beside i'll just be a burden " she said.

"Are you sure, you won't be a burden to me ever."


"Okay" I said as I stood up.

'System, does women's who become my Believer have utmost loyalty toward me?' I said, feeling that the dirty bitchy Oak might try to rape my women.

[Ding yes, you don't have to worry about green hats.]

[If some ever try to even attempt rape, their dick will be cut off by the system, I assure you host.]

"Damn, that's system." I said, breathing out a sigh of relieve before taking my bag that daisy prepared yesterday and then head to the outskirt of the Pallet Town where I waited for some time before daisy arrived with her backpack.


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