1 Chapter 1 Crossing and an Unconventional History Lesson

"Tomorrow you will receive your Pokemon eggs from the school and take your first step towards becoming Pokemon trainers. Of course getting a Pokemon opens up a plethora of other Pokejobs and occupations such as breeders, researchers, doctors, presenters and even actors. However, all that is for the future. Over the next two months, you will need to hatch and bond with your Pokemon. The final term, come September will be composed entirely of the practical application of what you have learnt until now. Of course, the lucky ones can go intern with the well-known corporations and trainers registered with the alliance."

The teacher stood on the podium addressing the young students in front of him. He wore a black sleeveless jacket and his massive arms were covered in tattoos. The least aggressive thing about him was his Cubone Cross-Bones themed T-Shirt that seemed two sizes too small for him.

The students did not seem to mind the peculiarity of the teacher's fashion choices and just chattered excitedly. However, in the back of the class, a boy couldn't care less about the chattering because he had much bigger concerns at the moment.

Faust Williamson had not had a good day. Tests, mobile notifications, pocket money, social obligations, assignments and a girlfriend. College life was not treating him the way he expected it to. Finally, he had somehow made it back to his bed and fallen asleep. Just like every day for the past 3 months.

Now he had woken up in the middle of a classroom he had never been in before, with people he had never seen, a splitting headache and a teacher who looked like a Bratva Enforcer.

Before he could react to any of it, he felt a sharp pain and a stream of foreign memories entered his mind. A few moments later the pain receded and Faust just lay his head on the desk and stared ahead in a daze.

'I have crossed over! All those times I made wishes on shooting stars came true. However, this does not seem to be any of the words I have read about.'

Faust had taken over the body of a seventeen year old high school student who was also called Faust. He learned from the memories of the former occupant of the body that this planet was called Aquamarine. It had been very similar to Earth but three hundred years ago the rifts appeared.

At first, no one noticed these rifts but these rifts let out a strange form of energy and bathed the entire planet in this energy. This energy meddled with the basic physical laws and the biochemical processes of the planet and its inhabitants.

Humans began evolving in subtle ways such as recovering from supposedly incurable illnesses and even their physical capabilities were enhanced. The life expectancy rose to 100 years in a very short time.

The natural fauna of the planet grew larger and more intelligent. Some species that were declared extinct returned in large numbers.

The planet as a whole recovered. Entire ecosystems were rejuvenated and rebirthed. Climate change was almost reversed overnight and proper seasonal cycles began. Forests grew denser and the water became much cleaner.

At this point, the changes could not be ignored and thus began extensive research. Aquamarine's best scientists came together and they discovered the rifts. However, nothing could be made sense of. The rifts subverted all the understanding humanity had of space and time.

These rifts were hailed as God's miracle and proof of his benevolence. Just as humanity had settled in and the rifts had been forgotten, disaster struck.

Humanity suddenly realized that their technology and common everyday devices like smartphones, televisions and the like were malfunctioning. Soon the problems became worse. Satellites fell out of orbit, trains derailed and airplanes crashed. Electricity had become dampened as if something was choking it. It became difficult to produce electricity for use. The internet and the global communication systems collapsed.

The following century was chaotic but even through this humans prevailed and adapted to the changes. Against all odds humanity managed to get its communication systems online, send up new satellites and establish order in a new era.

This is what the people called it. The New Era. A time of such technological advancement that had not been seen in the many centuries of human existence. The Alliance for Technological Cooperation and Development was formed as an intergovernmental organization dedicated to understanding the world as it now had evolved and ensured that humanity would not be caught off guard against another crisis.

Then it happened. Countless rifts abruptly opened and strange creatures capable of breathing fire, spewing water, raising sandstorms and other fantastical capabilities poured out. They caused widespread devastation and destruction. Humans who died numbered in billions.

Cold or hot weapons, nothing worked on these monsters. Humans had to abandon cities and hide. The creatures that came later were immensely powerful capable of raising continents and separating seas. And they did.

People reported seeing giant dragons and terrifying creatures of the dark. Some people said a few of the monsters spoke to them in their heads. Others spoke of a battle of the land and sea as two creatures one red and one blue caused catastrophic earthquakes and devastating tsunamis.

Continents were reshaped and the entire geography of the world altered. Humans had barely managed to survive for the fifty years that followed the 'Break-Out'. Humans had been reduced to merely a third of the previous numbers and even now they fought to survive.

A hundred and fifty years from the day the first rift appeared humans had finally been driven to a point of desperation. In this misery and desperation, a few humans managed to enter the rifts and return alive. They did not come back empty-handed. They brought back with them Pokemon eggs and even Pokeballs.

The Alliance for Technological Cooperation and Development was more than happy to have these things. They knew these were the eggs of those terrible creatures and with this, they could experiment to find a weakness. What they did not expect was the newborn Pokemon were not aggressive at all. They exhibited dependence and were extremely protective of their trainers.

From then on out the tide changed. The first group of trainers emerged and learnt to use Pokemon to fight off the Pokemon. As a result, humans were able to not only withstand but also take back the territories that had been overrun by Pokemon.

The subsequent decades were filled with strife and tense battles. However, the wild Pokemon retreated and allowed humans to establish new cities and towns. The Alliance for Technological Cooperation and Development emerged as the organising and administrative force. At some point, it established a governmental system and came to be known simply as the Alliance.

To administrate effectively, the Alliance formed four regions named after the four cardinal directions. Each region developed from just military bases and research laboratories into large and thriving cities. Gradually as time passed four major cities emerged along with hundreds of smaller cities, towns and villages.

As humans stepped out of the shadows of ruin and began to thrive Pokemon became an integral part of life. Schools, colleges and academies dedicated to Pokemon training and related professions were created. New generations of breeders, researchers, trainers and leaders took over ushering in the Pokemon era.

As Faust examined the memories of the original owner of the body he couldn't help but marvel at the resilience of the human race. It took them a little less than a century to adapt and thrive in a dangerous world where death was common and an accepted fate.

Just as he was about to look through the personal memories of the body a sharp jet of water intended to 'wake' him up hit him in the face.

Looking up he saw a Squirtle next to the teacher on the podium and was finally woken up by the question of the teacher.

"Mister Williamson...would be kind enough to share your dreams for the future?"

Faust sat up straight and looked around. He then looked at the teacher and with an innocent look on his face said, "Me?"

The class burst out laughing and Faust looked at the teacher. He could swear he heard the sound of knuckles cracking as the teacher looked at him with a furious expression on his face.

Just as he was about to do as asked and not anger the teacher anymore, he saw a pale blue screen next to the Squirtle. When he saw what was written on it his eyes widened and he couldn't help but exclaim, "Is that my Golden Finger!?"

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