19 Training

Cinder's Pokedex beeped.

"Wait for a minute, guys." Cinder informed his team, the sheep and the tadpole were overly enthusiastic about their training, and was eagerly looking forward to their battle against Brock, the Gym Leader.

He opened the Pokedex and clicked upon the 'Messages' Icon. When he opened it, he saw that one of his contacts, 'Dom', replied to the message he earlier sent. He opened it up with a press, and then began to read.

[Really!? We're at the Poke Mart right now, my sister had a few things to buy which she mentioned, was absolutely necessary. Where are you now? We'll come to where you are at after we're done.]

Cinder's smile widened, and then he replied with. [Exactly 2 blocks southwest from the Pokemon Center, c'ya.]

After that, he didn't bother any longer. They would meet soon anyway, and he was excited to see the pokemon they caught so far. Cinder was also hyped, as he wanted to battle the siblings in a match, he also wanted to ask them some questions.

"Alright." Cinder began, eyeing his team carefully. Smilingly, Cinder drew their attention back to him as he continued where they left off. They seemed to be listening carefully. "So, to start things off, I'm going to be giving you each a rundown on what I'd like to focus on for the upcoming battle. The two of you have very different strengths and weaknesses, so I can't just slap the same training regiment on you and call it a day." After a few moments to process this, which consisted of the two teammates exchanging curious looks with each other, most likely wondering what training plan each of them were going to be getting, Cinder added in one last detail. "I also purchased some TMs for, Storm and Hercule. Storm is a bit ahead since I've already given him two that will help against Brock, but I still need to give Storm another one that would help him in mobility. Hercule, you have the type advantage against the first Gym we are gonna challenge, however, I picked a TM for you that would make the fight much more smoother, so you can display a much better showing whilst minimizing the risk of the possibility on you being defeated despite the type matchups."

Cinder approached Storm first.

"Storm." He said to begin. He adjusted his growing hair as the young sheep looked up from him expectantly. The back and yellow stripes on it's tail with an orange orb at the end began to say back and forth as Cinder layed out his plans for the electric-type. "You've already started getting the hang of Iron Tail and Double Team. You've used Iron Tail quite a lot back at the forest, along with your Double Team. Before the battle, we need to make sure that you have completely mastered both of those moves. We'll put your electric-type moves on hold for now, you're already pretty good with them, and we can get started on Thunderbolt and Electro Ball afterwards, maybe also Cotton Spore. However for now, Iron Tail and Double Team will be your main moves to use against the Gym Leader." At the sheep's understanding nod, Cinder continued. "Before we work on that, however, I think we should try to get you started on your egg move, Agility, first. It's a useful move when up against Brock, for the most part, but it takes a lot to master it. We have just the suffice time for you to learn it, and even knowing a limited version of the move can go a long way. That's why, I bought you a TM containing the move, Reflect. Initially, I wanted to buy the other one, Light Screen, but realized that Brock may be a brawler in close combat, Reflect would be a good move to add as a precaution for your defense against his pokemon's strong close up attacks, at the same time, it can help in your learning of your egg move." Taking a breath as he took out his TM case, Cinder detailed the final part of the plan. "Finally, we need to work on your mobility. Right now, we need to focus on you being able to use, Agility. I want you to learn to maintain the move when we will begin training it shortly. Use Agility until we make sure you're used to traversing the rocky terrain." He gestured to the training grounds. "Which is why we're here. In order to maneuver about the battlefield of the Pewter City Gym effectively, I need you to hone your dexterity so that you can run and climb across rocks and uneven terrain, while also able to be quickly close in on your opponent and attack when you are ready to slam Brock's rock-types, with Iron Tail. That way, you can traverse the battlefield quickly and effectively, without having to worry about losing speed or tripping. Make sure you climb up the large piles of rocks and boulders, too. You don't have any of advantages unlike Hercule, maybe your status effects would come in handy, but it really doesn't put you in a advantage against rock-types, so you need to master the terrain so that you can do everything on foot. Understood?"

The sheep scratched his head, trying to take in all of the information, much to Cinder and Hercule's amusement, but soon nodded and gave Cinder a flash of smile in understanding. Cinder smiled. "Good. To get started, I will be returning you to your pokeball and then have you learn Reflect, you already knew how this goes." Nodding again, Storm allowed himself to be sucked towards the opening of the pokeball on Cinder's hand. It didn't take long for him to release Storm once again, who appeared with a blank look for a second. After it shook his head, Storm, with the new knowledge, was eager to test the move. Seeing this, Cinder continued. "Since you already have the knowledge of the move, try first by using it, familiarize yourself with how you channel the psychic energy and then, attempt Agility, running around while channeling Agility may be a good idea for you to unlock it." He opened his Pokedex and showed Storm how to perform both, Reflect and Agility. Demonstrating it was a Flaffy. "Now that I am done with your training, start now while I speak to Hercule." Nodding one last time, Storm scurried away from them and then began to attempt using Reflect for the first time only for it to fail as the transparency of the move wasn't enough to sustain it much longer, in his second attempt, it the screen lasted much longer before it began fluttering which eventually disappears.

Hercule watched his friend trying use the move again and again with a hint of encouragement in his eyes, before returning his attention to Cinder as the boy approached her.

"Alright Hercule," Cinder began. "Like I just said to Storm; you have your advantage in the form of your water disposition. We don't have to worry about you being able to traverse through the rocks, not that you are swift enough and balance enough to do so without you evolving that is. So, instead of running, we're going to be working on your moves. We might also get started on Ice Beam if we have the time. You already know the move, but it's a lot harder to use." Hercule tilted his head slightly, but nodded in understanding. "Next up is how we are going to combat the Rock Type pokemon. Fortunately, as a water-type pokemon, you're naturally resistant against rock-type moves, which we will surely be facing. And most of the moves that you currently know are typically effective against the typing." Cinder was slightly amused by Hercule's prideful huff, but he quickly perked up again as he continued, and offered. "So, to make up for that what you don't really lack, I have purchased a TM for you: It's called Scald. It'll be very effective, and shouldn't be too hard for you to learn, either. It will be one of your main weapon against our opponents in this battle."

Hercule seemed to be excited by this idea. A brand new move that would tilt the playing field against a pokemon that he already had many means of effectively fighting against? The Poliwag seemed to be tickled pink at the thought.

Happy that he had him hooked in with that little detail, Cinder continued. "Although we will have you focus on that, we still have to make you familiarize on the rocky battlefield, with Storm's prior knowledge with Double Team, he will help you out on learning it. It's a useful Move, even if we will probably only have a very limited version of it to work with at first." he paused, ready to deliver the final detail. "Also, there is something else… unique that I wanted to work on with you."

Hercule perked up at that. Fafnir was listening in closely, too.

From the corner of his eye, Cinder could see Storm, who was getting the hang of Reflect, the effect of using a TM works it's wonders, a move that was difficult to learn became usuable with just a few minutes, but, Storm was still desperately trying to maintain the move last much longer. After a few seconds of watching Storm sweating on using the move, Cinder turned his attention back to Hercule.

"With your Ice Beam, I want you to get used at covering a wide area in ice, rock-types are heavy weight pokemon. From what I learned, Geodude is most likely one of Brock's pokemon to use to test out rookies, making the battlefield slippery would make their advantage for being at a familiar battlefield adrift. Not only that, but I also wanted you to get used at gliding through ice. With this, the rocky terrain would become your icy domain."

Hercule was blinking in surprise at Cinder's idea, so he explained. "It's common for trainers, especially high level ones, to mess around with the techniques that their pokemon already know. Between altering their pokemon's Moves, or combining multiple moves into a single, new one, or sometimes maybe even both, a trainer's creativity shines the most when they are inventing new techniques to use. According to Karen, anyway."

From the corner of his eye, Cinder saw Fafnir staring at him intently. Clearly, the idea of modified Moves greatly interested the dragon-type, too.

"I'm not sure how much of an effect that this hypothetical version of Icy Domain would have on a rock-type, but it can at least keep them at bay. Plus, having most long ranged attack will make your fighting style more varied; You won't always have to rely on hit and run tactics." Hercule nodded in understanding, but still seemed to be quite surprised. It was a lot to take in for sure. "One more thing, your aiming capabilities saved us back there during the fight with Raticate, this shows that you are, at your stage, more suitable in long-range fights, for now that is. We also have to be able to try and practice your aiming while we are at it training."

With the helpful Fafnir who has the TM case ready, Cinder spoke again after thanking the baby dragon for being such a help. "Okay, I'm going to give you Scald right now. After that, I'd like you to start practicing the move. And of course, make sure that you-"

Cinder, Hercule, and Fafnir's attention all turned to a loud cry coming from the rocks. They saw Storm falling from a large boulder, only to slam his Iron Tail into the ground to break his fall and steady himself. It seems that Storm was now having the hang of channeling psychic energy, Cinder thought while sighing in relief, he then turned back to an equally relieved Hercule.

"As I was about to say, make sure you and Storm don't get in each other's way."


Reflect was a very similar move to Light Screen, and despite not knowing it for as long, Storm was almost as good at using it, likely due to his egg move he had in his arsenal, Agility. Reflect needed a tiny bit more work, as the barrier occasionally flickered, leaving itself transparent for brief instances at a dozen of time, which would leave Hercule wide open. When he had enough with Reflect, Storm would switch at his attempt of a Agility. Storm starts to run forward on all fours, leaping from side to side. Other times, Storm appears to repeatedly vanish and immediately reappears in different spots while running. Cinder began to feel dizzy looking at him training.

With the Mareep evaluated, Cinder made his way over to where Hercule was with Fafnir following in tow.


Around thirty minutes of their training. Two calls coming from a teenage boy and girl came from afar who half-sprinted towards their location.

"Heyy!! Cinder!"

Cinder grinned widely, pushing himself up to the ground where he was crouching down from. Then, from not so far away, he spotted Dom and Diana, closely approaching them.

"Yow guys! How have you been? I thought you guys would take much more time from how 'necessary' Dom mentioned your businesses Diana." The moment Ashe saw his childhood friends, Cinder couldn't help himself but tease the timid girl.

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