253 Epilogue Part 1

Giratina... Status: N/A.

"Dead?" Arceus muttered.

Although it's more than likely, that Giratina is dead, there's always the possibility of Giratina surviving. Regardless, Giratina has failed and that's satisfying enough.

What's more important now is Daniel. He, managing to enter there and used the Pokemon World's System can only be summed as Daniel becoming the world's new owner. Which is impossible as he, Arceus, is still alive.

Then it's more likely that the Daniel was previously seen in front of Giratina was simply a mirage to distract him while Daniel transformed into Arceus to defeat Giratina. Inside that gateway, the System's power is undefeatable to anyone who isn't he or Necrozma.

In that case, Daniel's trying to hide the fact he has learned how to use Origin energy. Which isn't necessary, as Arceus is quite overjoyed another strong Pokemon exists.

'Mew, Mew, Mew,' He recalled the words by Progenitor Mew that made his children request his banning the full potential of Omniscient which he can use to the whole Pokemon Universe and learn anything.

Shame his children don't like their privacy freely seen. A foolish decision some would say, as this is the reason Necrozma even had a chance to cause that trouble.

Luckily, he has more than one way to find the answer he desires.

Divine Eyes of Foresight.

These eyes have many functions, but the most practical one right now is their ability to see all timelines at once.

Unfortunately, due to the anomaly's (Mike's) arrival, Arceus can't see any newly made timeline which formed after the anomaly's arrival. Though, if Arceus wishes, he can enter those timelines, obtain all knowledge of their true Omniscient and return back.

However, immediately after he departs Necrozma would destroy the timeline he had entered, thereby killing him.

Possibly, only Celebi, Dialga, and Ouroboros have the means to escape a timeline before it destroys. As for why he can't? That's because entering a timeline, lower dimensions make it far easier to be destroyed by higher dimension Pokemons.

It's like a Level 100 Pokemon entering the world inside of paper and then a random passerby grabs the paper and tears it apart.

Regardless of how powerful the Pokemon was, it's no longer in the same dimension as the passerby.

This is why Arceus will reluctantly have to use every timeline before the anomaly's existence as a source of reference instead of all timelines. Unfortunately, that anomaly has brought about multiple changes, making anything that occurs in those timelines since the anomaly's birth unreliable.

"Interesting..." Arceus murmured. "Daniel has the 'world' on his side," Arceus explained vaguely.

In that case, both Dialga and Giratina will now be on Daniel's side, and possibly Lugia and its bird trio.

Ouroboros faction has, Palkia, Ouroboros, Mew (Risa), Ho-oh, and the dog trio, and most importantly, the anomaly.

"Children intend on starting another war," Arceus complained.

If only telling them no is enough to stop them.


As long as they don't kill too many of each other's forces he'll let it slide.


Location: Pocket Dimension, Nameless Island, Johto.

"Warsss," Medusa hissed.

"Mike's plan will wait, for now, everyone grow incredibly stronger, strong enough that no faction can stop us," Risa said excitedly. "Control the world and unite Pokemon kind,"

"Control the world? We don't even have the key to obtain it," Phenix the Ho-oh, spat.

"Shishishi, who needs a key when we have Medusa," Risa laughed.

"Work in progresss," Medusa explained.

"We have plenty of time, Necrozma and Arceus aren't in a rush. Palkia's a better teacher for you than Que," Risa explained.

"Aunt, what are we going to do about the Celebi egg?" Leona asks. "Someone has locked it in a time stop which won't end until a few years pass,"

"Leave it be, Kodama isn't allowed to hatch until Mike's back," Risa explained. "Now for the more annoying talk..."

"I'll leave it to Medusa, see ya!" With a wave, Risa escaped.

"..." The space entered a quiet state as everyone awaits Medusa to speak.

"Alrightsss..." Saying this, Medusa used her spatial abilities to switch places with Leona. "Byesss," And like that, another Pokemon. No, their leader escaped.

The 2 Pokemons who initiated this meeting both ran after completing the most exciting part and left all the island issues to Leona.


'The parents of mine,' Leona complained with a bitter smile. Both her mother and father constantly throw these kinds of work at her, not that she minds.

"Let's begin..."

And like that, the narrator has escaped the meeting.


Location: ???, Kanto

"Lugia and the bird trio submitted after seeing we have Giratina and Dialga on our side. 'Pink' and Andrew ended up joining Pink's group. Permission to execute this group,"

"Denied, both Pinks are fools and can still be manipulated to achieve my goals," Daniel said. "Carry on,"

"Hoopa has been released from the Prison bottle, but now shall stay in its bound state for 5 millenniums instead of the 1 millennium while imprisoned,"

"Looks like he's willing to contribute," Daniel hummed.

"We are currently the strongest faction, excluding Arceus'. We can begin operation, Ultimate Weapon Snatching at any time,"

"It's better not to start that until Hoops has gotten some clues. Pity, Kodama's clues were knowledge I already had," Daniel sighed.

"For now, grow stronger, you don't want Lazuli to surpass you, right?" Daniel asked.

"Understood!" saying this Marshadow left.

"Soon, I'll cleanse all evil that reeks this beautiful world," Daniel muttered.


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Final debate on which Mid-Divine he'll be.




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