Pokemon: Reborn as ash , Make up for your regrets and become stronger

On the first of his Pokemon journey, Ash/Satoshi awakened the memory of his past life and obtained A system will generate tasks and give all Pokemon related items. Knowing the trajectory of his future life, he decisively chose to make up for the regrets of his past life. Pokemon releaser? [You refused to release the pidgeot and received the reward: Potential Evolution Ribbon] [You refused to send the primape and received the reward: MewtwoX Mega Evolution Stone] Change the Region level and clear it? [You use Champion Pikachu to defeat Rookie Trip. The opponent doubts his life and gets the reward: full Mastery of Aura] Region competition companion runner? [You defeat the mystrious trainer Tobias and get the reward: One of three creation dragons dragon of antimatter giratina; title: Dragon Lord] Will you remain single* forever? [You have obtained the "harem protagonist aura", and the harmony of the harem +10] *Robbing Pokémon? [You break paul's leg and send him to a juvenile detention center and get the reward: "One ball into the soul" title (throwing a Poké Ball has a probability of directly recovering the mythical Pokémon) ] ... This is a Chinese translation fanfic I removed all the Chinese elements as mush as I can I fully rewrite the chapters with my own style if you like it please support

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Chapter 114:Target Grampa Canyon, Amber mission!!!

Ash's eyes lit up after receiving the task.

In recent times he had vaguely heard that fossils of ancient Pokémon were unearthed in grampa Canyon.

Now many archaeological excavation enthusiasts are rushing there.

He was also thinking about finding those sleeping fossil Pokémon in the original plot.

Unexpectedly the system issued him another task with such a generous reward.

Aerodactyl Primal reversion potion is equivalent to directly normalizing mega Aerodactyl.

This is incredible!

Mega Aerodactyl's Species Strength is as high as 615 points which is higher than that of pseudo legendary Pokémon.

Among them the attack Species Strength is 135 and the speed Species Strength reaches a crazy 150.

Sure enough Aerodactyl which has survived to the present and was resurrected using fossil technology is not the complete body of ancient times at all.

And if the Aerodactyl in ancient times was actually mega Aerodactyl it would be much more reasonable.

The mega Aerodactyl has a full 615 points of Species Strength definitely worthy of the title Apex predator!

Its highly specialized speed and attack have given it a fierce reputation.

And if he commands Charizard to defeat Aerodactyl and catch it.

He can get the Aerodactyl Primal reversion potion as a system reward.

Let Apex predator from ancient times show its invincible style in modern times.

Then ash decided the next target is Grampa canyon!


" were am I... mewtwo, charmander, Squirtle, bulbasaur friends were are you guys " an voice of a 8 year old girl who woke up from a deep staisis was rang throughout the abounded mansion.

"evee buiiiii"

(Who are you ,were am I, what's this place)

" My name is Amber I was playing with my friends and my body started to vanish that's all I remember what about you" amber asked to the newly identified evee.

" evee buiiiii buii"

( I was training near viridian Forest and waiting for a powerful trainer to become powerful but suddenly a orange dragon like Pokemon attacked me that's all I remember)

Both Eevee and Amber heard a sound of someone walking towards their area saw a man with a bald head with lab coat was walking towards them both eevee and Amber got frightened by his appearance.

" Amber-alpha my perfect Resurrection product it's good to see you are awake after Dr Fuji's experiment on reviving you got failed I was finally able to find the correct process of human cloaning and neural memory resurrection it was quite difficult to store your temporal aura but now I finally revived you my death friends final wish" the bald man said to the frightened girl.

" please uncle send me were my friends are I want to be with mewtwo and others" amber asked the bald man.

" my name is blanie I am going to find a suitable trainer and good family to take care of you until then please relax kid I have done so many sins your resurrection was my way of redemption I already deleted all scientific Data's " blanie said with a pained face he had done so many sins in the name of research for team rocket he lost his bestfriend due to his sin that's why he wanted to do this for a way of redemption for his sins.

" Eevee buiiiiii "

( what about me why do you catch me)

" oh eevee I don't do any harm to you just boosted your gene to the max now you can evolve into any form of evolution you like I will give you to the same trainer whom I am going to give Amber's custody" Blaine said to eevee.

With excitement Ash was going to take Pikachu back to the campsite but a sudden mission trigger was sounded in his mind.

[Ding, trigger the system mission show your full strength and your bond with Pokemon to persuade Blaine to give Amber's and eevee's custody to you ]

[Task completion reward:Power of Viridian mastery, Rainbow wing(key to challenge Ho-ho), master ball*3]

Ash was dumbfounded isn't amber was Dr. Fuji's Death daughter Who he tried to revive along side mewtwo but failed but how the heck Blaine have her and what's about eevee.

Don't know but somehow Blaine ressurecuted amber it may be due to him awakening his previous life memories it may have caused butterfly effect and system gave him a mission to show his full strength to Blaine so let's do it.

Rewards was viridian mind the known users in manga are Lance, Giovanni and most powerful user yellow so he can have this power.

Next was rainbow wing it was shown in I choose you movie so he thinks he could fight ho-oh with the wings.

Lastly three fucking master balls let's go baby.

Ash was happy to trigger this task after that he took pikachu towards the campsite and Stuffed Pikachu back into his sleeping bag in his own small tent.

Then he returned to the tent hugged his cute wives calmed down his excitement and fell asleep.

"Ash are we going to Grampa Canyon next?"

"yes! I heard that there are fossils of Pokémon that lived in ancient times excavated there let's buy some sets of equipment and dig there" ash suggested to his wives and Brock.

"It would be great if we could dig up the fossils of Omanyte or Kabuto!" misty said to ash with a dreamy state.

"I don't know if we can dig up Omanyte or Kabuto fossils but you should be able to see them alive."

Ash replied while eating his sandwich.

"Alive? Ash is it true? Let's set off quickly!"

His wives and Brock has no doubts about ash.

Even academic circles agree that Omanyte and Kabuto are all extinct.

But ash said they are still alive if so they are still alive!

Ash has even encountered Ho-Oh and caught Zapdos.

He also became good friends with the giant Dragonite and the giant Tentacruel.

Are Pokémon from ancient times still alive?

It should have to be 100% true .

Ash nodded and then took out a pokeball from his waist.

"Charizard I'll leave the next battle to you!"

[Pokémon: Charizard, Level: 55

Compared with half a month ago Charizard's level has increased by 6 levels.

It has been promoted to a pseudo-Elite level Pokémon.

In the past half month ash has basically been leveling up Charizard while other Pokémon have been exercising normally.

For this purpose ash also specially found a forest with a large number of wild high-level Pokémon.

Use that double experience card after leaving the neon town.

In addition when Charizard's level is upgraded to Iv49.

Ash also gave Charizard an intermediate Rare Candy to use.

Let Charizard directly cross the threshold and become a pseudo-Elite level Pokémon.

In the team, he is second only to Zapdos at level 75, Gastly at level 81, gengar at level 77, dragonite at level 88 and Pikachu at level 54.

It is comparable to lv53 Red Gyarados who has also just entered the pseudo-Elite level.

Their next Target is Grampa Canyon!!!

Amber just wait a little more I will come for you!


OK guys do you like the new plot I wanted to give ash a little sister what!! Guys ash was travelling 24/7 in anime Delia was lonely in the house need a cute little sister to take care of his mother.

Power of viridian/ viridian mind In the Pokemon manga, every ten years a child is born in Viridian Forest who has mysterious powers. These powers include healing Pokemon with physical touch and being able to read the minds of Pokemon.

Rainbow wing hehe get ready to I choose you movie after orange islands.

Master ball in hand after completing amber mission will be going to 4.

Blaine was a ruthless man in manga an evil master mind in team rocket I didn't want ash to kill him and face slap him so that's why I did this plot do you like this chapter.