Pokemon: Radical Redux

You know the drill, a medical student was watching the finale episode of Pokemon. "Man can't believe it's finally over. Looking at his clock, Shoot I'm going to be late." But our protagonist met our old friend Truck-kun due to a change in destiny. "At least things aren't so bad I get to start my Journey, wait why am I Ash, Why is almost everything and everyone different, and why is this world so much harder than the original?!" Additional Tags: Maybe-Harem, Not stupid MC, multiple plot lines, Random decisions from dice rolls No dead pokemon parts to increase strength No potential stuff Only training methods and bond ________________________ So hey, this is my first fanfic, Please don't murder me, secondly, this is an AU with anime, games, and manga elements, with a bit of the novel. Earlier chapters are ruff, but I think the later ones get better. Also if you have a complaint, Idea, criticism, or whatever, fell free to say it I love reading feedback from you all

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The washout king of losers

A moment later Sabrina and her parents stood in front of the gym with Ash and Yellow. Ash was already given the Marsh Badge and everyone was waiting for them, they were saying goodbye and giving their thanks.

Shuko was rubbing Yellow's head humming to herself, "Oh you're so precious, you remind me of myself back before I turned 17~"

Takurou looked over at his wife helplessly and sighed before turning to Ash, "Once again congratulations on your victory, and thank you for what you did."

Ash just put his arms behind his head and smiled, "I don't know what you're talking about, I just won a battle."

That received a chuckle from Takurou, "Yes I suppose that is all that happened."

Sabrina looked at the two, "Are you sure you can't stay, you're more than welcome to."

Ash shook his head, "Sorry I have too much I need to do, and I have a promise to keep." then he turned to Yellow, "What about you Yellow, do you wanna stay?"

Yellow was slightly surprised as she pointed to herself, "Y-you're asking me?"

"Yeah, If you want to stay and learn some more stuff I'm not going to stop you, so what do you want?" Ash said, giving a smile.

Yellow looked down and started thinking, then she turned to Sabrina and gave a slight bow, "I'm sorry, but I also can't stay right now. I like traveling with my friends."

Sabrina just nodded as she put her hand on Yellow's head, "It's fine, just know the offer always stands." getting a nod from Yellow

"So now what?" Ash asked, "Have you decided what you wanna do."

Sabrina looked at Ash and gave a slight smile, "I think I'll try some things out, but I will continue being the Gym leader, at least for now."

Ash smiled, "Alright, we'll be cheering for you."

As he said that Clefairy popped her head out of Ash's bag and held glow sticks and handed one over to Pikachu.

Yellow nodded, "Yeah good luck!"

After that, they all said their final goodbyes and parted ways, Ash and Yellow met up with everyone who both congratulated and questioned him on the battle.

As Ash was talking with them he felt his dex ringing, when he pulled it out he saw he got a voice call.

He excused himself for a moment as he took like 3 steps to the side and answered.

Almost immediately Gary's voice shouted loud enough for everyone to hear, [WHAT DO MEAN YOU HAVE-] But Ash hung up and deleted it.

Then he turned back and acting like nothing happened he asked, "Y'all trying to get some Boba."

{Pov change}

Blanche was knocked back, face bruised, and everything trying to protect Candela, Articuno wasn't looking much better, at this point, Blanche was looking for any way to escape.

"Oh fleeing already what a shame~," Sierra said as her Houndoom stood next to her, "But I guess I can't blame you too much, Arlo do you mind."

Arlo scoffed, "Moltres use [Flamethrower]"

Moltres raised its majestic wings and blew a breath of fire towards Articuno who already received major damage by Moltres, but this much caused Articuno to finally fall to the ground, still conscious albeit not by much

Cliff walked up, "I'll admit for an Ice-type it did pretty well, but it seems this has to come to an end."

Blanche looked towards the larger man and yelled out, "[Ice Beam]!"

Articuno's beak was covered in a light-blue beam as it shot toward the admins, but Moltres jumped in the way taking it like it was nothing.

Arlo smiled again, "Moltres use [Heat Wave]."

Moltres flapped its wings creating a miniature vortex of hot air that caught and sent Articuno to the floor.

"Naughty, naughty, that's quite rude don't you think," Cliff said as he walked up to Articuno's body pulling out a purple Pokeball, "As a law-abiding citizen I'm afraid I have to confiscate this"

"No, use- agh" Blanche tried calling out but was stopped by Sierra.

Cliff threw the Pokeball towards Articuno, once it did the familiar scene of purple chains came out and wrapped Articuno's entire body, even if it did have strength left to fight it wouldn't be able to resist.

Then the Pokeball shut, 1 roll, 2 roll, 3 roll, *Ding* 

Just like that Articuno was caught leaving Blanche dumbfounded, it wasn't real, it couldn't be real according to them, and yet it was as the mark on Blanche's hand disappeared.

Sierra then walked back over to Cliff and Arlo, "That just means we have one left, and it looks like we have just the incentive to bring the washout king of losers."

Candela, despite everything, still looked up towards Sierra, "You may have us but you forgot about one thing, Spark is every bit the Team leader that Blanche and I are."

As she said that a bolt of lightning burst through the door breaking down the reinforcements and landing in front of Candela and Blanche was Spark and Zapdos.

"Sorry I'm late, I had trouble tracking down Blanche's communicator," Spark said his usual laid-back demeanor gone

"Better late than never," Candela said, "We weren't doing much better"

Blanche looked towards Spark, "Spark I'm sorry you were right, we should have been more careful."

"Hey now, don't apologize to me, it feels weird," Spark said, putting on his signature goofy smile.

Sierra smiled, "Well well, look at what the Meowth dragged in, what do you think you're going to do Stupid us to death."

Spark looked over and saw the scene, then he got up and walked up, "To you I may not be a powerful team Leader or Pokemon trainer, heck I'm probably the first person to crack a joke in tense moments like this, maybe you even think I don't take anything seriously."

"Usually I would give you the benefit of the doubt, unfortunately, it seems like you weren't very nice to my friends, so don't blame me for being rude."

"So what we have two and you only have one, it doesn't take a genius to see that you're outclassed," Cliff scoffed

"Maybe so, but let me ask you a question you asked Blanche, both Articuno and Moltres have the flying type, now remind me what flying is weak against."

As he said that lighting cracked around Zapdos as he sent a [Thunderbolt] directly toward Moltres.

{Near Cerulean City}

Noland of the Battle Frontier's Battle Factory was making his daily rounds to feed all his Pokemon, eventually he came to his Articuno.

Well, it's more accurate to say an Articuno he befriended and fed since he hadn't caught it just comes by every now and then.

Noland rubbed Articuno on the neck then he turned to give it the food that Noland prepared for it, but when Noland turned around Articuno was gone, he looked around and even up to see if Articuno was playing but it was nowhere to be seen.

The area used to be slightly colder due to Articuno's presence, but that chill left behind by Articuno seemed to have disappeared as well.

Noland was confused but in all reality, he couldn't do anything about it since Articuno wasn't his Pokemon, but that didn't mean he wasn't worried.

{With Ashtwo}

Ash was sitting in the cafeteria working on his computer, well it was more pretending to be busy as Porygon, or rather Porygon2 did all the work.

That's right, that disk that Ash gave Porygon was an Up-grade, now he could hopefully get into the more encrypted areas.

"Status" Ash asked

"Bizz, Sir. In another 5 minutes, I should be able to break into the system." Porygon2 said while inside the code.

"Excellent, continue then."

"Roger, Roger!"

Ash let Porygon2 continue working as he started petting the new baby he had in his lap, that's right the egg hatched into a Houndour. So he had a puppy on his lap and a cat on his shoulder,

Just as he was feeding Houndour a bottle of Moomoo Milk he felt someone slap him on the back, "Yo Bro what you doing!"

Immediately Ash panicked and slammed his computer shut and looked back, luckily it was only Jay so he breathed a sigh of relief, although he also noticed Enid take a seat across the table.

So he took a breath of relief, "Oh hey haven't seen you in a while, not much I just hatched an Egg and I'm just working on some stuff."

"Wow really you got an Egg and it hatched into a Houndour! That's so cool I got one but it only hatched into a Rattata." Jay said as he knelt down and put his hand out to pet the Puppy.

Houndour had her eyes closed so she didn't see Jay, but she did sneeze releasing an ember that burnt Jay's hand.

Although Enid was curious how a side character managed to have such luck, she also had an Egg but she is only confident in it due to Natu's suggestion. But she was more curious about what he was working on.

"What were you working on anyway?" Enid asked.

Ash looked over at Enid, seemingly like he didn't notice she was there, "Oh, nothing much. It's just some personal work."

Enid somehow felt annoyed at how he answered that but didn't say anything else as she clenched her teeth.

Just then they heard another voice coming in, "Oh good all 3 of you are here."

Looking at the direction of the voice they saw Owari walking over to them, "I received your next mission, also your payment for your last jobs have been transferred to your accounts."

"Alright cool we get to have another mission together, cool this time I'll show you my super secret technique," Jay said excitedly.

But Owari had to burst his bubble, "Not so fast you and Enid have the same mission. We are running low on Abra, Scyther, Clefairy, Pinsir, and Mr. Mime for the Casino. Your job is to go catch some more. You can work with each other if you like but I don't care."

Then he turned to Ash, "As for you Agent D. your mission is to go check up on the daycare breeding facilities we have set up, in Kanto we have about 5, I'll send you the coordinates of all of them, you also have some Grunts that will also be working with you they will meet you in a base near Route 5."

"Fine," Ash responded as he got up not saying anything else, then he walked away.

Jay went over to Enid and slapped her on the back, "Looks like we have those together, and hey now you have to give me our rematch."

Enid's eye twitched, why does she, the main character, have to have this basic job with the king of fools and a side character gets a separate Job?

She shook her head and looked towards Owari, surely this mission wouldn't be so simple as just a catching job, maybe there was a secret or maybe it was code for something else.

Before Enid could talk to him for more information Owari started walking away, so with a shocked expression she hurriedly went after him. Leaving Jay to follow after her.

Ash traveled all the way to the daycare he was supposed to be at, this would at least be a good chance to gather information if nothing else. The Daycare in question wasn't actually in a town, and it felt familiar somehow but he couldn't put his finger on it.

He went inside and immediately realized why it was familiar, at the counter was the disguised Butch and Cassidy at the counter.

With a sigh he walked up, it was a slow day so no one was in the place, Cassidy greeted him with a kind smile, "Hello will you be depositing your Pokemon or are you taking them out."

Ash pulled out his ID and put it on the table, "Actually I'm here for the special."

Cassidy's face didn't change, "Of course sir right this way!"

Then she led Ash down when they were out of sight. She dropped the act, "Good to see someone competent is here, the other ones are already here and have been annoying."

"How so-" he asked but was cut off by the sound of metal crashing on the ground making them both hurry.

When they got to the room they saw Jessie, James, and Meowth. And James was being eaten by a Victreebel.

Ash saw this and breathed heavily, 'You have to be kidding me.'