Pokemon: Radical Redux

You know the drill, a medical student was watching the finale episode of Pokemon. "Man can't believe it's finally over. Looking at his clock, Shoot I'm going to be late." But our protagonist met our old friend Truck-kun due to a change in destiny. "At least things aren't so bad I get to start my Journey, wait why am I Ash, Why is almost everything and everyone different, and why is this world so much harder than the original?!" Additional Tags: Maybe-Harem, Not stupid MC, multiple plot lines, Random decisions from dice rolls No dead pokemon parts to increase strength No potential stuff Only training methods and bond ________________________ So hey, this is my first fanfic, Please don't murder me, secondly, this is an AU with anime, games, and manga elements, with a bit of the novel. Earlier chapters are ruff, but I think the later ones get better. Also if you have a complaint, Idea, criticism, or whatever, fell free to say it I love reading feedback from you all

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{League building}

Lance was sitting at his desk, since he and Ash made the business arrangement he needed to make time to call back the Master and Clair so they could start the proper breeding arrangements

Unfortunately, he needed to put in more effort since the leaders he contacted all mysteriously disappeared with no context for him, so he needed to pick up the work they were doing and everyone else made more time to patrol.

Today however he finally got free time and was on a video call with the Master and Clair, he finished explaining that he gathered some Aerodactyl, while also keeping Ash out of the conversation like he promised.

Needless to say, they were both surprised, Clair more so as she was screaming at him, "What, how we've been looking for some for so long! You can't just say you just found some lying around! And also, are they strong and follow up, can I battle them?" 

The Master waved his hand looking at Clair's outburst, but remained calm, "Indeed this seems like a great opportunity, I assume you want us to integrate them into our clan's facility."

Lance nodded his head, "Yes I was thinking a Salamence or Charizard, but I think a Salamence would work better."

The Master nodded, "Yes that seems doable, and what about them is one of them considered the leader or exceptionally strong?"

"Well, there is one that is exceptionally large and seems to be the leader of the group,"

The Master nodded as Clair had stars in her eyes, "Wow that's so cool, I call dibs on the first Aerodactyl, after all, how could I, the greatest Dragon Master, not have such an incredible Pokemon." Clair said as she puffed up her chest.

The Master and Lance both looked at the older girl and both sighed, "We can talk specifics later, but for now we need to discuss how to-" Lance was cut off as suddenly quite literally a bird holding the 3 Leaders came through his window.

Lance had to do a double take as he sighed, "I'm going to have to call you back." he hung up the call and got up.

Spark, Blanche, and Candela got off of Zapdos and stumbled over to Lance as he was looking tired, "You know I have a door right."

Spark held Blanche as Candela came forward, "We need to talk, Team Rocket is doing something."

Lance frowned, "Tell me everything, Now."

The hot Air balloon flew through the air, it was a few hours later and the morning turned to evening as Jessie and Meowth were taking a nap as Ash and James were keeping watch since they knew where they were going.

And that's when it came into view, a castle that made the previous one look like a small hut. A place that James knows all too well, his childhood home.

The balloon landed and the contact caused Jessie and Meowth to wake up from the landing and then jumped up while landing.

Meowth scratch his butt as he walked out "*Yawn* thanks Jimmy, let's go inside."

Jessie rubbed her eyes, "Yeah then I wanna go shop-" Then she opened her eyes and realized they weren't at the base, "Uhh, James where are we, shouldn't we be at the base."

James rubbed his nose, "Remember how you said I owed you all, well I have some information about this place, there's a big safe in this house and the owners are gone, I even know the combination."

Jessie and Meowth went from looking half dead to both staring at James with dollar signs in their eyes, "James you're too kind, well we shouldn't waste any time, just tell us what it is and we can go!"

"Yeah of course," James said as he wrote it on a piece of paper and handed it to them, 'The day of their wedding, I doubt those narcissists changed it.' he thought

Jessie and Meowth took it and without waiting Disappeared into the castle leaving Ash and James alone to walk to the slightly smaller castle nearby.

James looked at Ash, "I'm surprised you didn't go with them."

Ash just shrugged, "Eh, I don't need money and plus I'm invested so let's get your friend back."

James smiled as they walked to the door and with their combined strength managed to push it open revealing a beautiful hallway that seemed never-ending.

James put his hands on his face and yelled, "Growlie! Where are you buddy, I've come back for you!"

He repeated as they walked through the hallways then they heard a whimper, immediately as soon as James heard that he started sprinting, "Growlie!"

The sounds guided him to a door near the center without a thought he opened it and was greeted by a Growlithe jumping at him and tackling him in the chest, knocking James to the ground and licking his face.

As James and Growlie were enjoying their reunion and Ash caught up, they heard something break and some speak, "M-master James"

Looking behind James saw the head butler Hopkins looking at him in shock as he dropped a plate that had food presumably for Growlie, "I-I can't believe it you truly have returned, your parents will be delighted when they hear the news."

James frowned and got up, "Don't bother telling them, I'm not staying." 

Hopkins looked even more shocked, "B-but Master James, your parents have been worried sick about you!"

"You mean you have been worried about me," James said with Growlie jumping off and running into the room, "If they were so worried why are they on another world cruise."

"S-so you know," Hopkins said sadly, 

"Yeah, I came here to take Growlie with me, while it was good to see you again. I am already 17 and I will make my own decisions." James announced as Growlie came back with a Pokeball in his mouth that James took and put in his pocket.

Hopkins sighed, "I can't stop you, but I must warn you, Jessebelle is still here, so you must run away-"

As soon as Hopkins said that the nearby wall broke and a voice that sounded very similar to Jessie spoke, "Oh, and run to where I hope you mean run back to me~"

Looking at the new hole stood a young woman with an imposing look and a whip by her side, "James it's good to see you finally returned to me, we have much to catch up on so much."

James flinched and jumped behind Ash and Growlie growled, "N-no I'm leaving, I-I don't want to marry you."

But Jessebelle didn't hear James' words, instead, she looked at Growlie with disgust, "Ugg, I can't believe such a disgusting creature is still here."

James grit his teeth and stepped out, "Don't you dare speak to Growlie like that!"

Jessebelle scoffed, "It seems like we are behind, I will need to work twice as hard to make you understand, Servant come here and help me. "

Hopkins seemed saddened and walked forward and stood opposed to them., "I am sorry Master James,"

Jessebelle gave a maniacal stereotypical laugh as Growlie growled and James grit his teeth and pulled out a Pokeball, "I will leave with Growlie even if I have to fight my way out, I'm not the same helpless kid I was before!"

Ash, who was leaning on the wall, walked next to James, "2 on 1, that isn't very fair, I guess I should step in as well."

Jessebelle scoffed and pulled out a Pokeball, "What's one worthless person or a million, I'll show you that we live in two different worlds!"

Jessebelle threw out her Vileplume, and Hopkins reluctantly threw out a Pokeball revealing a Ninetales. Meanwhile, James threw out Weezing and Ash threw Grimer out.

Jessebelle scoffed, "Disgusting Pokemon for worthless people, how fitting, I'll show you Vileplume [Razor Leaf]."

James yelled out, "Weezing get in the way and use [Flamethrower]"

Weezing floated in front of the leaves that bounced off his stone skin, and then Weezing gathered flames and spit them out into a flame towards Vileplume.

Hopkins raised his arm and looked away, "Ninetales stop the flames."

"Grimer." Ash snapped his finger

Ninetales got ready to jump in the way of the flames and absorb them, but before that happened Grimer's sludge spread through the floor, and when it tried jumping it was caught in the sticky substance.

Grimer used a weak [Sludge Wave] to cover the field as he then changed its density to become sticky rather than gooey.

Since Ninetales couldn't block the fire Vileplume was engulfed in flames making Jessebelle scoff, "How dare you, Vileplume [Solar Beam] those worthless Pokemon!"

Vileplume raised its flower and gathered energy meanwhile Ninetales was still stuck in the sludge unable to move, so Hopkins commanded, "[Overheat],"

The sludge began to boil as Ninetales attempted to get free, but Grimer didn't even feel it as the Sludge hardened further.

Ash snapped his fingers, "Grimer, give it a shock."

Grimer snapped his hands like a whip as the sludge became electrified and began sending volts into Ninetales as Grimer swam through and delivered an electrified fist to the fox's face so hard it got launched out of the sludge and into a wall knocked out.

Meanwhile, James reached into his pocket and grabbed a Berry and threw it at Weezing, "Weezing, Catch and use [Belch]!"

Weezing's small head caught it and quickly swallowed the Berry as Vileplume finished charging and shot a beam of light and Weezing's mouth glowed white and he shot purple rings of energy from its mouth followed by a wave of purple energy that collided and exploded in the center.

As Jessebelle covered her eye and saw Vileplume trying to see where they were she scoffed, "So what once worthless always worthless Vileplume use-"

"Growlie now [Flamethrower]!" James' voice yelled out.

From the floor Growlie, who previously went into hiding by digging down, jumped behind Vileplume and shot a stream of flame directly to the plant, sending it into the wall and being knocked out.

Jessebelle stood shocked and shook with anger, meanwhile, Hopkins already returned Ninetales and Growlie jumped to James' side, and Grimer and Weezing went back to their Pokeballs

Hopkins looked at Jessebelle, "My lady we have lost I think we should-"

Jessebelle snapped her whip, "So what we have the upper hand, I won't let this worthless husband get away!"

James looked at Jessebelle, "It's not your choice we are leaving right now," then he pulled out a Pokeball and threw it into the air, "Gyarados come out and use [Surf]!"

Jessie and Meowth were putting a bag full of loot to the Balloon as they wanted for the other two to get back, "Where are they? How long could one little heist take?"

"Ehh relax, what's the rush," Meowth said sitting carefree on the loot, "We can always go back and grab more-"

Just then the door of the smaller castle burst open as a wave of water splashed out taking a girl who looked like Jessie and a butler out, the girl was screaming in frustration and the butler wiped his face,

"I swear I will get back at you James!!"

"The young master has become so strong, it makes me proud."

As the wave sent them away Ash and James came running out and James had a Growlithe under one arm as they hopped in.

"W-what happened?" Jessie asked after seeing the scene

"No time to explain, let's go!" James said as he grabbed Growlie and had it shoot fire making them rise faster into the air.

As they got into the sky Meowth looked at Growlie. "So what's with the pooch?"

When they finally got to the sky James was relieved and put Growlie down and looked at the two, "Well, remember how we met."