Pokemon: Radical Redux

You know the drill, a medical student was watching the finale episode of Pokemon. "Man can't believe it's finally over. Looking at his clock, Shoot I'm going to be late." But our protagonist met our old friend Truck-kun due to a change in destiny. "At least things aren't so bad I get to start my Journey, wait why am I Ash, Why is almost everything and everyone different, and why is this world so much harder than the original?!" Additional Tags: Maybe-Harem, Not stupid MC, multiple plot lines, Random decisions from dice rolls No dead pokemon parts to increase strength No potential stuff Only training methods and bond ________________________ So hey, this is my first fanfic, Please don't murder me, secondly, this is an AU with anime, games, and manga elements, with a bit of the novel. Earlier chapters are ruff, but I think the later ones get better. Also if you have a complaint, Idea, criticism, or whatever, fell free to say it I love reading feedback from you all

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Cinnabar Island

Everyone was on the ship, since Ash came back there was an uneventful day with some uneventful explanations that didn't need to be mentioned.

So on the third day, they finally got on the ship to finally make their way to Cinnabar Island, unsurprisingly it was starting to get colder in the few days they were there, so Misty had to finally give in and put on some pants, meanwhile everyone else was fine.

The ship itself was smaller than the S.S. Anne, maybe that was a good thing, but that didn't stop Brock and Yellow from having a slight PTSD moment, but that was solved in about an hour.

This was currently the second day on the ship and they should arrive on Cinnabar Island in a few hours. Ash was sitting alone on the front deck.

Pikachu was trying a new abomination of cake and Ketchup so Ash took a different table to not be seen with that freak of nature.

As Ash was sitting a familiar brown-haired girl peaked out and looked at him while chuckling, 'I'm going to surprise him!'

She sneaked up and put her hands on Ash's eyes, "guess who~"

Ash pretended to be surprised and grabbed the 'mysterious' person's hands, "Oh, who can it be? Judging by the size of those hands, it must be Yellow!"

The person who was actually Green, her face darkened, "Keep joking and I'm going to burn your card collection"

"Of course, I'm joking!" Ash chuckled

Green looked down, "Okay then, time for you to guess!"

Ash: "..."

Green raised her eyebrow, "Are you OK?"

"Whoops I dozed off for a sec, I've been so tired lately~"

"Time to answer the question!" Green said putting some pressure

Ash acted oblivious, "What was the question?"

"Quit joking and guess who I am"

"What do you mean guess who you are- you're the person I'm closest to!!

Green's face darkened, "Don't get smart on me"

"Hey please take your hands off now you're going to pluck my eyeballs out"

"Say my name"

"You're being silly, who else would you be?"

"Shut up and say my name," Green said pushing a bit harder

Ash stayed silent for a second, "I want my phone call"

"There's no such thing,"

"Do you actually think I don't know?" Ash said giving a hurt tone 

"Quit playing games, and say it"

"Are you doubting me right now?"

"Is saying my name hard?"

"Your name is not the issue, this is an issue of trust!"

"Fine, let's see how far this goes. I bet my left thumb that you don't know my name. What are you betting?" Green said looking increasingly more

Ash gave a serious tone, "You sure you wanna take it this far?"

"You scared?"

"I'm not the one who's scared, you are!" Ash said getting a maniacal laugh from Green

From the corner, Gary was also here, and he was watching the show play out with some popcorn, Yellow randomly walked up out of nowhere and saw the scene, she was about to ask but Gary stopped her

"Shh, don't ruin this," Gary said, holding his finger out and handing her the Popcorn, which made Chuchu jump out and eat happily.

Back to the scene, Green looked angrily down at Ash, "Get a load of this idiot"

"I'm giving you one last chance to take your hands off, now"

Green smiled evilly, "I'm the one giving last chances, not you. "

"There's no going back from this, is that what you really want?"

"Damn right, that's what I want. One of us is gonna bite the dust today"

"I'll name the place we first met on 3!"

Green laughed, "Is that all you got son? You adorable little brat!"

"Surrender if you're scared," Ash said completely ignoring that last part

"Shut your mouth and let's begin"

"One" Ash started

Green immediately followed up, "Two"

Ash stayed silent for a moment so Green leaned down, "Are you praying?"

"Before you kill me, let me say my final words," Ash requested

"Go," Green said with her face darkened

"Your hands have gotten really rough, Gary"

Everyone stayed quiet and Green took a deep breath, "Wrong answer, you motherf*****!"

(To be continued →)

Ash and everyone was sitting down, Ash had an eyepatch on his left eye as Green looked away, "Why the heck did you let the bit go on for so long."

"Well excuse me, I didn't think you'd try to pluck my eye out," Ash said sarcastically, as Yellow was next to him with her hand just in front of his face glowing.

Gary who looked like he just died of laughter looked over at Yellow, "Yeah still weird to think you two can do that."

Ash shrugged, "I mean it's understandable, if I found out you could suddenly make fireballs or something I would be more than jealous." getting a chuckle out of Gary

Ash also turned to Green, "Anyway you're not going to apologize?" Ash teased.

"I have nothing I should apologize for, you're the one that plays too much, and look where it got you?" Green playfully scoffed

"Wowwww, victim blaming much?" Ash said as he looked at everyone, surprisingly both Gary and Green had new clothes.

Gary had this new blue jacket with black parts and gold accents over a black shirt, his necklace still on display. And Green had a large green jacket that seemed a size too big for her, underneath revealing a pink shirt, as she was also wearing some black pants.

Ash recognized them as their counterparts' Sygna Suits, "I see you guys got some new clothes."

Gary raised his nose, "What did you think you were the only one that could get a new style?"

Ash smiled, "No but when you're switching between this fad and that, like nothing's working. I mean seriously every few months you have a new format."

Gary scoffed, "It's called the future, and you're the junk that comes before that!" 

"Sure, anyway besides your consistent bragging, I think Green's looks pretty good," Ash said nonchalantly

"And what about mine?" Gary asked

"What about yours?" getting an eye twitch from Gary and a chuckle from Green.

Yellow saw this and looked down at her own clothes since between all of them she was the only one that had the same style since they started about 5 months ago.

Yellow sighed and put her hands down, "There your eye should be better now."

Ash smiled and took off the eyepatch showing his eye was back to normal, he gave a thumbs up, "Thanks Yellow you're the best."

Yellow blushed slightly from the praise and looked away getting a chuckle from everyone.

Green stretched her arms up, "Anyway how are you guys doing on your badges, I mean we're all going to Cinnabar right, kinda hard to believe we all coincidentally have the same stuff."

"I'm at 6," Ash said

"Yeah me too" Gary added

Green showed her badge case, "Same here"

"I mean I really should be more surprised," Gary said, closing his eyes, "But as far as I know the Viridian leader is still not at the Gym."

As soon as he said that all three of them stared at Yellow who slightly flinched and started waving her hands, "H-hey I don't know anything, I don't even know who the Gym leader is, usually Uncle Wilton deals with that stuff."

Green rubbed Yellow's head, "Don't worry about it," then she turned to the boys, "But I guess we all would need to wait for whoever it is to get back to their duties."

Gary shrugged, "I mean, legally they only technically need to be at the Gym for like 3 months to not lose funding or their position, so they should be there by the time we make it back, don't quote me on that tho."

"I mean I guess, worst case we could get some badges from the unlicensed gyms, we only need like one more after this," Ash said getting a blank stare from the other two

"Nice try, but not happening I'm getting that badge," Gary said

"Yep, I still have our other bet to finish, on who gets the badges first, Don't think I've forgotten," Green said smugly.

"Yeah don't remind me," Ash rolled his eyes, "Besides you haven't even cashed out your other thing,"

"Oh don't you worry, I have a certain thing I'm saving that for," Green said, smiling mischievously, making Ash and Gary shiver slightly.

Ash sighed seeing the two and did the only thing he could think of, "You know, does that mean Gary is worse than us since we go on foot and he has a car?"

{A few hours later}

The ship docked and they all finally arrived on Cinnabar Island, people made their way out as Ash and Yellow said their goodbyes to Gary and Green and went their separate ways.

They managed to catch up with Misty and Brock, and the most surprising thing about this island was even though it was late fall and nearing winter and everywhere else was getting cold, this place was warm, not just that steaming.

It was obvious why, the large volcano that was steaming and generating heat for this entire island and especially for the multiple hot springs. Which made the Island a tourist destination during the cold seasons.

Misty was the most relieved, "Ahhh, so warm, It means I don't have to wear these uncomfortable things." she said, referring to the pants.

Ash and Brock looked at her weirdly, "Is it seriously that hard for you to wear pants for a while," Ash said

Misty pointed at him, "Look who's talking, you always wear a Jacket when it is hot, and I've never seen you in shorts."

Ash smiled as Misty released the poor choice of words, before she could stop him Ash put his hand on his face, "Oh how barbarish, are you that desperate to see my legs, I can't believe it."

"Stop being weird!" Misty yelled getting people around them to look at her.

Ash decided to not continue teasing her and looked around as he opened his Jacket, "So what should we do, we can either go find a place for the night or we can go to the lab for the fossils you guys have."

"I vote finding a hotel," Yellow said raising her hand

"Yeah, I agree, although I would like to revive them, finding a place takes priority," Brock said

Before Misty could say anything Ash spoke again, "Ok in that case Misty's vote doesn't matter, let's find somewhere to rent."

Misty felt like punching Ash, but she knew if she did it it would be admitting Ash won so she just followed.

As Ash led the way, someone caught his eye, 'No way! But I guess it makes sense.'

Before he could do or say anything this boy approached them quickly, and looked at them excitedly, "Alola! Are you guys tourists, I can give you a guide as long as you can pay!"

This boy looked to be around the same age as them, maybe a bit older, he had black hair and a baseball cap with a blue and white striped t-shirt, next to him was a Meowth but not just any Meowth, an Alolan Meowth.

Yes this was was Sun, one of the protagonists from the manga, and since he is here that means whatever happens in Alola hasn't happened yet, also means he is about to get robbed.

As Ash was thinking Yellow looked confused, "Alola?"

"Oh sorry," Sun rubbed the back of his head, "My great-grandfather lives there and I kinda let that slip out sometimes."

Yellow looked at Ash, "Didn't you go to Alola one year?"

Before Ash could answer, Sun ran to him with stares in his eyes, "You mean you've been to Alola! Can you tell me about it!"

Ash felt a sweat drop as Yellow looked apologetically, "Sure, I can tell you, but it's not too impressive, but in exchange can you tell us some stuff about Cinnabar Island, you know like hotels, the laboratory, and the Gym?"

Sun nodded and pointed his thumb to himself confidently, "Of Course, I'll definitely help you, after all, they don't call me 'Saver' for nothing!"