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Pokemon: Pallet Town's Genius


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A 17 year old guy called Colson from Earth gets a second chance at life, but in a completely different world with different customs and new creatures. Lets see what his journey will bring us and what he will achieve as the twin of Green in Pallet Town ______________________________ This fanfic is made by me on this account. If seen anywhere else, it's a copy and paste. Colson will not limit himself to the gyms in Kanto and will join another league! But you will have to find out your self :) Pokemon is owned by Pokemon co, and the only thing I own are the MC and my OCs. Im a busy boy so don't expect a stable upload schedule but I will try my best to upload a few chapters a week. Also no colour or talent system. This story will be based on the anime with a sprinkle of the games and a pinch of au. Things like ways of evolving, the age of some characters, move mechanics, and what Pokemon can mega will be different. Comment if I made a grammar mistake as it's my first time writing any stories outside of the quick narratives I wrote at school.


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