2 To Viridian City

The journey to Viridian City while walking would take 4-5 days without stopping. However, since Ash wanted to train his pokemon, Pikachu and Spearow leveling them up and mastering some abilities.

For example, If Pikachu could successfully master, Agility, Quick Attack and Thunder Shock. This would be a great combo if used correctly.

Though, Pikachu learned new abilities after the fight, Double team, Light Screen, Slam and Thunderbolt. Ash didn't know how pikachu suddenly learned those skills.

'Is it inherent or is there a concept of leveling but cannot be seen?' Ash asked in his mind. He expected no answers.

Misty and Ash talked about a lot of things during their walk. It would have been awkward if Ash doesn't have topic to talk about. Fortunately, Ash knew a lot of pokemon and of course Water type pokemon. He knew a lot, Not only from Kanto region but from other's too.

"Really!? That's amazing. I can't wait to see those pokemons."

Misty said with yearning expression. She wanted to see those pokemons Ash talked about. Her loves for Water type pokemon hypes her even more that there are many other water type pokemon out there.

Especially, the cute piplup what ash talked about.

"Don't worry Misty. If we continue our journey we'll surely come accross those pokemon. There are many wonders around the world for us to explore." Ash said with exaggeration.

Even though he said those with experience. The truth is far from it. Ash only saw those pokemon on screen but not in real life. He also couldn't wait to see them though. The same as Misty, Ash was very very excited. He didn't show it because he didn't want to destroy his wise aura around misty.

Well, it's his fault for being a show off. Now, he could only continue as wise sage ash. Goodluck, virgin Ash, este Young Ash Ketchum.

Ash and Misty stop from time to time. Mainly because of rest and lunch, then continue walking then again stop because they saw a pokemon, beedrills. When encountering these kind of pokemon, you should not hesitate to avoid them. Same as spearows, Beedrills tends to form a group. But these pokemon are a lot worse than Spearows. Beedrills gather around 10 or more of their kind.

So Ash and Misty simply avoid them. They know their limits. Attacking Beedrills is simply a suicide.

Instead, Ash fought with wild Spearows and Beedrills who are alone. Training his Spearow and Pikachu. Ash didn't capture Beedrill, because he wanted a Pidgey. Pidgey's are very rare. They didn't encounter one.

"Hey, Ash can you please finish that beedrill."

Misty said as she hid on his back. She's watching the Beedrill with fear. Ash, forgot that Misty is really bad with bug type pokemon. That's also the reason he didn't catch a beedrill.

Also, Beedril isn't really cute.

"It'll be done any minute now, Misty."

Ash watch as Beedrill used Pin Missiles.

"Pikachu, Double Team and Agility then finish it with Thunderbolt."

Pikachu clone into 5 pikachus and then simultaneously used agility, dodging all the pin missiles, one was hit and disappeared. The pikachus jump up in the sky and used Thunderbolts toward the beedrill.

The beedrill was hit by thunderbolts but only one was real. It suddenly lost it's flight, dropping to the ground. Eyes twirling.

"Phew, Finally." Misty wipe her non-existent sweat on her forehead.

"You don't really bug type pokemon huh" Ash said while looking at slightly pale Misty.

"Yeah, I don't really know why I fear them. Maybe it was during my childhood. Some Traumatic happened that made me hate Bug type pokemon. Because the sight of them alone already creep the heck of me."Misty said as he body shivers just by thinking a bug type pokemon crawling towards her.

"Not all bug type are creepy you know. There other cute bug pokemon out there." Ash explained.

"No No No, Even if they are cute, a bug is still a bug." Although she wanted to see when she heard cute, but her fear overcome her curousity.

"Then maybe I should I help you from your fear of Bug type by introducing the cute ones first?" Ash asked her permission. He didn't want to surprise her and earn her anger.

"Ash... You thought of me that very much. I'm grateful to you Ash. But, please don't surprise me okay, or I'll really hate you if you do that... Fine, I will see the cute one first." Misty seriously said but pouted cutely at the last.

"Un, I won't do that. I promise. I don't want Misty to hate me." Ash slowly said as she stared at her beautiful green eyes.

"You're weird Ash. Why are you looking at me like that.... Hey, don't look at me like that. You're making me weird." As Ash state through her eyes. Misty didn't know how to react, when she look at his brown eyes, Misty is mesmerized as Ash to her.

Misty's cheeks turned red as she didn't know what is happening to her. She's have their weird feeling in her cheeks when she stare at Ash's eyes.

"Ah, I'm sorry Misty. I was lost in thought on what kind of bug pokemon suitable for you to introduce." Ash oblivious to what is happening, snap out from his deep thinking.

"Oh, I-I-I see, don't think about it too much. I'm still not ready for the first bug type." Misty said dodgedely, while she pretends that thing never happened. She now knew Ash wasn't really paying attention.

"Okay then. Let me know when you're ready okay?"

"Un." Misty nods.

After that Misty stayed silent. She was thinking about Ash's eye and why she's feeling giddy by staring at him. Her heart was beating fast than normal.

But what she didn't know is that. This is the sign of growing up, A part of adolescent youth experience. She's just 11 and Ash is younger than her by few months. So, it's logical she didn't know that feeling is called.

Unlike, Leaf with the support of her mother. She knew what she is feeling for Ash. But for Misty who didn't know what is childhood crush is, it's reasonable she is clueless on that part.

While the two continue to stride towards Viridian City. Dusk came.

The two started go set up their camp. But, Misty doesn't have a tent. Which resulted many questions from Ash.

"Misty you didn't have a Tent all along?" Ash said with incredulous expression.

"Oh, Yeah. I had one but I got lazy setting it up and leave it on pokemon center, because I forgot it. I'm already accustomed leaving outside though, with sleeping bag and hammock, a tent is really inconvenient." Misty explained to Ash.

"Heeh, I didn't know that." Ash answered.

"Of course, I know the basics on camping." Misty said. "But, even though hammock and Sleeping back is good for solo journey. Having tent in group is very good."

"Does that mean, We will share the tent tonight?" Ash nervously said.

"Yeah. Why you don't want to? I can sleep in my hammock if you want." Misty said but her voice sound a bit sad.

Ash's brain tried to process what's going on. Misty sounds sad because she thinks he didn't want to sleep with him. But, Only Ash knew what's difference between a man and a woman. After all, He has memories from hos last life.

For him, mentally, sleeping with underage Misty is really really bad. He don't know if officer jenny would arrest for being a pedophile.

He was just overthinking. What could have happened. They are still kids. Even if he wants to, His down there will not wake up until he is in the right age.

"Uh, No. Are you okay sharing the tent with me though?" Ash asked again for confirmation.

"I'm alright with that." Misty said without hesitation. Clearly oblivious the relationship between a man and woman.

Ash sighed and nod.

"Then let's share. But first, We need to prepare for dinner." Ash just reluctantly accepted his fate.

Another thing that confused Ash is that not only Pokemon existed in the world. After all, What would humans eat? Pokemon?

For that, Fish existed and other farm related animals. The Canon only said only pokemon's existed in the world. But after merging with Ash, New Ash found out about the food system.

The Non-Exotic foods are farm related animals, While the Exotic Food are related to pekomon. Like for example, Beedrill's honey, Miltank milk, Slowpoke's tail which considered as luxurious delicacy and other things exist.

Ash borrowed Misty's fishing rod and fished some fish and sometimes water-type pokemon. He caught a poliwag and decided to capture it after asking Misty if she wanted a poliwag. She said she has plenty of it in her home.

After fishing enough fish for food. Ash go back to camp and helped Misty cook the food. He also gave the pokemon's their food, berries and Pokemon food. The newly caught poliwag, happily eat his food while Pikachu and Spearow watch the cute tadpole happily along with Misty's poliwhirl, staryu, starmie and goldeen.

The smell of the fish soup was so enticing and making Ash and Misty hungry. Making both of their stomach grumbles as the two stare each other's eyes and laugh loudly.

"Hahahahaha. Misty you're funny."

"Hahahaha You too Ash."

"Let's eat."

"Yeah, I'm pretty hungry."

"Yeah, You're pretty but also hungry." Ash unconsciously added.

"Pfft, What's with that so cheesy.... But thanks Ash." Misty cheeks turned red when ash call her pretty.

The two gouge their food trying to satisfy their empty stomach.

Time passed by, They quickly finished their food as they prepare to sleep. However, Misty shocked Ash when she suddenly took of her clothes, Her yellow tank top and shorts tossed away on the side.

There, Misty clad on red bikini. Ash watch Misty with wide eyes and gobsmack expression.

"M-Misty what are you doing?" Ash quickly asked Misty.

"What do you think? Of course I'm taking a quick in the lake. I don't want to sleep with sweaty body. Yuck." Misty said with disgust. Then she continued by asking Ash. "Wait Ash, Do you want to take a bath with me?"

"Isn't that inappropriate?"

"Don't worry I have my bikini on." Misty reassured him and said with smile.

'Thats cheating you know.' Ash thought.

"I think...." Before he could finish his words. Misty drag him by the lake and command him.

"Come on don't be shy. It's just a bath. No need to be serious."

'It's precisely it's a bath!' Ash exclaimed loudly in his mind. While his mind was buzzing with alarms.

He look at Misty. Her petite body still looks of that child going puberty. Scientifically proven, Girls grows quicker than boys. Her budding breast was around the size between A and B, slim waist, her cute belly button and size okay hips. She's still young and there is more room for improvement.

Forced by Misty. Ash strip down to her boxer and swim into the lake with Misty. The lake is very beautiful, They didn't go deep though just around the waist high.

"Isn't it wonderful." Misty said.

"Yeah it is." Ash said as he admired the beauty of the lake and the beauty of the girl beside him. "Very beautiful indeed."

"Ash where are you looking. The lake is there you know." Misty pointed at the gorgeous scenery.

Ash only smile as he nodded. He still glance at Misty from time to time. He can't help it, He was attracted to her. Who wouldn't?

Ash shake his head, stopping himself, He looks like a creep.

"Misty, let's go back now." Ash said.

"Un, let's go. Thanks for reminding me Ash. I would have already slept if you didn't say anything." Misty joked. "The water feels so good."


Ash and Misty lay in the tent. Misty already dozed after a few minutes. While Ash was nervous as hell, Anxiety as it's peak.

Misty who was slept after few minutes seems to sense Ash wasn't still sleeping asked him.

"Uhm, Ash are you awake?"


"Can't sleep?"


"Should I get out? Am I making you uncomfortable?" Misty worriedly asked. She thought it's her fault that Ash couldn't fall asleep.

"N-No, It's okay. I'm just homesick." Ash used homesick as an excuse.

"Oh I see. I was also like that back then when I started my journey. But, I got pretty used being alone." Misty told Ash about her experience.

"Then what did you do?"

"Nothing really, I use my love for water pokemon to overcome my homesick." Misty smiled a little. "I wanted to see new water pokemon and capture them. So I look forward everyday."

"You're amazing Misty. To think you've endured being alone."

"Not really all the time. I also meet up fellow trainers and chat with them." Misty recited her experience and added. "It was really a fun experience, you get to know new people and new Pokemon."

"I look forward to our Journey Misty. You are not alone anymore. You have me and I have you. We will not be alone."

"Un, I'm excited. Now that I have you Ash. I won't be lonely anymore. Thanks Ash." Misty smiled, she then move close to Ash and hug his arm. Surprising the young Ketchum.

He turned his head to the side was greeted by a pair of emerald green eyes. Misty smiled cutely at Ash.

Ash could not process everything in one ago and shut down. Leaving a message.

'Oh Arceus may you forgive me'

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