Pokemon: Master of tactics

If Alex ever got the chance to get transmigrated into a world, he would choose Pokemon World. Since it is relatively safe. It is easy to earn money. Not to mention, such an adventurous and intriguing world. But when his wish somehow came true, he regretted it. If you want to see the next chapters earlier or just want to support me, you can do that at https://www.patreon.com/alex02373 (the story has a similar start as Legendary Pokemon Trainer so some people are probably confused. I wanted to say that only the beginning of the story is similar and this story is not a copy.) editor: JoJo_Soni

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Pokemon master of tactics: Chapter 398



Crobat at level 55 (Shallow Diamond) 0%

Scizor at level 55 (Shallow Diamond) 0%

Gardevoir at level 55 (Diamond) 7%

Blaziken at level 55 (Shallow Diamond) 5%

Umbreon at level 55 (Shallow Diamond) 2%

Ditto at Level 53 (Shallow Diamond) 86%

Alolan Ninetales at level 53 (Shallow Diamond) 29%

Banette at level 53 (Shallow Diamond) 29%

Kingdra at level 52 (Shallow Diamond) 4%

Zweilous at level 52 (Shallow Diamond) 52%

Shinx at level 10 (Gold) 0%


Alex again looked at the Status of each of his Pokemon and he quickly realized how the new potential system was likely to work.

The new percentage next to a Pokemon's potential showed how far away that Pokemon is from the next potential level.

Alex didn't know this for sure, but it's very likely that once a Pokemon reaches 100% that it has improved its potential or at least that's about to occur.

All of his Born Shallow Gold Pokemon continued to get items from Alex after they reached the SS- rank because Alex wasn't sure if it was truly impossible for him to get them to the Diamond Potential later on.

Alex's three Born Shallow Gold Pokemon didn't get many items, but he spent at least 50 million combined on the three after they reached the SS rank.

The fact that these 3 Pokemon only have 2-5% was frankly little when Alex considers that they probably didn't enter the SS rank at 0%.

Especially Blaziken and Kingdra who got the SS rank at their Evolution should have more than 5%. or at least Alex hadn't thought before he looked at the status of his Pokemon that Blaziken or Kingdra would have such a low percentage.

It seems that for Born Shallow Gold Pokemon it is considerably harder to reach the Diamond potential.

In comparison, Alex's three most talented Pokemon were many times more effective.

after Ninetales, Banette, and Zweilous reaches the SS rank, Alex kept buying as many items as possible for them.

Alex had spent close to 100 million Pokedollars on those three, and Alex was only really pleased with Zweilous' "improvements" after he looked at the status of the three.

Mainly because Alex didn't know if this percentage is always difficult to improve the higher the number is or if the difficulty stays the same no matter how close a Pokemon is to the next potential stage. (apart from the fact that a Pokemon has to consume more items to achieve this)

If the first one is true, it will be almost impossible for Alex to get his Born Shallow Gold Pokemon to the Diamond Potential even if he's making money like crazy. at least not without an extensive amount of money and time.

Even for Ninetales and Banette, it will be extremely expensive to bring them to Diamond potential, and "they were born with Born Gold potential." But for Ninetales and Banette, Alex is still rich enough to accomplish it relatively fast. Especially after he had built up a base in Hoenn.

Though, the main reason why all this is so expensive is that the prices for SS-rank Pokemon items and corpses are extremely pricey and not because Alex's Pokemon have too bad of a potential.

Especially the prices for Dragon and Ghost Type Pokemon items and corpses are very unreasonable.

The price-performance ratio of the items of these two types is extremely poor and one of the reasons why Alex always had the feeling that he was burning his money after buying items for his Pokemon.

Zweilous, who already had a 51%, shouldn't have much of a problem reaching the Diamond potential if Alex continues to buy items. But Alex aims higher for Zweilous than just the Diamond potential so that he doesn't stop buying items for him even after Zweilous has reached the Diamond potential.

If all goes well, Zweilous will be a 50+% Diamond Pokemon before it evolves, and will more likely become a Deep Diamond Pokemon after it evolves.

Though Alex still needs a good item Dark or Dragon-type item good enough to give Zweilous as it evolves.

an item from Professor Oak's Dragonite would be the best Pokemon item and Alex's optimal Pokemon item behind full-blood legendary Pokemon items.

Full-blood legendary Pokemon items simply cannot be compared and are always better than other items

Especially after Alex witnessed how high the potential of Ditto is, he realized that he had previously underestimated the items from full-blood legendary Pokemon. Each of these items (blood, scales,...) is an extraordinary treasure.

Also, now that Ditto is only 14% away, Alex won't give up getting it on the Diamond even if it means spending hundreds of millions to do it.

Alex stopped thinking about it and started walking back to the Team Rocket base with his Pokemon.

When he stopped thinking about other things and looked at the corpse of Bastiodon carried by his Pokemon, Alex couldn't help but resume to have an extremely heartbreaking mood.

Even if the future of him and his Pokemon looks very bright, he couldn't bring himself to be truly happy about it.

Alex and his Pokemon all showed sad expressions and no one even said a word as they walked through the forest for a long time.

Gardevoir, who felt the emotion of the whole group the best, couldn't help but start crying again. But this time she didn't break down completely and went on despite her grief.

She didn't want any sympathy and didn't want to stop the group so she made an effort to keep walking.

Gardevoir knows that she is not the only Pokemon that had to work so hard not to break down. She also didn't want to drain the mood of the group any further.

Alex noticed the sadness of his Pokemon and he tries to distract himself. He didn't want to think about it right now. he pulled out his TRH device and tried not to think about anything.

Now wasn't the best time to mourn or to break down in front of his pokemon so that Alex showed an emotionless expression even though his eyes betrayed his true feelings.

He sent Maria, Elise, and Daniel the same message: that the test was over and that he had won.

However, Alex was immediately called by Maria after he had sent these three messages.

Alex hesitates for a moment but in the end, he accepts the call.


Maria's nervous voice could be heard. "Alex, are you ok? what happened? did you hurt yourself?...can you hear me?"

Alex tried to answer in a calm tone, "I'm fine..."

Maria's nervous voice could still be heard as she asked, "Alex...I saw the corpses of Marco and his Pokemon... You... should be considered a traitor by team rocket if they found out about it, right?"

Alex could then hear Maria, start to cry as she said, "*sob*, why are you doing such a stupid thing you, *sob*, bastard? What are you going to do now? F*ck, *sob*"

Alex said nothing for a few moments as he looked at his TRH device with a surprised expression.

This is the first time he has "seen" Maria crying.


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