367 Pokemon master of tactics: Chapter 367

Several months later.

Alex woke up and slowly moves his hand away from the other side of the bed. Maria, who was under Alex's arm, was still asleep after Alex slipped softly his arm under Maria's head.

He slowly walked out of the bedroom and made his way to the bathroom.

When Alex started to shower he suddenly heard the bathroom door being opened.

Maria enters the bathroom without saying a word.

After that, She instantly took off her clothes and entered the shower where Alex greeted her with a smile.

Alex said with a smile, "don't you know how dangerous it is to be naked in front of a man?"

Maria rolled her eyes as she said, "Oh, really? then it's a good thing I don't see a man here."

Alex's expression stiffened a bit and he was speechless for a few seconds. Then started to smile big.

He said, "Wow that was nasty...but I like it"

Alex wasn't insecure about his new body and he didn't believe Mary's words were true. Especially because he had already entered a sauna when he wanted to relax in a hotel and what he saw proved that Maria was talking nonsense.

Maria flashed a playful look as she walked closer to Alex and whispered in his ear, "I'm really mean to you...but what are you going to do about it?"

After 40 minutes Maria and Alex left the bathroom.

At the same time, they greet all Pokemon that have already woken up.

Alex looked at the status of his Pokemon like every morning.


Pokémon: Crobat

LV: 55

Type: Poison / Flying

Abilities: Inner Focus

Gender: Male

Potential: Shallow Diamond


- Absorb, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray [E], Swift, Haze, Leech Life [E], Mean Look [E], Venoshock [E], Air Slash, Cross Poison [M],

- ( Perfect Talent) Shadow Ball [M], ( Perfect Talent) Fly [M],

- (TM) Protect, (TM) Toxic [E], (TM) Taunt [E], (TM) Sludge Bomb, (TM) Facade, (TM) Roost [E], (TM) Substitute, (TM) Thief, (TM) Double Team [E], (TM) Aerial Ace, (TM) Torment, (TM) Steel Wing (TM) Payback, (TM) X-Scissor, (TM) Giga Impact


Pokémon: Scizor

LV: 55

Type: Bug / Steel

Abilities: Technician

Gender: Male

Potential: Shallow Diamond


- Leer, Quick Attack, Focus Energy [E], Double Team, Feint, Fury Cutter, Wing Attack, Agility [E], Slash, Razor Wind, Iron Defense, X-Scissor [E], Night Slash, Bullet punch, Double Hit, Iron Head, Brick Break [E],

- (Perfect Talent) Roost [M], (Perfect Talent) Metal Claw [M],

- (TM) Protect, (TM) Swords Dance [M], (TM) Toxic, (TM) Thief, (TM) Facade, (TM) Giga Impact [E], (TM) U-turn [E], (TM) Sandstorm [E], (TM) Substitute, (TM) Safeguard, (TM) Light Screen, (TM) Return, (TM) Aerial Ace [E], (TM) Acrobatics,


Pokémon: Gardevoir

LV: 55

Type: Psychic / Fairy

Abilities: Telepathy (hidden ability)

Gender: Female

Potential: Shallow Diamond


- Growl, Confusion, Double Team, Teleport [E], Disarming Voice, Lucky Chant, Magical Leaf, Heal Pulse [E], Draining Kiss [E], Psychic [M], Imprison, Future Sight, Captivate, Hypnosis [E], Dazzling Gleam[E], Dream Eater,

- (Perfect Talent) Disable [M], (Perfect Talent) Calm Mind [M],

- (TM) Protect, (TM) Shadow Ball, (TM) Will-O-Wisp, (TM) Thunderbolt, (TM) Thunder Wave, (TM) Helping Hand, (TM) Focus Blast [E] , (TM) Reflect [E], (TM) Light Screen, (TM) Safeguard, (TM) Charm, (TM) Icy Wind, (TM) Hyper Beam [E], (TM) Guard Swap, (TM) Mystical Fire, (TM) Psych Up, (TM) Substitute


Pokémon: Ditto

LV: 52

Type: Normal

Abilities: Imposter (Hidden ability)

Gender: Genderless

Potential: Deep Gold

Moves: (Innate Talent) Transform [E]


Pokémon: Bastiodon

LV: 55

Type: Rock / Steel

Abilities: Sturdy

Gender: Male

Potential: Shallow Diamond


- Protect, Tackle, Metal Sound, Take Down, Iron Defense, Swagger, Ancient Power, Block, Endure, Sleep Talk [E]

- (Perfect Talent) Rock Polish [M], (Perfect Talent) Flamethrower [M]

-(TM) Protect, (TM) Taunt [E], (TM) Rock slide [M], (TM) Rest [E], (TM) Earthquake [E], (TM) Flash Cannon [M], (TM) Substitute, (TM) Bulldoze, (TM) Roar, (TM) Toxic [E], (TM) Ice Beam, (TM) Thunderbolt, (TM) Double Team


Pokémon: Blaziken

LV: 55

Type: Fire/Fighting

Abilities: Speed Boost (Hidden Ability)

Gender: Female

Potential: Shallow Diamond


- Growl, Scratch, Ember, Sand Attack, Peck, Double Kick, Flame Charge, Quick Attack, Bulk Up, Blaze Kick, Focus Energy, Sunny Day [M], High Jump Kick [E], Slash

- (Perfect Talent) Attract [M], (Perfect Talent) Overheat [M]

- (TM) Protect, (TM) Flamethrower [E], (TM) Rock slide [E], (TM) Will-O-Wisp [M], (TM) Poison Jab [E], (TM) Solar Beam [M], (TM) Dig, (TM) Facade, (TM) Helping Hand, (TM) Brick Break, (TM) Acrobatics, (TM) Shadow Claw, (TM) Low Sweep, (TM) U-turn, (TM) Swift, (TM) Substitute


Pokémon: Umbreon

LV: 55

Type: Dark

Ability: Synchronize

Gender: Female

Potential: Shallow Diamond


- Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Double Kick, Sand Attack, Bite, Swift, Take Down, Double-Edge [E], Helping Hand, Charm, Baton Pass, Work Up [M], Pursuit, Moonlight, Mean Look, Last Resort, Guard Swap

- (Perfect Talent) Rest [M], (Perfect Talent) Sleep Talk [M],

-(TM) Toxic [M], (TM) Shadow Ball [E], (TM) Facade [E], (TM) Protect, (TM) Attract, (TM) Psychic [E], (TM) Substitute, (TM) Snarl, (TM) Payback [M], (TM) Psych Up ,(TM) Return, (TM) Taunt, (TM) Hyper Beam


Pokémon: Alolan Ninetales

LV: 53

Type: Ice / Fairy

Ability: Snow Cloak

Gender: Female

Potential: Shallow Diamond


-Powder Snow, Tail Whip, Roar, Baby-Doll Eyes, Ice Shard, Confuse Ray, Icy Wind, Payback, Mist, Feint Attack, Aurora Beam, Extrasensory [E], Safeguard, Ice Beam, Sheer Cold [M], Howl [E], Dazzling Gleam [M]

-(Perfect Talent) Hex [M], (Perfect Talent) Blizzard [M]

-(TM) Protect, (TM) Hail [E] , (TM) Return, (TM) Double Team [M], (TM) Facade, (TM) Substitute, (TM) Payback, (TM) Psych Up, (TM) Toxic


Pokémon: Banette

LV: 53

Type: Ghost

Abilities: Cursed Body (Hidden ability)

Gender: Male

Potential: Shallow Diamond


- Knock Off [E], Screech, Night Shade, Spite, Shadow Sneak, Will-O-Wisp, Feint Attack, Hex, Shadow Ball, Embargo, Destiny Bond [M], Sucker Punch

- (Perfect Talent) Curse [M], (Perfect Talent) Phantom Force [M],

-(TM) Protect, (TM) Calm Mind, (TM) Toxic [E], (TM) Taunt [M], (TM) Thunderbolt, (TM) Psychic, (TM) Payback, (TM) Thunder Wave, (TM) Dazzling Gleam [M], (TM) Substitute


Pokémon: Zweilous

LV: 52

Type: Dark/Dragon

Ability: Hustle

Gender: Male

Potential: Shallow Diamond


- Tackle, Dragon Rage, Focus Energy [E], Bite, Headbutt, Dragon Breath, Roar, Slam, Dragon Pulse [E], Work Up [M], Dragon Rush, Earth Power [E], Body Slam

-(Perfect Talent) Crunch [M], (Perfect Talent) Draco Meteor [M],

-(TM) Protect, (TM) Toxic, (TM) Thunder Wave, (TM) Taunt, (TM) Facade, (TM) Thief,(TM) Psych Up, (TM) Dragon Tail [E], (TM) Substitute, (TM) Dark Pulse [E],


Pokémon: Kingdra

LV: 52

Type: Water

Abilities: Sniper

Gender: Male

Potential: Shallow Diamond


- Bubble, Smokescreen, Leer, Water Gun, Twister, Bubble Beam, Brine, Agility [E], Dragon Dance [M], Dragon Pulse, Clear Smog [E],

- (Perfect Talent) Outrage [M] (Perfect Talent) Focus Energy [M]

-(TM) Protect, (TM) Blizzard [E], (TM) Hyper Beam, (TM) Double Team, (TM) Facade,(TM) Substitute, (TM) Flash Cannon [E], (TM) Surf [E], (TM) Rest, (TM) Sleep Talk, (TM) Toxic


Between level 55 and level 59, all Pokemon are called high-elite Pokemon.

Now Alex has 6 high-elite Pokemon and these Pokemon are only 5 level-ups away from becoming Champion-level Pokemon.

Alex had the feeling that these 5 levels would take a particularly long time.

He remembered how many Strong Gym leader's Pokemon stay long in those 5 levels.

For example, Koga only had two level 60 Pokemon and both had a Shallow Diamond.

The rest of Koga's main team is between levels 56 and 59.

Koga has been a trainer for a relatively long time and his training method shouldn't be bad but his Pokemon are still at this level.

Although Alex believed that almost no other trainer trained their Pokemon as much and effectively as he trained his Pokemon, Koga shouldn't be many times worse than him.

(Alex's amount of money spent on his Pokemon is completely ridiculous and his training time is just as ridiculous. Even Steven uses less money at the same amount of time as Alex on his Pokemon)

Luckily all Pokemon except Ditto are now on the SS rank and shouldn't take years to reach level 60.

Alex was particularly happy that his two newest family members are now strong enough to help in fights.

Kingdra and Zweilous have both evolved and are already on the same level as Ditto.

There wasn't much Alex could do about Ditto's slow leveling. even after spending a lot of money to buy a lot of items for Ditto.

He made a lot of money in those several months with Steven, even though he started selling fewer S-rank Pokemon when the market had too many S-rank Pokemon in stock.

Alex is still making good money, just slower than before.

He now had 200 million Pokedollars left, even though he had already spent more than 250 million Pokedollars on Ditto's items in the past few months.

Alex who had to spend so much money to get Ditto to deep gold potential felt that Ditto's born potential was really terrible.

He wasn't even sure if Ditto could become a Shallow Diamond with many, many, SS-rank items.

The jump from Deep Gold to Shallow Diamond is enormous and Alex felt that even with 1 billion Pokedollar worth of items, Ditto couldn't reach the Shallow Diamond Potential.

If each item becomes less effective after the next item, it's almost the main reason why these costs are becoming more and more ridiculous for Ditto who needs many items.

Alex was sitting with Maria as he said, "Are you ready for tomorrow? or are you nervous?"

Maria smiled slightly as she said, "Why should I be nervous? I'm not the person who needs to win against Marco and Janine in Giovanni's test."

Alex had an emotionless expression on his face but he was a bit nervous about the "test" Giovanni had prepared for his "participants".

Today was the last day of the "1 year" preparation time and also the day when Giovanni will explain the "test" in detail.


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