192 Pokemon master of tactics: Chapter 192 (Bonus Chapter)

Alex was sitting on a bench in a public park, waiting for Maria to arrive. He wore a stylish leather jacket and skinny blue jeans that went relatively well with his red cap.

After he had accepted the 'date' from Maria, he decided to up his dressing style a bit. On a date, you at least gotta look good. And for that, you gotta have to expend some time and effort. Though Alex doesn't really like wasting time doing something like this.

He also came 15 minutes earlier to make sure that he isn't late compared to Maria.

And his caution was proven correct after 5 minutes as Maria came in stylish jeans, a red top, and a white cap that went well with her dark red hair and blue eyes.

Together with her good looks and captivating figure for her age, she attracted many unwanted stares.

But her cold glare scared many men wanting to approach her. Her eyes looked very similar to a cold-blooded snake (Arbok), which was really unusual considering her age.

Maria saw Alex waiting at the lonely place and stepped in his direction.

Alex saw Maria and began walking in her direction with a striking smile on his face.

When he got close enough, he looked into Maria's eyes and said, "You know Maria, I don't believe in angels, but I guess I gotta change my mind after looking at you. I have to say that you look really breathtaking today."

She answered with a slight smirk, "As always, you start with your poor flirting."

Alex faked the expression of pain. "Why you gotta hurt me in such a manner?"

The sharpness in Maria's eyes intensified as she looked at Alex and made a dangerous smile, "Hmm~ So you really look at me like I'm an angel?"

Alex looked at Maria with a sincere expression and said, "No, to speak honestly, an angel is too pure, and I would never fall in love with an angel. I would say you are more like a fallen angel, a corrupted angel."

Maria looked at Alex's eyes and saw that there was a surprising sincereness. Knowing that this compliment came from his heart, she couldn't help but be a little happy inside. Although Alex was still flirting with her, she liked being compared to a fallen angel. It was more honest than being called an angel. Sometimes, honest feelings are more impactful than flattering words.

Her expression softened a little bit, but she still said with an indifferent face, "Ok, enough with your nonsense. I didn't ask for a meeting to hear your compliments."

Alex showed a smiling expression and said, "So you are giving our date the term 'meeting', huh?"

Maria, who had already expected Alex to say something like this, smiled a little when she said, "Ohh~ You thought I asked you out on a date. Heh, someone's quite conceited."

She realized that her lips had transformed into a smile and instantly changed her face to her serious mode again.

"*cough* No, I wanted to talk to you about meeting the boss for tomorrow."

Alex showed a serious expression and said, "Ok, let's find a quiet place to talk."

After the two started going to the place together, Alex said before even 5 seconds had passed, "But after this talk, we will still go on a date."

Maria ignored him but was internally quite satisfied with his declaration.

Alex, who had enough experience dealing with Maria, knew that Maria had given him a silent approval and gave a flirtatious smile.

After Alex and Maria hadn't even met for 2 minutes, they both saw a blonde, good-looking 18-year-old girl walking by.

She was a gorgeous woman even in the Pokémon world and similarly beautiful to Maria or Lisa.

There are people who would give these blonde girls a 10 and Maria a 9, and there would be people who would do it the other way round. But both girls were ravishing beauty.

Alex looked at the girl but didn't show any particular expression. Although she looks good, she wasn't his type.

The blonde girl's gaze fell on Alex and showed a bright, pure smile as she came up to him and said, "Wow! Aren't you Alex from this year's Kanto tournament? I became your biggest fan when I saw you defeat your opponent stronger than you with your skills."

Alex, who had already heard such compliments a few times, showed a fake smile and said, "Thank you for such sweet words."

Although it was the first time that he was approached by such a beautiful fan, he still wanted to end this conversation as soon as possible.

"Hm, are you shopping with your little sister?"

The blonde girl had looked at Maria's breast before saying the words 'little sister'. Maria has a B cup and almost a C cup, which is quite good for her age. But compared to this blonde girl, who has the DD cup, Maria's cup size looked a bit small.

Maria did not get angry but looked coldly at the blonde girl for a second. Her eyes showed an ice-cold look, and she looked like a snake that was about to tear its prey to pieces.

"B!tch, I'll give you 10 seconds to run away from here, or I'll find you and... You don't need me to specify it, right?" Then she glared at the blonde girl and waited for her response.

The blonde girl saw the abnormal cold glare and felt that if she really didn't run away immediately, she would lose her life today. She has often seen cold glances but never such an emotionless and deadly look that wakes her instinct to run away.

She immediately panicked and ran away without saying anything. While running, she lost one of her high heels but kept running without picking it up.

Alex started to laugh seeing this and put an arm around Maria's shoulder as he wanted to lead her to a quiet place.

"Hahahaha, did you see her look? Hahaha!"

Maria went together with Alex, who was still trying to control his laughter, showed a faint smile.


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