188 Pokemon master of tactics: Chapter 188 (Bonus Chapter)

Wallace saw his second Pokémon being defeated by Steven and couldn't help but think of this one thing. "Should I have trained more for this tournament?"

Because Wallace has never met a trainer (similar age) stronger than him, he was very confident about winning this tournament. He never imagined that it was possible for him to lose.

In the preparation month before the tournament, he didn't really train a lot and was more concerned with his new project. Since he was stronger than the previous 10 winners of this tournament, he didn't think that it was a problem if he briefly neglected the training of his Pokémon.

"Is it impossible to be the strongest trainer and the best coordinator at the same time???... No, I will not lose sight of my goal. It may be impossible for a normal person, but it shouldn't be impossible for me. I only need to find a better balance between both."

Without a moment's hesitation, he took the Pokéball of Gyarados and threw it high in the sky.

Gyarados appear on the field with a loud battle cry.


Pokémon: Gyarados

LV: 43

Type: Water/Flying

Ability: Moxie (Hidden Ability)

Gender: Male

Potential: Shallow Diamond


- Splash, Tackle, Bite, Thrash, Leer, Twister, Ice Fang, Aqua Tail, Scary Face, Dragon Rage [E], Crunch, Hydro Pumps

- (Perfect Talent) Taunt [E], (Perfect Talent) Waterfall [M]

- (TM) Protect, (TM) Facade, (TM) Surf, (TM) Ice Beam [E], (TM)Thunderbolt, (TM) Blizzard, (TM) Earthquake, (TM) Double Team, (TM) Brutal Swing, (TM) Giga Impact


Although Wallace knows that his chance was rather slim, he didn't want to give up yet. If he was going to lose, he wanted to at least be able to proudly lose after giving everything in the battle.

"3,2,1, *WHISTLE*"

"Gyarados, use Waterfall."

"Metagross, use Psychic while staying away from Gyarados."

Steven wanted to make full use of Metagross's current great speed advantage against a Pokémon like Gyarados that only has melee attacks and no Expert-rank AOE move.

Gyarados successfully used [Waterfall]. And in the next second, his entire body got covered in water as he flew towards Metagross at a breakneck pace.

Moves like [Waterfall] and [Giga Impact] are special melee moves because they allow the Pokémon to execute a 'Charge' and, depending on the mastery, build up a faster speed.

Although Gyarados was 20 meters away and Metagross tried to increase the distance, the result was the opposite.

Metagross finished preparing [Psychic] while running and hit Gyarados, who was only 5 meters away from Metagross.

Gyarados located the damaged spot on his body and rammed into Metagross there, who was thrown 5 meters away because of it.

Metagross, with all his injury, could, of course, not take this move and became unconscious.

"What a monster," thought Wallace. Even though Gyarados had defeated Metagross, he knew from experience that Gyarados really suffered a lot of damage from this one hit.

According to his estimation, Gyarados had lost around 30-35% of HP from that single hit, even though Gyarados can endure special attacks relatively well.

Steven immediately got a [Hyper Potion] to heal Metagross and called it back to the Pokéball.

He was very satisfied with the performance of Metagross, as one could see from his smile.

He called out his next Pokémon without saying anything.


Pokémon: Skarmory

LV: 45

Type: Flying/Steel

Ability: Keen Eye

Gender: Male

Potential: Shallow Diamond


- Leer, Peck, Sand Attack, Metal Claw, Air Cutter, Fury Attack, Feint, Swift, Spikes, Agility, Steel Wing, Slash, Metal Sound

- (Perfect Talent) Taunt [E], (Perfect Talent) Sky Attack [M]

- (TM) Toxic, (TM) Roost, (TM) Flash Cannon, (TM) Substitute, (TM) Facade, (TM) Swords Dance, (TM) Fly, (TM) X-Scissor, (TM) Sandstorm


Wallace and Steven both knew this fight would be soon decided.

If Gyarados defeated Skarmory, his ability would make him so strong that only one [Waterfall] would be enough to defeat Steven's last Pokémon. And because [Waterfall] is on the Master-rank, it would be ready before any move made by Lairon.

Even though Steven had the upper hand, he looked warily in the direction of Wallace and Gyarados.

"3,2,1, *WHISTLE*"

"Skarmory, Swords Dance."

"Gyarados, use Ice Beam."

Both trainers gave their orders while observing the battlefield. Nobody wanted to make a mistake and lose this important fight.

Gyarados finished first, launched a beam of ice flying towards Skarmory with a cold speed.

Skarmory couldn't evade because he was preparing a move and was hit completely. A critical hit!!!

After this convulsing hit, Skarmory had a large wound on his head, and Steven knew that this one hit had taken about 45% of Skarmory's HP.

Wallace, who also saw that, knew that this was his chance. He knew that it was either make it or break it.

"Gyarados, use Waterfall with Ice Beam."

Wallace got ready to use his best combo of [Waterfall] and followed by the [Ice Beam]. It's simple but a very effective and fast combo.

Skarmory finally finished too and strengthened his attack. Although it was a little slower, it was finished now.

"Skarmory, time for the Sky Attack."

Steven understood Wallace's tactics at a glance and immediately applied the counter.

Skarmory barely finished preparing first and began to fly very high in the sky. (Because Gyarados was preparing two moves, he was slower even though he had a starting advantage)

"Gyarados wait for Skarmory to use Sky Attack and then use that

Waterfall, Ice Beam combo."

Wallace also understood Steven's tactics and responded quickly.

Skarmory stopped rising and started falling to the ground with a ridiculous swiftness.

Gyarados tried to build up speed on the ground and use it to counter Skarmory's power.

Both Pokémon rammed each other with their gathered momentum and slammed each other.

To the surprise of both trainers, this collision was so strong that both Pokémons fell to the ground with no energy left anymore to fight.

As it was apparent, both Pokémon could not endure this collision.

The referee, who saw both Pokémon go unconscious, announced loudly, "Both Skarmory and

Gyarados are unconscious and can no longer fight. Participant Wallace has lost all three Pokémon and has no Pokémon left in his party, who can fight for him."

After a short break, he spoke loudly, "Thus, Participant Steven is the winner."


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