187 Pokemon master of tactics: Chapter 187

Wallace called his unconscious Ludicolo back to the Pokéball with the words, "Thank you for your hard work," and focused in the direction of Steven.

He smiled as he maintained eye contact with Steven and said, "Steven, you are a really great trainer. You are the first person around my age who has given me a real fight."

"Thanks, Wallace. I'm also glad that I can have such an interesting fight in this tournament."

Wallace stopped smiling and said with a serious tone, "But enough is enough. I've never been defeated by anyone in my age group, and today won't be any different."

Without further words, he released his next Pokémon, and a beautiful Milotic appeared on the battleground.


Pokémon: Milotic

LV: 47

Type: Water

Ability: Cute Charm (Hidden Ability)

Gender: Female

Potential: Diamond


- Splash, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Wrap, Water Sport, Refresh[E], Disarming Voice, Twister, Aqua Ring, Captivate, Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail, Safeguard, Coil, Hydro Pump

- (Perfect Talent) Attract [M], (Perfect Talent) Recover [M]

- (TM) Protect, (TM) Toxic [E], (TM) Facade, (TM) Surf [E], (TM) Waterfall, (TM) Bulldoze, (TM) Psych Up, (TM) Giga Impact, (TM) Brutal Swing, (TM) Light Screen, (TM) Ice Beam


Alex, who saw the information, couldn't help but be surprised.

"47? I guess even goddess of fortune is a fan of Wallace, to think that Milotic was able to level up just before the final fight."

Although a level may not seem that much, it is a big leap in strength in the Elite rank.

"Unfortunately, the Perfect Talent move Attract and the Cute Charm ability is completely useless against Metagross. Much of Milotic's strength cannot really be used against Metagross, which is a huge disadvantage."

Metagross, who is a Pokémon with no gender, is not someone who can be affected by a Pokémon's appearance. It is easier to impress a Pokémon of the same gender than a Pokémon of no gender, such as Metagross.

The tagline "fall in love" has a term and condition, that they shouldn't be genderless Pokémon like Metagross.

"3,2,1, *WHISTLE*"

"Milotic, use Psych Up."

"Metagross, use Earthquake while going in front of Milotic."

Although Steven can also choose to combine other moves with [Earthquake], the charging period will be less if he doesn't do that.

In addition, the move itself is a bit stronger by itself. Together with the bonus damage from the Master rank and Milotic being very close to the origin point, it should be able to deal a ridiculous amount of damage.

Metagross's speed of floating towards Milotic while using the move was really swift.

When Milotic had just finished half of her move, Metagross was already done preparing [Earthquake], and it didn't waste any time in using it.

Milotic was hit by the tremors coming from the ground and was seriously damaged.

Wallace was able to estimate from experience that she had already lost around 40% of her HP.

The damage from the [Earthquake] to its full potential is simply terrifying.

"Metagross, use Earthquake while staying near Milotic."

Milotic also finally finished her move, and the [Psych Up] successfully increased her stats.

[Psych Up], which is not on the Expert rank, cannot copy all the improvements of Metagross, but managing to copy half of its effect is not a problem. (also depends on the level of the opponent)

Milotic was now many times faster and only slightly slower than Metagross. In addition, she was able to copy [Magnet Rise]'s partial effect. Thus she could also float in the air now.

Steven saw this and made a serious expression. Metagross's [Earthquake] is a critical attack move to win this fight. Without this move, this fight will be much more difficult. Even though Milotic's [Magnet Rise] duration is half as much as Metagross, she won't have a problem keeping it up for at least 1 minute.

"Metagross, stop using Earthquake and use Thunder Punch."

"Milotic, keep up the Recover while attacking with Surf."

Wallace, who knows the power of [Surf] on the Expert rank + regen., naturally wants to make the most out of it.

Metagross and Milotic both started having a fight of power. Metagross tried to deal as much damage to Milotic as possible. While Milotic kept healing a priority while using different moves to inflict damage on Metagross and keep it away.

Both trainers used lots of little different tactics to get an edge over each other, but the fight was generally at a stalemate.

After just a minute and several moves, both Pokémon were in a rather bad shape. Both trainers had already used Protect, which set this upcoming clash into a climax of this battle.

Metagross had suffered severe damage and had only about 30% HP left. But otherwise, it was in good condition.

Milotic was in really bad shape because she couldn't quite deal with Meatgross's attack with Recover and suffered more damage than she could cure in time. She had sores all over her body and only had 5% HP left at most.

The fact that she can't use [Cute Charm] or [Attract] had really affected her utilizable strength.

"Metagross, use Psychic and end this fight."

"Milotic, resist via Surf."

Both Pokémon used their move at the same time and hit the opponent.

To the surprise of Steven, Wallace, and the onlookers, Milotic hit a critical hit on the last move, and Metagross suffered grave damage.

Metagross's [Light Screen] effect was already over, so he was hit by the full blunt force of the [Surf].

In the end, both Pokémon fell unconscious on the ground, or that's what it looked like.

Metagross, who was lying on the floor for a few seconds, suddenly stood up with a struggling expression. Although his condition was really bad, he managed to remain conscious.

The commentary immediately started speaking to give goosebumps to the spectators after this exciting round.

"AHHHH!!!!!! And so the battle of the monsters is over. Metagross, the steel giant, is the winner of this round and has already defeated two of Wallace's Pokémon. An unbelievable fight, as we can see here. Will Wallace make a comeback, or will Steven make a clean sweep of Wallace's party? Stay tuned to see."

While Alex had thoughts like, "What kind of monsters are these? Especially Metagross, who has already defeated two Pokémon alone. Not to mention, one of them was the strongest Pokémon of Wallace."

"But I think Wallace is happy that Metagross can barely fight. Now it is time for Wallace's Gyarados to shine."


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