185 Pokemon master of tactics: Chapter 185

Alex was sitting in the arena with other spectators who were waiting eagerly for the finale to start.

For the finale, Alex flew to the arena to see the match live.

Although the atmosphere was one reason he came in person, the main reason was to get a close look at Wallace's Pokémon.

Alex noticed that match should soon start since it was close to the declared time. He focused on the ground and positioned all of his Pokéballs such that they can watch too.

In the arena, the anchor came to the stage and started creating the mood for the finale with his speech.

After a long speech came the introduction of the finalists.

"Today, in this finale, we have two immensely strong trainers, who will be battling each other for the title of the strongest rookie of the Hoenn region. Though the special thing about this finale is that both of them are strong enough to dominate any other year's tournament. But today, fate has led them to meet their toughest opponent in their path to the first rank. This ain't gonna be an easy fight, folks. And today might be the greatest finale played in the Hoenn Rookie tournament history. NOW, let's welcome our finalists."

"To my right, we have Wallace from Sootopolis City, a Water-type Pokémon trainer, who, according to his own admission, loves a Pokémon of grace. He is also the direct apprentice of Gym Leader Juan and has learned from him for years. Let's give this outstanding trainer a warm welcome."

Wallace came to the arena with a stylish suit that seemed unique and his trademark confident and elegant smile.

80% of all female viewers started screaming wildly when they saw Wallace.

He looked at the anchor and signaled him to come near him.

The anchor had a confused expression but walked in front of Wallace.

Wallace immediately snatched the microphone from the anchor's hand and began to speak with a confident expression.

"I'm Wallace, and I represent beauty as well as intelligence. This tournament is just a springboard for me to promote my competitions."

"I and some influential people are going to be hosting a Pokémon competition that has never been seen before."

"This competition will be called 'Pokémon Contest' and is a competition that will focus on beauty, elegance, and strength."

"The first 'Pokémon Contest' will take place here in this arena in 3 months, and you can learn about the more detailed rules online."

Wallace stopped talking and handed the microphone back to the anchor.

The anchor showed a surprised expression that Wallace was advertising for another event but kept his composure. As long as he doesn't advertise something like a product, he doesn't mind it. Since the sponsors won't be troubling him later on.

"Ah, that is an interesting introduction. Now please welcome the second finalist."

"To my left, we have Steven Stones from Mossdeep City. A Pokémon trainer who has focused on Steel and Rock-type Pokémon. He is also the son of Joseph Stone and, therefore, the current owner of Devon Corporation. Let's give this outstanding trainer a hearty welcome."

Steven went to the arena with a confident and relaxed attitude. He was wearing his usual stylish suit and his usual handsome smile.

When Steven came into the arena, there were almost as many female spectators screaming. Alex even heard a girl shouting, "THIS IS THE PERFECT FINALE!!"

Although he agrees with this girl, he doubts that they are thinking of the same reasons.

Unlike Wallace, Steven had nothing to say, so they both got ready to begin.

Both Steven and Wallace called their first Pokémon on the signal from the referee.

Lairon and Gyarados appear on the battlefield at the same time.


Pokémon: Lairon

LV: 39

Type: Rock/Steel

Abilities: Rock Head

Gender: Male

Potential: Deep Gold


- Harden, Tackle, Mud-Slap, Headbutt, Metal Claw, Rock Tomb, Roar, Iron Head, Rock Slide, Take Down, Metal Sound, Iron Tail

- (Innate Talent) Rock Polish [E], (Innate Talent) Sandstorm [E], (Innate Talent) Protect [E]

- (TM) Toxic, (TM) Earthquake, (TM) Facade, (TM) Rest, (TM) Sleep Talk, (TM) Substitute, (TM) Shadow Claw, (TM) Stone Edge, (TM) Aerial Ace


Pokémon: Gyarados

LV: 43

Type: Water/Flying

Abilities: Moxie (Hidden Ability)

Gender: Male

Potential: Shallow Diamond


- Splash, Tackle, Bite, Thrash, Leer, Twister, Ice Fang, Aqua Tail, Scary Face, Dragon Rage [E], Crunch, Hydro Pump

- (Perfect Talent) Taunt [E], (Perfect Talent) Waterfall [M]

- (TM) Protect, (TM) Facade, (TM) Surf, (TM) Ice Beam [E] (TM) Thunderbolt, (TM) Blizzard, (TM) Earthquake, (TM) Double Team, (TM) Brutal Swing, (TM) Giga Impact,


Alex was a bit impressed with the level of this finale.

A level 43 Gyarados with [Moxie] is an almost unstoppable monster in a rookie tournament. Such that, even Misty's strongest Pokémon seems like a pushover in this rookie tournament.

"Steven was lucky that one can easily recognize that this Gyarados has the hidden ability [Moxie] or he might have been in a problem. Though I think that's why Wallace used him against Flannery."

"Hmm, what is it so that Wallace hasn't used Milotic yet. Does it also has a secret that he wanted to keep it secret and would rather use this Gyarados than Milotic?"

Alex also noticed that Lairon is now one level higher and [Protect] is also on the Expert rank.

The shield could now probably withstand even attacks from a stronger Pokémon. But what is much more important it should now be useable more often. Although Alex doesn't know it for sure, that should be the logical advancement.

He was a bit tense to see how good [Protect] is on the Expert rank and whether the 'cooldown' is greatly reduced.

Even after being used often, [Protect] can only be used every 5 minutes. Which makes it useful for only once in a normal fight.

Alex was curious to see if there was much else on the Expert Rank.

Steven saw Gyarados and showed a serious expression. He knows due to the fight with Flannery that Gyarados very likely has the hidden ability [Moxie].

"3,2,1, GO!!"

"Lairon, use Sandstorm."

"Gyarados, use Taunt."

Both trainers began to give their commands at the same time.

Gyarados and Lairon both started preparing their moves, and almost simultaneously, they both started using their moves.

A big sandstorm started to sweep the whole arena after Lairon used his move.

Because [Sandstorm] is a Rock-type move, it deals even more harm to Gyarados due to type advantage.

Alex felt that it was the logical result. But because he has played too many Pokémon games, it didn't seem natural to him.

Gyarados was using [Taunt], and due to its effect, he prevented Lairon from using other moves as attack moves.

"Ok, Gyarados. Use Waterfall while preparing Ice Beam."

Alex knows that you can charge another move while the Master Rank move is still ongoing. Although the moves get weaker the longer you use them, they can be used for interesting combinations.

Steven smiled and said with a relaxed smile, "You did great, Lairon. But for now, return."


[EN]: Moxie increases the user's Attack one stage upon fainting an opponent. No need to google. I gotchu fam.


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