184 Pokemon master of tactics: Chapter 184 (Bonus Chapter)

Alex picked up the call and waited eagerly for what Lisa wanted to say.

"Hey, Alex~."

"Hello, Executive Lisa. What can I do for you?"

Lisa spoke with her usual playful tone, "Ohh~ Why so polite? Aren't we good friends, Alex~? There's no reason to be formal with me."

Alex wanted to say, "Yes, you are a good friend if one can ignore a particular 'hobby' of yours."

But because he didn't want to annoy Lisa, he simply said, "Executive Lisa is correct. we have known each other for a long time and I would describe our cooperation as very positive."

Lisa and Alex both knew that with his rapid progress, it wouldn't be long before Alex becomes an Executive himself. Both wanted to keep a good relationship with each other. That's why Lisa doesn't treat him like a subordinate, and he treats her with the same respect.

It is advantageous for both of them to have an Executive as a 'friend', even if it is only a superficial relationship.

Lisa suddenly stopped her frivolous tone and said, "Anyway, Alex. The reason I called you today is because of the task given to me by the Boss. I called to inform you that Boss wants to see you in two weeks. Come to me in exactly two weeks, and I'll bring you to him. And don't forget to enter the Team Rocket base with your fake face and ID."

"Executive Lisa, do you happen to know why he wants to see me?"

Lisa started laughing when she said, "Haha, trying to get free info right away, huh~. But what do I get in return if I tell you?"

"That will depend on the usefulness of the info."

"Hmm~ Alex, what a smart boy you are. Although the info is hard to come by but is not really useful either because the Boss will tell you himself anyway."

In reply, Alex just stayed silent. Barely 2 seconds had passed when Lisa continued.

"Buuuuut... since we are friends, let me help you out this time."

"Executive Lisa, if the information is too valuable, I don't want to know. I can also wait 2 weeks."

"Alex~ Oh Alex~. You worry unnecessarily. I don't want anything for this info. See it as a gift from a friend."

Alex thought for a moment and said, "If the info proves useful to me, I'll make it up to you, Executing Lisa."

Lisa smiled and said, "Alright. The Boss is very happy with this year of rookies, so he is going to give a special position to the strongest rookie of this year. I don't know which position that is myself, but it should be pretty good."

Alex was briefly confused by Lisa's testimony. "Marco won this year, didn't he? So, shouldn't he receive that position? Or am I wrong‽"

"Yes, that's true, and he got his reward for it. But it's a new position created by the Boss, and he wants to do another test. And it's not just about strength this time.

I also want to tell you how lucky you are. This is the first time I've heard that Boss wants to give the rookies such a chance. I think it only happens because this year, so many strong rookies appeared at once, and he wants to have a young trainer for his special position. But these are just my assumptions. You will know more in two weeks."

Alex asked collectedly, "Executive Lisa, do you know who's taking this test?"

A smile sneaked back on Lisa's lips as she said, "I only know that you and Maria are participating. But since Maria is participating, Marco and Janine are very likely to participate too."

Alex felt that he really didn't have a good chance of winning the position.

According to his information, he knows that Janine and Marco were Elite trainers even before the start of the Kanto rookie tournament. Now, after months of training for a long time, he didn't think that they weren't a good piece of stronger than him.

Although Alex often fights against trainers with a level disadvantage, the level gap must not be too great. Or else he will be completely destroyed, like in his fight against Steven's Metagross.

What good are tactics if the opposing Pokémon can prepare its move faster and only need 1 hit to defeat its Pokémon?

A Cat against a Lion cannot win unless the lion keeps on making many needless mistakes.

"Marco and Janine shouldn't be as strong as Steven though. Hmm, it shouldn't be impossible to win. But it will tough for sure," thought Alex.

"Thank you very much for the info, Executive Lisa. Although this info was not very useful, it is not completely useless either."

Lisa heard how Alex downplayed the info, also knew that this info wasn't very good. But she couldn't really ask for much for it. She will be satisfied with Alex giving her a half useful piece of information too.

"No problem, Alex. That's what friends are for."

Lisa said with a happy but a bit irritated tone, "Well, I have to hang up now. One of my subordinates made a mistake in a mission, and I can't let it go unpunished. Fu~ fu~."

Alex, who heard this last sentence, suddenly felt really glad that he was not a normal subordinate of Lisa.

"Hm, I wonder if Lars is still alive."

Thought this thought didn't manage to stay in his mind for a second. "Well, who cares??"

Although he only has two weeks left, he asked Steven if he could help him get a ticket for the Kanto luxurious ship.

After more than a month, Steven wasn't surprised that Alex wanted to go back after his tournament and immediately agreed. He asked Alex to come in here to help him train, so, of course, he would help Alex.

Steven agreed immediately and even got a ticket for the day after tomorrow.

"I think I'll go to the arena for the finale. I'm a little curious about Wallace's Pokémon, too," thought Alex as he slowly fell asleep in his bed.


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