Pokemon: Legends Reborn [HIATUS]

Two amazing friends find themselves in an unfortunate situation as they find themselves reborn after having suffered an early demise due to a terrorist that invaded their school. However, they weren't exactly expecting to be reborn into a fictional world that they only knew from, of course, fiction. Not like they were going to complain, they were living once again! Join them as they become the absolute best of the best, though it will be rather strange since one of them was turned into a pikachu upon revival...

EternalFreeze · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
21 Chs


I'm sorry, everyone. I know that I said that I was going to try and update this story as much as I can, but this story is just putting me under too much stress at the moment. I have received a number of complaints, along with some minor threats from people. I've obviously deleted them before anyone can berate them, but they definitely have affected me greatly.

I just can't continue writing this story for now, so it's going to be on a small HIATUS. Maybe a week or so more, I'm not entirely sure. but probably more. I will be writing other books to distract me from this one, but this one definitely will continue at some point. It isn't at all abandoned. So, to you readers of this book, I'll see you when that time comes that the next chapter arrives.

Once again, I apologise. I also apologise to those who sent those comments, I know I'm not a perfect writer and that I can make mistakes and dumb decisions.