76 Tiny storm

-Kyle storm pov-

Richard and I were always taught by our mothers to show no mercy to anyone who could threaten our potential rule of the storm lands since we were first able to understand speech..

But Richard and I , while not being friends always kept a semi friendly relationship in public but we both knew it would come down to one of us killing the other one day…..even our mothers pushed for it…..there could be only 1 successor to the storm lands and neither of us would settle for second…

It was a lot of pressure that we felt even as children…..but we used to have an outlet for our frustrations in the form of our half commoner brother Gideon….who was meek and quiet with no support except for our gullible father…

We used to torture him just to amuse ourselves as children...that was until one day we went a little over board and nearly killed him…..we had to quickly make sure father thought it was an accident of his own making and me and Richard went to our mothers for advice and they told us it would be alright and even if he told father, father would never believe him….

But they were wrong...Gideon was different after that…..very different…..he attacked me, Richard and our Pokémon after we went to make sure he wouldn't rat us out to father…..and rat us out he did…..even ratted out our mothers doings over the years, which caused a rift between father and our mothers that has never truely healed after he found out how we treated Gideon...how could he believe a commoner over us, full blood nobles?

And that was the first of many assaults on our persons that occurred over the years….by either himself or his ridiculous pokemon….he made sure to pay back me, Richard and our mothers in full over the years with either physical or mental punishment that borderlines on torture…..for an entire year our mothers thought Richard and I were having a homosexual incestual relationship…..due to us waking up naked together in compromising positions again and again and trying to explain it was a mistake just made us look even more guilty…..it was torture….

And his little village by the sea? "little town" is a wonder of construction and forward thinking…..so I've heard…..i haven't seen much of it as we were forbidden to go there by Gideon…..Richard tried to strong arm his way in with a pair of bug specialist nobles that he invited to the storm lands once...that did not go well….

But we thought things would turn around once Gideon made it to the noble academy where Richard and I had been making connections and ins with the right people for years before he arrived, we thought we could pressure him there...again…..we were wrong...he just ploughed through us again…..along with the "right people" we gathered to pressure him…..

And so it has been rough...until we found out that Gideon was going to be awarded with an independent title by the king himself so he wouldn't need that storm lands...which would normally be a blessing toward Richard and myself...but then it hit us...would Gideon really just let go of what we did to him as children after he became an independent lord?…

Honestly I was thinking he would…..after years of making us all pay for how we treated him he kind of laid off us to just live his life…he seemed to be over it….and as much as I wasn't, after everything he had done to us over the years he was just to powerful to hurt, so I was willing to just walk away….

But Richard? No he wouldn't accept it, he was manic about a commoner being promoted to a higher level of aristocracy than himself, he went to seek out his grandfather who told him to gather some like minded youths to help deal with Gideon in secret and that he would support him….and so he did….

And here we are...a group on noble youths gathered to discuss a plan to kill our brother...this doesn't seem like a good idea at all...Gideon is a reactive type of person…..meaning he rarely attacks first…..but if he's provoked he normally comes back at the person with hellish fury…..I'm only here because my brother threatened to use this group against me as well if I didn't….After running naked laps around the noble academy field….that kind of broke most resistance I had standing against Gideon….

I still hate him…..but I just don't see a point in continuing to provoke someone like him….but here I am anyways…..my brother was going over the plan one more time…

"So…..we have gathered a group of mercenaries and family soldiers from all our houses with quiet a force…..we will sneak them into the capital slowly for the next 4 days and go for a blitz assault on his manor in the capital on the night of the 5th day…..anyone who has any questions of suggestions to alter the plan?"

Someone raised their hands…..what was his name again?...I can't seem to remember….

"I heard that young lord storm has a teleporting Pokémon…..how would we stop him if he decided to escape?"

Richard responded in anger at how this random noble…..he seems familiar but I just can't remember his name….

"Don't refer to him as such!!, he's a filthy commoner! So you will address him so….and did you forget that we have help from a few noble family's who specialise in psychic type Pokémon? They are going to have a few lock down the area to make sure he can't, they seemed to be wanting the muuna after we have dealt with that commoner….but his teleporter may be strong….but it's only king ranked, and we have 3 king ranked Pokémon to stop him fleeing….and yes, he has quite a few king ranked Pokémon around him….but so do we, and we only need to hold them back to finish him off…..he's just as fragile as the rest of the commoners….1 strike is all it will take…..we will make sure that the strike is poisoned…..just to make certain it works…."

That noble seemed to be writing the plan down….strange I still can't remember his name….

Another noble…..who I also can't seem to remember the name of asks a question….I'm usually very good at remembering names…..and they don't have forgettable faces so why is it I can't remember who they are…..

"The king seems to favour young lord storm….how are you going to get around attacking him pretty much publicly in the capital without facing the backlash…."

Again Richard gets aggravated at how Gideon is addressed..

" stop calling him young lord storm!!, he's a filthy commoner spawned from a commoner whore who seduced our father with her wiles and trickery and nothing more!!,.....and to address the question…..we have some…..support...who have told me that the king will be to busy dealing with everything else to deal with this…..not to mention we plan to make it look like Johto attacked a "promosing" young talent before it buds….so don't worry about that…..enough questions, we will leave the meeting here for today…..we will convene again on the day of the attack….so everyone prepare for whatever has been assigned to you…..it's time to show that upstart who's boss around here….."

As the crowd dispersed I noticed the two who asked those last questions walked out together…..it's becoming alarming as to why I can't remember them…..I think I'm going to pull out of this...


-Rick POV-

I just got the report from some of the spies I sent into the "noble youth gathering" to see what their "plans" were to annoy young lord storm….it they seemed to have come up with something at the perfect time….just after our lord had sent the majority of his power houses to deal with his new lands

There is no way those simpletons could have planned it so perfectly, even with their "backing" they just aren't that cunning…..they like to think themselves above our lord, but time and again he proves that just isn't true and they seemed to forget the lessons he imparts on them far to quickly….

Honestly the "spies" I sent weren't actually trained spies…..just stable boys from little town with a couple of psychic Pokémon to mess with the young nobles perception….it was actually our lord who came up with this method to spy…..so simple…..but so effective..

The youth gatherings plans will be easy enough to thwart...it's the older nobles that worry me a little, we haven't got anyone in their circles yet due to them being less naive than their scions….but from what we have been able to get, they will move when they think our lord is starting to build his territory with a full assault away from prying eyes…

And if all goes well with the new territory we will be able to start construction of a new city soon…..but I think we should do it quietly…..only those we trust to get the project off the ground, it shouldn't take more than a few months to finish a lot of what we have planned if things go well, we have so many new recruits from noble freezon it makes the times when we were understaffed look ridiculous…..

Even after building noble freezon we have more than enough materials to start due to "ineeta gold" working day and night to acquire more to keep up with demand…

And speaking of noble freezon...it's only just built and the gold is already starting to flow back into our lords coffers at a greater rate than we predicted from the old slum area…..every non noble in the capital prefers to spend their time and money there due to it being a truely beautiful place with genuine quality goods...not to mention it's the only place in the capital that doesn't smell of piss and shit…..but I digress...it would only be a few years at most before our lord recovers his investment…..did he know it would generate so much gold?....truely out lord is above all others when it comes to insight….

But enough of thinking of how glorious our lord is….it's time to get to work…..I can think about that in my own time….

It turns out today my lord is coming to noble freezon to buy some essentials for his shuckle from what I'm told….he should arrive at any time, most of my paperwork for the day is done, so I can wait for my lord on market road to escort him back so we can discuss how we can deal with these young noble troublemakers…


I had a little time today to write this prelude of sorts to a small conflict for Gideon….

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