158 Chapter 158

I grit my teeth and felt a pit form in my stomach.

But then the conversation with Surge I had earlier came to mind and the epiphany I had about my priorities calmed the roiling emotion of 'no fuck no I don't wanna spend that!'

Money is important, but it's not the most important thing in the world.

"I'm gonna buy fifty." I decided.

"Eh…?" Surge blinked and gave me a confused look.

"Togepri?" Togepi looked up at me with a surprised look on his face as well, copied straight from Surge.

He had no idea what was going on at all, but he trying to join in and be included. Such a cute little baby.


Togepi huh?

And Tm's, huh?

Well, I did brag earlier to him about being born at the right time for a diamond encrusted golden spoon right?

And Togepi could learn a whole lot of moves from TM's.

I'll buy twenty.


Yawn, Dream Eater, Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Solar Beam, Shadow Ball, Swift, Flamethrower, Thunder Wave, Psychic, Water Pulse, Nasty Plot, Protect, Light Screen, Reflect, Signal Beam, Telekinesis, Soft Boiled, Heal Bell.

A total of twenty TM's for Togepi.

Which came to a grand total of one hundred thousand pokedollars on the dot. Luckily some of them were lower tier attacks and thus cheaper.

And that is not including one of the Tera Blast TM's.

And the Thunderbolt TM I got from Surge.

That things it up to a total of Twenty Two TM's for my new baby Togepi to learn straight away. The strongest baby is now going to be realized!


Between Togepi's TM's, the Tera Blast Tm's and the full two hundred Luxury Balls I wanted.

It brought my total to a full on grand million pokedollars

I feel the urge to cry tears of blood as I go through with the payment, stupefied gazes all around me from customers, to some Ace Trainers, to even the clerk making the sale to me.

"Thank you, that's the payment been taken." the guy behind the counter who'd rung up my purchases said, a nervous look on his face.

I don't blame him either.

I'd made quite the spectacle. Asking for such expensive items and in such large quantities meant that when the items in question were brought out for me, a literal guard detail of Ace Trainers escorted the workers that brought them out.

It was super awkward going through the Luxury Balls one by one and registering them to me.

I truly hadn't thought this through.

'It's an investment!' I told myself. With these to make my pokemon stronger and give them better, healthier, more luxurious live styles to recover within between battles, then it would totally increase their efficiency!


At the very least I probably won't need to drop cash like this for anything for a long ass while. And I'll make more back with the Aerodactyl eggs!

I wasted no time in stuffing everything I bought besides a singular Luxury Ball into my bag and scooped up Togepi who was happily walking up and down the conveyor belt at the sales desk to make my grand exit.

Only to pause as my eyes fell on something.

It was a sign at the end of the check out counter, with the name Silph Co displayed in big giant red bold letters. And advertising…custom made storage technology?

Well I suppose this is a Silph co owned store, so of course they'd be advertising stuff like this.

But…I could something more convenient than my belt for pokeballs right about now. After all, while I don't plan on taking all of my pokemon with me, I don't have a carry limit now.

There is only so much room on my belt after all.

"Hey," I spoke up to the clerk gaining his attention again and nodding at the advertisement, "What kind of custom stuff do they make with that?" I asked.

He floundered for a moment at the question, "Err…Well all kinds of stuff i guess, most seem to just want kind of storage boxes and stuff for around the house and tend to go for more fabric like containers since they're cheaper," he replied, "Though it is possible to get mechanical versions that have digital inputs and such to keep track of what's entered in and the like."


Mechanical? With digital technology included?


A thought came to mind.

A plan even. And I just just the kind of guy with me that might be able to help me out on that front.

"What about a mechanical gauntlet?" I asked, "One I could wear on my arm and has slots on the palms and the like to deposit stored items into my hand?"

"Err…I think that's possible, we've had harder custom designs asked for at least," the clerk nodded, "We'd need to take the measurements for your arm and stuff though, and since you're so young it might cost a little more to make it be able to expand a bit to fit your size as you grow. It'll cost a lot though."

Yeah, well just call me Mr. Money Bags.

I expected as much to be honest. Custom stuff always cost a shit ton. But it'll be worth it if the second part I thought of works out.

I turned to Surge who was staring off into space, looking totally bored out of his mind.

"Hey Surge," I said to him, breaking him from his day dreaming, "You any idea where I can get a Rotom?"

"The hell you want one of those annoying little shits for?" Surge asked raising an eyebrow at me, before rolling his eyes, "I've got a few, one on my main team even but they're a pain in the ass to train, always zipping around everywhere like they're on a constant sugar high."

Yeah, they were like that from what I know.

Though when they entered into technology at least, they seemed to calm down a little bit. Note to self, have people discovered the alternate Rotom forms yet?

Well no matter.

"I've got a crazy plan in mind," I shrugged back, "Tell me where I can find one or just sell me one if they annoy you that much."

Surge gave me a weird look, "You're a weird kid, ya know dat?" he huffed, "Fine, they're pretty rare though. I'll give ya' one for fifty kay and that'll do it."

"Deal." I accepted immediately.


…As it turned out, due to it being mechanical in nature and having to be designed with the concept of my hands growing in the future, the price of my gauntlet with storage technology would cost quite a bit.

A full million pokedollars in fact.

In one trip to to the Pokemart, I spent two million pokedollars.

…And fifty thousand extra I guess.

Well, at the very least Togepi liked his new Luxury Ball home and it was very stylish. I wouldn't need to wait long for the gauntlet thanks to the magic that is teleportation, and got myself a new Rotom

I swore my bank was crying though.


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